Laxboards Lax One – A Test-Driven Review

Hey what’s up eskaters? I’m so glad that
you guys are back here for another electric skateboard review and today
we’ve got something really special. it is the Laxboards Lax One and it’s
exciting because this is the very first look at this board. They are a brand new
eSkate company. I met the guy Joey online after messaging him through his
other company Nobleman Tech where they make protective gear for eSkating and other board riding so let’s get straight into it just before we take it out and have a
look I did check out their website real quick to see what it’s all about
and there are a few things about this Laxboard that make it a little bit more
unique and special than any other electric skateboard out there so
hopefully you’ll stick around to see they are. Cool. I’m not really sure where they get their name from. The box has been a little bit torn up in the process of
shipping which is a shame it actually opens up this way. Warrany card and user manual two rear PU sleeve wheels a huge baggie of extra hardware the remote
control T-tool board charger and USB cable for the remote. The Laxboard. the desk is actually 33.4 inches long which kind of puts it closer to a skateboard size rather
than a longboard size and the thickness is less than one inch thick its 0.9
inches thick and more interestingly the material the deck is made of is not
carbon fiber and it’s not Canadian maple it’s their own composite material which
is glass fiber polycarbonate and a toughening agent and you can literally
see through the deck it’s kind of glassy and transparent almost so it’s supposed to be really durable while maintaining a lot of flex and it weighs17.6 pounds which is 7.9 kilos. you can see at the end of the deck
it’s got these handles to hold the skateboard but I can’t straight arm the
board, I’ve still got a little bit of a bend to carry it which sometimes a bit awkward.
on the flip side it’s got precision forged trucks with a nice little matte
finish they’re supposed to offer precision turning so I’ll be interested to see
how they go out in the real world the wheels are 90mm 80a so
they’re quiet… They feel a little bit tough and they’ve got a contact area of 54mm although the back wheels are a lot thicker than those front wheels. I’m not sure if it’s just me and I don’t know how to peel stickers properly but I absolutely hate
stickers that leave adhesive glue on your products when you have to take it
off no one’s gonna ride with this red
sticker on it. okay I’ll work on that later. charging point power button. the lax
one has got dual hub motors at 500 watts each and it’s got a t36
volt 5 amp hour Polymer battery in here so that’s a total of 180 hours no
chance of getting it on an airline. I’ve turned it on. if that little red light is flashing it means the board and the remote are not connected as soon as I turn the board on is connected. there it is. I knew it had lights on it. All I did was double click that power button while the board was on
and the lights automatically came on so double click it and the lights turn off. I have seen this remote before it’s pretty straightforward you just hold the power
button to turn it on and off and you’ll feel a little bit of a vibration when it
does turn on or off. there’s a little gear button click that to cycle through
the modes and you can tell by the speed of the flashing lights so really slow
it’s in mode one, gets faster, mode two a little bit fast mode three. one, two,
three. so there’s three modes on here on their website it says there’s four, so
keep that in mind I’ll call it mode one. two. whoa! it’s got like this jolt at the beginning of
the motors it really pushes and then it kind of pulls back. mode three that’s a pretty fast acceleration I’ll be interested to see how that goes out on
the streets oh and the logo on top of this board is glow-in-the-dark which is
just another cool little feature of this board. so here’s what we’re going to go out and test now. They claim that the range is 15 miles or 24 kilometres the top speed is 25
miles per hour or 40 kilometers an hour and the hill grade is 25%. I think they’re
pretty reasonable numbers but like all of my test driven reviews we’re gonna
have to go out there and see for ourselves so enough chitchat
let’s get out there and ride wow-we led lights, looks good. Wanna go for a ride? Yeah, let’s do it. so after taking the laxboards lax
one out for my first cruise I found it a little bit difficult to get used to the
board at first mainly because of the way that the trucks were set up and possibly
the the combination between the trucks and the board. it is incredibly nimble the
turning is really easy probably because of how close the trucks are together
that makes the turning circle really small so if you’re going around lots of
corners or there’s a few pedestrians or whatever’s in the way then it’s gonna be
super easy to get around them but maybe my truck setup was a bit too loose
because when I was attempting to do some really tight turns I did snag some wheel
bite along the way. considering the deck isn’t made of any type of wood material
it does have a nice flex to it it’s not as much as a wowgo has but it’s got a lot
more than the exway although I didn’t really get to experience the benefits of
the Flex too much because my stance is a little bit wider than most people’s so
my feet were constantly over the top of the trucks which didn’t really allow me
to feel that flexibility properly the 80a wheels are nice and soft which
is especially great out here where the roads are not that great at all and the
rear wheels are actually wider than the front wheels so it allows you to have
more traction at the back while you’re accelerating but you can maintain
mobility in the front wheels which i think is an awesome setup. so for the
range test I mentioned that the roads aren’t that great I expect the board
was powering a little harder than usual to maintain speed across those bumps I
rode at an average speed of about 12 to 15 miles per hour which is about 20 to
25 kilometers an hour and I weigh 183 pounds which is 83 kilos so with all that
considered the range I hit was 12 miles or 19.3 km/h which is not too far off their specced range of 15 miles or 24 kilometres. I attempted the top speed multiple times on this trip and I
couldn’t quite get to the max speed that laxboards say in their specs.
I don’t think it was because of a lack of power in the board I felt that it was
still accelerating but I ran into some speed wobbles which scared me a bit so
it must be something to do with the setup in the end I hit a top speed of 22.3 miles which is 35.7km/h the braking is super smooth you’ll hardly even feel it when you’re applying those brakes saying that
when you are riding at plus 20 miles per hour it’s gonna take quite some time for
you to slow down so make sure when you’re riding this thing at a high speed
that you’re in an open space and you can see all the boundaries when you want to
send it but at an average cruising speed these brakes are perfect. I couldn’t find
any hills in Budapest I didn’t even realize how flat this place was until I
took this board out for a ride so unfortunately I didn’t get to do the
hill climb test but if I do manage to find some hills along my trip then I’ll
update all the details in the comments below
carrying the board is mainly fine because it’s really lightweight but the
handles at the top of the board just a little bit too awkward I mean I don’t
have massive hands and even I struggled to get my hands inside those handles
comfortably and it was quite an effort to hold on to it for a long period of
time so I would just carry it around the width of the board
although these handles aren’t just for carrying the board they do act as some
impact protection. the remote is pretty basic and straightforward there’s
nothing special about it I will mention though that you can change riding modes
while you’re riding but you just can’t do it while you’re accelerating so just
take your finger off the throttle and you can change the mode while coasting
so the Lax One is a decent board for commuting especially because it’s a tad
smaller than other electric long boards so you won’t have any issues storing it
under your desk but where this board really shines is going out for rides and
taking advantage of its agility and it’s turning capabilities it’s a lot of fun
to carve on and do S turns it kind of feels more like a surfboard in the way
that it turns which is a ton of fun. So that’s pretty much it
for the Laxboards Lax One. if you have any questions hit me up down below I’ll
get back to you as soon as I can mash that like button and if you want to see
more electric skateboard reviews and news make sure you hit that subscribe
button and that fancy Bell button so you never miss a thing. alright, thanks for
watching eskaters. ride safe out there and I’ll see you soon

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