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Learn how to not skate I Funny Vlog 7

Learn how to not skate I Funny Vlog 7

today it the last day in poland and i wanted to film the snow and that is me frozen but i have all the precautions needed we will go skating it is snowing now snow everywhere now we will try a new experience i never did skating before so we will give it a try it costs 19 PLN , 10 for entrance and 9 for the shoes we will wear the shoes and lets go my own size doesn’t fit so he told me to try this so will try it yes first step checked now lets learn how to walk oh it is easy it is slippy we are in why i am not moving we failed to skate in the adult playground so will will go to the kids zone ask some experts maybe they are teaching me open the way just some practice and i will be ok don’t try this it is so embarrassing i had terrible fallings i am OK OK nothing happened as you are filming let see what i have learned professional don’t look it is enough i will learn in my home don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel and peace upon you no comment enough like really enough yalla i don’t care about the money i paid i want to live give some photos with this penguin hi guys hi omg ohhh confident al humdellah it was a good experience and i will give you one advice make it like this and make one feet steady and push with the other one that is what i learned today it is still snowing we will just go return this card Poland is so beautiful country and i really recommend it to any one who want to visit a cheap country Poland is your perfect destination why ? because Zloty is almost 5 Egyptian pound and prices here is cheaper than rest of Europe so i advice you to visit Poland


يخرااااااابييييييي 😂😂
اخر مطوحه 😂يخربيت الاحراج😂😂😂😂
بس تجربه رائعه اللهم ارزقنا.

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