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Last Day of Summer Pool Party! New Water Slide! (Day 1952) |

Last Day of Summer Pool Party! New Water Slide! (Day 1952) |

(upbeat music) – Morning clan.
Welcome to the vlog. It’s Friday. It’s 9:30 A.M., 87 degrees. I’m eating some leftover rice from last night’s
dinner, it’s amazing. Put a little
habanero hot sauce on it, a little bit of cilantro, I’m making myself
some pineapple G-Fuel. Sierra’s eating some
Cinnamon Toast Crunch. You guys saw that. Oh, by the way, your
little Spider-Man thing? You had it backwards. You put the red
thing in your hand, so you squeeze it like this. You had it on your
wrist, and you can’t push the button on your wrist. You have to put it
in your hand like this. Like Spider-Man.
(imitates water spraying) – It’s in by the cereal.
– I’ll try it. Yeah, squirt gun. Spider-Man. I’m Spider-Man. So as I said in
yesterday’s vlog, it is Friday, it’s the
last Friday of summer break, before the kids go
to school on Monday. We’re having some friends over, we’re going to
have the Bevos over, we’re going to have
a little pool party, we’re going to grill out,
it’s going to be a good time. Stay tuned. (gasping) – Bam. Good afternoon. – Good afternoon. – Got these
kiddos out of the house, because technically it is
your last day of summer break, because tomorrow, this weekend, – For me.
– Yeah. – ‘Cause I have a tournament. I’m excited for that. – But the only reason why
Bryce got out of the house, because of, can you see it? Peter Pan Pizza, lunch buffet. – I’ve been craving pizza too. – Starving, huh? Round two. What is that,
gong to be five pieces? – And then two breadsticks. So I got sausage and ham, sausage, ham, and bell peppers. (metal clanging) (metal clanging) (metal clanging) (metal clanging) (metal clanging) Oh yeah, it goes to both! – [Tiffany] That’s
cool, it’s like a double one, look at that. So, you’ll get candy
most likely for sure. – [Bryce] Yeah, that one
doesn’t move side-to-side. You got it.
– [Tiffany] Nope. – [Bryce] Ugh,
seemed easy to get those. – [Tiffany] Wait,
it didn’t go down. Why didn’t it go down? Try it again. Oh wait, it’s going again. Oh three candies,
one for each of us. Look at that! – [Bryce] Yeah! Oh shoot! (guitar music) – [Tiffany] Turn it off. Sierra, what happened? – Okay, so we
bought a couple things that weren’t on
my teacher’s list, so I got to return them and
replace them with other things. – [Tiffany] That you do need.
– That I do need, yeah. – [Tiffany] So we’re
back at Target. – [Sierra] Yeah. – [Tiffany] Three inch?
– [Sierra] Mhmmm. – [Tiffany] That sucker’s big. – [Sierra] I didn’t even know
they make that small of ones. – Half inch.
– That’s half inch. – [Tiffany] It’s
like one subject. – [Sierra] That’s crazy. – [Tiffany] She
found all the locker stuff. (Bryce groaning) You’re silly. Bryce is getting his backpack all ready for school on Monday. Sister helping you organize? – [Bryce] Yeah. – [Tiffany] She’s
good at that, huh? – Yeah. If I was
organizing these pencils and leaning them
against the wall, this is what it would look like. – [Tiffany] See-through
pencil box that we just got. – Alright, it’s time
for Bryce’s open house. We’re here at his new school. Going to walk
around and figure out where his classroom is an
the layout of the school. Ooh, look at that. Where do we live, Bryce?
– What? – [Clintus] Do you
know where we live? – Can I go down there?
– [Clintus] Yeah. Somewhere right there? Somewhere right there? Can you step on all
the states you’ve been to? – [Bryce] Florida. – [Sierra] Where’s Tennessee? – [Clintus] Yellow
one, yep, there you go. DC? Alright, we’re back home. Bryce’s school open
house was way, way quicker than Sierra’s was. He only has one
teacher, and there was no other
activities really going on. We went to the
cafeteria to put money on his lunch card,
and he’s not even in the system yet. He hasn’t even gotten
through the system yet. So, we went in, met his teacher, grabbed a few things out of
his desk, and we were out. We’re back home now,
and our guests have arrived. We have the Bevos, we
have our friend the Wolfs, and we’re having a good time. We’re going to be
hanging out at the pool, and we have a
special treat for the kids. They know about it,
but our guests’ kids don’t, so it’s going to be
a surprise for them, but it’s going to be super fun. And I’m actually
looking forward to trying it. Hopefully it’s
big enough for me. By now, you guys
already know what it is, but I’m so excited about it. Adults are in here. Kids are upstairs,
playing in the loft. There they are. We got Bryce, we got Mason,
we got Race, where’s Chase? Chase is in here somewhere. There he is. There’s Chase. Kira’s in Sierra’s room,
getting a tour from Sierra. Playing some soccer. There’s Kira. (Clintus imitating growl) Tiff’s giving the tour. – Want to see how the ducky? – [Clintus] Woo! (woman screaming) That’s a June bug, you
got a June bug in your hair. It’s a June– – [Sierra] It’s gone mom!
– [Clintus] Oh, that’s awesome. – No Bryce! Bryce! – Stop Bryce, stop. (child squealing) – All right we’ve
been waiting all summer to bust this open. We have enough
kids this time, I think. So this is happenin’. – [Race] What is it?
– [Tiffany] What is it? What is it? A slide?
– Yeah. – [Tiffany] Yeah,
it’s gonna be fun, huh? – [Michelle] Got
to start blowin’. – [Tiffany] You gonna
blow it up for us? – [Race] Yeah.
– [Tiffany] Yeah. – Go blow it up. – [Clintus] Alright, going
to get this party started. Did you read the instructions? Looks like for water. – I didn’t read them fully. – [Clintus] All right,
it’s ready to rock and roll, here we go! – [Child] Go Race! – [Child] Woo! (Clintus laughing) – [Sierra] He doesn’t
have enough momentum! – [Clintus] He’s
not heavy enough. – All right, Kira’s going. – [Clintus] You
going for it, Kira? – [Bryce] Guys, scoot
back, because I’m going to run. – [Sierra] There you go.
– [Clintus] There you go. Little bit faster. – Alright, ready? Kira.
– What? – You’re good.
– [Clintus] Good. (water splashing)
(laughing) (water splashing)
(laughing) (water splashing)
(laughing) – [Clintus] Oh, jump higher
dude, you got to jump higher. You’re too short. There you go. (water splashing) (water splashing) (water splashing)
(Clintus laughing) – [Bryce] And jump forward. – [Clintus] Woo! – [Mason] Ah! – [Clintus] You got
to jump higher, dude. Where’s your hops at, bro? (water splashing) (water splashing) – Oh no! -[Clintus] Oh,
you’re the worst, bro. You’re the worst. You jumped too soon,
you jumped too soon. Wait! (water splashing) (water splashing) (yelping)
(water splashing) (water splashing) (Clintus laughing) (yelling)
(water splashing) Nice. There you go. That was perfect, perfect. (water splashing)
(Clintus laughing) – [Boy] Get it! (vinyl stretching) – [Clintus] Terrible.
– Terrible. – [Clintus] Snack time. What do you got, Sierra? – We got some taco chips, green tomato chips,
and everything bagel chips. – [Clintus] These are
the new Lay’s flavors? I like how they put it
on different chips too. Right, you got the wavy,
you got the kettle cooked, you got regular. Which one’s your favorite? – Taco. – [Clintus] Taco.
Bryce, what’s your favorite? – Taco.
– [Clintus] Taco. – Taco Tuesday.
– That’s right. (stereo playing reggae music) – [Clintus] Oh baby. Tri-tip, carne asada. Here we go, here we go. Beeping means it’s medium rare. (alarm beeping) Night swim time. Are you having fun dude? Are you having fun? Yeah? Oh yeah, it’s so
you can see through it. All right, that’s cool man. – [Man] I got to say, what up? – [Clintus] What up dude? What up dog? (Clintus laughing) Hey look. Say what up dog? – What up dog. – [Man] Amazing. (Clintus laughing) – Double vlogging!
– Vlogception. – [Man] So the
carne asada’s amazing. (laughing) – Double vlogging!
– Vlogception. Alright, so
we got carne asada, we got tri-tip,
we got condiments, some vegetables,
and mac and cheese. – [Tiffany] A mix
of Mexican food and American.
– [Jack] A MexAmerica. ‘Mercia. – [Clintus] Hey how’s dinner? – It’s good!
– [Clintus] Everybody happy? Got little cans of Sprite. So cute. Is that your beer? Is that your beer? (Clintus laughing) Well, the Wolf’s
just left for the night. After a chill
evening after dinner. The Bevos are staying the night, because tomorrow we
have a basketball tournament, and looks like the boys
are playing some video games. Sierra is all by herself. The girls are
brushing their teeth. And the boys are
playing some Black Ops III. Why you guys so
close to the screen? – ‘Cause it’s tiny.
– It’s tiny. – And we’re doing split screen. – [Clintus] You
look really tired, Mason. You look really tired. You kind of look like a zombie, not gonna lie, you
kind of look like a zombie. Bryce looks like a zombie. – Serious face.
– [Clintus] Serious face? You look like a zombie. Are you alive or dead? You dead? Alive? Dead? Died? Whoa, whoa, don’t fall! Don’t fall bro. Anyways, thanks for
watching guys, appreciate it. We’ll see you guys
tomorrow for basketball! Saturday, vlog on. – Hey my name’s Charlotte,
and I’m from Scotland. Vlog on.

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