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Legless Pro Skateboarder Turns Tragedy Into Triumph

Legless Pro Skateboarder Turns Tragedy Into Triumph

COMM: Italo has competed professionally against abled body skaters for 5 years, having lost his legs at just 11 years old when he tried to hitch
a lift on a train to catch up with his friends. COMM: One of Italo’s legs had been completely severed on the tracks and the other had to be amputated. COMM: But Italo’s spirit wasn’t broken and he soon started to come
to terms with his injuries.


And thats why kids, Stay home and be safe. Dont go on train tracks if you like your legs or your life

It's just as his mother says, despite the fact that most of use have legs to walk/run, we still complain more about life compared to this guy lol.

inda Ben

how did he had sex with a women to have a child? i mean, theres so many solutions to this, i dnt kno which is possible 😂😂

OMG This guy is making me think how talentless I am compared to him smash a like if u know what I mean

I think this guy is truly amazing, how he turns what everyone would immediately see as unredeemably disadvantageous into something that actually probably helps him skateboard (lower center of gravity and having to practice moving on it where ever he goes). I just think that he is awesome

Yet 'we' give someone like caitlyn Jenner an award. Celeb worshiping culture. This dude is love to him.

I think it's natural when we see someone who lost their legs to wonder if that's all they lost. When I saw he had a daughter I said to myself "well, that answers that question. Good for him!"

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