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Levitating Barbecue! Electromagnetic Induction

Levitating Barbecue! Electromagnetic Induction

Let’s switch it on. Let’s see what it does. Through this coil of thick wire, we’re about
to pass a huge alternating electric current. On top is a 1 kg aluminium plate. So we hear that noise. What’s that noise? It’s the vibration of the plate, because it’s
vibrating at two times the frequency of this one. Woah! Woooaaaahhhhhhh!! hahaha, how does it do that? It’s magical To find out, I’ve come to the place where
it all started – The Royal Institution in London This is the key to Faraday’s magnetic lab. It’s amazing that the lock still works. From the 1870’s on this became a store room,
which is why it survived and it survived intact, all the joinery giant electromagnet are exactly
the same as Faraday left it. So this is exactly as Faraday would have had
it. That’s right, yup. In Faraday’s time it was known that electric
current creates a magnetic field, but it remained an open question whether the reverse is possible
— if a magnetic field could generate electric current. Faraday answered this question with his most
famous apparatus. Faraday’s electromagnetic induction ring.
Which is this. In August, 1831 Faraday wrapped two coils
of insulated wire around this iron ring. But in 1831 you could not go down to your
local electrical hardware shop and ask for x hundred meters of insulated wire, you had
to insulate the wire as you went. So as you pushed and pulled the wire in and out of the
ring you had to insulate it. It takes 10 working days, which was a huge investment of time. But the investment paid off. When Faraday
connected a battery to one of the coils, he saw a brief pulse of current in the other
coil. And when he disconnected the battery, he saw a pulse of current in the other direction. He realized that current was induced in the
second coil only when the magnetic field through it was changing. And if they hadn’t been wrapped on the same
ring, Faraday may have noticed that the two coils repel each other when the current is
induced and that’s due to the interaction of their magnetic fields. Which brings us back to this. Through the
bottom coil we are passing a huge electric current: 800A which alternates in direction
900 times per second. This ensures there will always be a changing magnetic field above
the coil. Instead of a second coil we’re using the Aluminium
plate, but the principle is the same, the changing magnetic field induces currents in
the plate that create an opposing magnetic field — so it levitates. How awesome is that?! This current is not only good for levitating
the plate. It can also make lightbulbs glow. A gift.
Uh, thank you. Oh. That is cool.
Not too close because it will burn the lamps. Can I put it there?
Yeah. And just as current in a toaster element heats
it up, the induced current in the plate dissipates its energy as heat. And some water too
Thank you. Yeah to see the temperature.
Check out how hot this plate is. Oh, that is nuts! Is this your favorite demo?
It’s a flying BBQ or something Tell me this is not the best dinner table
centerpiece. It levitates, gives you light, and you can cook on it. and all the while
you’re demonstrating Faraday’s Law of electromagnetic induction.


Is that godawful noise because of the magnetic field interacting with the microphone, or do you actually hear that in person?

How does the magnetic flux linked with a coil change if the magnetic field is directing into the plane of paper('X') and the coil is being moved above the region of the magnetic field. I mean the magnetic flux passes down without even touching the coil(or conductor). Still the magnetic flux linked with the coil changes and current is induced. How?

so… can i reproduce that in smaller scale? like if 800A 900 hz can fly a 1KG alluminum plate can i fly a 1.25 grams whit 1 A 900hz?

Very cool demo! Are you sure it's not operating at 960.9 Hz? Based on the audio, the whining sound from 2:35 to 2:45 appears to have a fundamental frequency of 960.9 Hz and only even harmonics with the following relative amplitudes:

Fundamental: 1
2nd harmonic: 1.6550
4th harmonic: 0.1260
6th harmonic: 0.0543
8th harmonic: 0.0224
10th harmonic: 0.0231
12th harmonic: 0.0271
14th harmonic: 0.0161
16th harmonic: 0.0090

Very interesting!

This can be done at 60Hz with microwave oven transformers (although not on this scale):

I think You nailed it when it flew up and I was like Whoaaahhh…. The light bulb part. Fantastic!!!
Thanks for making such amazing videos. Thanks for sharing and exploring. You're truly amazing.

Every students need to see this experiment for better understanding.

Pretty amazing that Faradays first experiment, that "induction ring", looks completely like a nowadays transformer. It could have been built 5 years ago in China as well…

If we put the open circuit copper winding conected to the battery charger. Near the superconductor ring continuous current flowing through it then.
Will the current get induce in copper winding for endless time?

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Is this possible 2 do using a UFO flying saucer in a way where it does NOT have to have a PLATE underneath the flying vehicle.. AND in a way that reacts 2 the Earth's (or any planet) own magnetic field!?

How can you make this at home with low amount of electric energy. Pls reply. I have a science fest and I have to present a hidden principle though an activity. Anyone pls reply. Does anyone have any other ideas

So…. How do you use this tech now to stop, block, or repel bullets? … Preferably in a more Captain America ish style than a cooking stove?

To everyone questioning things about the material of the plate or why it’s warped etcetera ! I truly recommend that you visit the palais de la découverte in Paris. It’s a really fun place to visit and the people doing these demonstrations for the public everyday will be able to answer your questions. Don’t forget to come back and tell us. I used to live nearby but moved so a visit is not planned currently. Also make sure you also visit the cité des sciences et de l’industrie.

I've tried to share this video with everybody cuz I believe this is how the sun heats up and levitates above the surface of the flat stationary plane

Of magnetic field


I always wanted to know the answer to this question:
When I break a bar of a magnet into 2 pieces, the individual pieces repel each other. They attract each other when inverted.
N——-S becomes N—S N—–S but still, the broken pieces repel each other although they are of opposite poles.

Im sorry for asking this on such an old video but is the electromagnetic ring similar to a transformer. And if so wouldnt that mean that the deflection was caused by a transfer of voltage

What? if magnetic field can generate electric current.
Now I wonder if it's possible to use the movement of earth as free energy!

it doesnt repel actually, the delayed decay of magnetic field in the copper wire attact the magnet at sometime, thats the cause why the magnet slows down.

i may be misunderstanding but wouldn’t the coil have to be powered by electricity? is it possible to produce an electric current from a magnetic field without using an electromagnet?

And all the time, the electromagnetic radiation is destroying your DNA and sperm cells.
Well done, idiot. One less muslim reproducing. Good.

I don't know if it would possible or not to make the frequency go much higher up & make it levitate. Like above 20000Hz cause I think that would eliminate the audible sound energy. Basically make the sound inaudible 😁

Congratulations geniuses, you are nit only subjecting your bodies to high power EM field, but also breath in heated aluminium vapors.. don't you wanna have kids one day ?

I dont think it is dissipating energy as heat it better to say it is creating heat from energy no turned into levitation

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