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Android Smartphone Lasts 5 Days! Hey what’s
good guys, Keaton here. So I’m one of those people that can barely get through a full
day on my phone, but today the game changes forever and just a side note if you guys are
new around here I upload videos every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. So if you haven’t subscribed
hit the little icon right here and yeah let’s check it out. So this right here is a phone
that can last a minimum of four days. You heard that right, this isn’t some sort of
prank bro or social experiment. This phone is absolutely crazy. So it’s the Oukitel K10000,
goes for 179 bucks, links below. And just a side note here I gotta mention it, the name
on this guy K10000 best smartphone name ever straight outta Transformers if you know what
I’m sayin’. This thing is just nuts, so what makes it so special is on the inside right
here, there’s actually a 10,000 milliamp hour battery, and I dunno if you guys can tell
this from here, but this is what makes the phone so damn fat. I kid you not, it’s because
this is the biggest battery I’ve ever seen in a smartphone, and dayum, you chunky. Now
one thing I don’t usually mention is specs on a smartphone and that’s just really because
all smartphones are pretty much the same in 2016, they all work they’re all fast but the
K10000 is a little bit different it’s not really 2016 ready if that makes any sense.
So this guy has a 5.5 inch display, it has a 720p resolution, so what that really means
is the resolution on this guy is definitely lower than pretty much most smartphones from
2015 and 2016 out there, and it is definitely noticeable. So on the back you got an eight
megapixel camera which is alright? I mean you don’t really see too many phones having
an eight megapixel camera in 2016. It’s got two gigabytes of RAM, and it’s running Android
five dot one so last year’s generation of Android. Um yeah, its uh, it’s not the best
in terms of specs? So this phone feels insane in the hand, and like I don’t always say that
about every single smartphone out there just cause they kind of all feel the same, like
I swear I’m telling the truth, but this one is super heavy, it feels like an absolute
tank. Just look at it and it just feels really solid and I dunno if it’s because how this
thing’s built? Just look at it, it’s got screws, it has metal all over it. I dunno if I’m more
impressed with the battery size or just how low the price is in comparison to like what
kind of build quality, I am blown away. One thing I’m noticing is, this thing is definitely
heavy in the hands, and of course that’s like a no brainer just ’cause the battery on this
guy is huge but some days when I wear like athletic shorts or gym shorts or whatever,
it sags my pants. So I have never had that happen to me before. Definitely a first for
me, but overall I really like how this thing feels, its got a nice weight to it, it’s very
different. So a lot of you guys are probably thinking, Keaton how thick is this phone?
Like seriously, how big is it? I’m going to go and compare it to my iPhone 6s Plus right
here, just so you guys can kinda get a good visual representation. You can see it’s pretty
much the same size on like the front both of these guys have 5.5 inch displays. So pretty
standard stuff there. Now where it gets interesting, is of course when you turn it to the side,
so you can see this phone is about two iPhones in thickness iPhone 6’s or anything really
above that. So that should give ya a good representation of how thick this is. So pretty
much just take one of your friend’s phones stack it on yours and that’s what I’ve been
carrying around for the last two weeks. Another thing I wanted to check out is how much does
the K10000 weigh in comparison to my iPhone 6s Plus because in theory, this guy has around
four times the battery life that my Iphone does. So it’s pretty interesting to see what
this is gonna tell us so I got our handy dandy scale right here, gonna go ahead and zero
that out, we’re gonna place the Oukitel on here. It weighs around 11.2 ounces so the
iPhone could be very similar? We gotta find out. So around double so basically two iPhones
make up the Oukitel K10000 and it doesn’t feel like that. Like when I hold both of these
in my hands, it genuinely feels like it’s not that different. So this phone has a huge
battery, we already know that, but how does it function as just a regular phone? After
using this for around two weeks it functions okay? I mean, it’s definitely usable in comparison
to like a Samsung Galaxy S7 or my iPhone 6s Plus here. Those phones are bangers in the
streets. Those phones are great. This you know it has its occasional lag. Its occasional
hiccup. I mean, for 179 dollars I can’t really complain, since you’re pretty much buying
this phone for the battery life and not for the usability. But I mean photos they look
decent. Let me fire up the camera app here. You can definitely distinguish what you’re
taking a picture of. I mean, eight megapixels isn’t trash, but in the grand scheme of things,
you’re not gonna be winning those Instagram awards. And of course you guys wanna know
this, how is the battery life? So I was getting around four to five days. Now, we know how
big the battery is 10,000 milliamp hours. Literally four times the size of my iPhone
6s Plus so, pretty crazy but kind of right on par cause I get around a day’s worth of
use in that, around four to five days on here. Now I’m a power user, if you’re not, you can
easily stretch this thing to a week and even beyond that but I mean seriously, four to
five days. Like you guys could take this phone off the charger for like a weekend. Have a
great weekend, you could do whatever you want. So probably forget to charge your phone and
still have a ton of battery life in this thing. I was really blown away, I thought this thing
would consume a ton of power, but I think it’s because of the specs, you know having
a lower resolution display, not as beefy processors that consume a lot of power, that you’re able
to get such great battery life. But seriously guys, I’m blown away, and I kinda wanna try
to get to a week. Seriously guys I wanna try to get this phone to last around a week so
I’m gonna keep testing it. But I wanna show you how big the battery is, ’cause honestly
that’s the biggest feature about this phone. So let’s just say we had a little incident.
Basically I came home from my trip to San Francisco, and my hands are full, honestly
I did, they were full, I promise you they were full, and I just happen to drop it. I
promise you this was not intentional, and the screen cracked so obviously I was frustrated.
So I might’ve thrown it once or twice, and uh, oh, where’s the battery? Here’s the battery,
my friends. This is that fat ass battery. You can tell like there’s two batteries taped
to one another so when you hold it up to my iPhone right here, the battery is legit about
one and a half Iphones. So this is the future of smartphones! Please, please put these kinds
of batteries in like iPhones! In like the new Galaxy S8! You’ll do us all a favor! So
in conclusion, I would totally recommend the K10000. The battery life is insane, and the
fact that it goes for 179 bucks and you get this build quality. I mean, it feels like
you’re getting a really good deal, and you’re kind of just like, what corners are they cutting?
I mean of course it’s the specs, but like I was seriously blown away, and you guys are
gonna love it. So that’s pretty much it for this video. If you guys enjoyed it, a like
rating would be really awesome. Go and get subscribed if you’re new around here, just
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coming out, and yeah I’ll see you guys soon, peace.

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