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Hop on the world’s lightest electric carbon fiber scooter made by Ferrari. And scoot over to your $48,000 Legacy Audio
Helix Floorstanding Speaker. Break out your credit card! Happy HoLÜTdays. This is LÜT. Gaming gets larger than life when you’re playing
on the World’s Largest Arcade Machine. A $99,000 replica of the Guinness world record
winner, it’s 14 1/2 feet tall, has an 80” inch screen and it’s preloaded with 250 of
arcade gaming’s greatest hits. If you prefer your arcade at shin-busting height there’s the Nucleus Arcade Coffee Table. Choose a walnut, oak or birch ply finish to
round out the 32” LCD, arcade perfect controls and optional built-in PC for some Steam-y action. I mean you can play Steam on this. Not steamy like. Uhhh… Brush dirty thoughts out of your mouth with
Reinast Titanium Toothbrush. Starting at $4,200 it allows for replaceable
bristle heads on a premium titanium base with antibacterial coating. Coat your phone in titanium by brandishing
the Gresso Regal smartphone. The elegant $6,000 18k Regal Gold model is
made of titanium and has a PVD-coating used in fancy swiss watches. Watch your friends eat dust after passing
them on a Big Wheel Drift Trike. SFD Industries build motorized Big Wheels
which range from standard to stupid fast. Look stupid fast by using the dog treadmill…jeez…that’s
not very nice me to say…sorry me…no problem me. I’m glad you two worked it out between yourselves. Just for that you don’t have to mow the
lawn! Because we have the Robotic Lawn Mower. It’s like a Roomba for your yard. Just make sure you make some roomba for the
world’s longest backyard water slide. But how am I going to slide off my Yacht? With the Inflatable Yacht slide of course! Don’t have a Yacht? The Billionaire Shop has you covered. Seriously this place sells everything from
Yachts, Jets, Helicopters, a four million dollar watch and yes even a castle in France. Find France on your Diplomat Globe. The finest globe from Replogle – the world’s
largest globe manufacturer. Handcrafted with over 20,000 place names it’s
the most detailed globe you can get. Before you lay your head down on that $8,775
Eiderdown Silk pillow, slip into a $345 Armani T-shirt and remember the one thing money can’t
buy…Hedgehugs. Unless you get this Hedgehugs shirt. And as always – thanks for watching.


Is the robotic lawnmower new in US? It's been around for about 10 years in Europa. Not bragging , eh… just curious; normally those stuff happen in the other way around… 😀

What's the link to that billionaire thing? Just want to make sure I don't accidentally go there and wallow in disappointment…

Okay, is it just me, or does the melody at the end where the VSauce logo comes in sound just a bit like Big Blue from F-Zero?

My wallet isn't this deep holy shit.
I'd like to see more things I can afford on this show tbh. I mean great funny and ridiculous offers on here but still.

me: maybe today's lut episode will help me pick out a gift for someone!
lut: an entire video of things you can't afford
me: … better luck tomorrow i guess

I'm pretty sure anyone with enough disposable income to buy any one item in this video has better things to do than watch youtube vids.

1:16 the phone looks low end for it's price point. It may not even be up to spec with the latest Pixel XL or even the Huawei Nexus 6p from last year. Don't waste your money on that.

It's funny how you call the lawn mower a "roomba for your lawn" – because autonomous lawn mowers are much older technology than cleaning robots.

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