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Lil’ Rockit Skateboard Building Kit

Lil’ Rockit Skateboard Building Kit

i’m chris from the Roarockit skateboard
company very excited today to show you our new product it’s called the Lil’ Rockit builder kit now for the last ten years Roarocket has
offered two preshaped sets of veneers the classic pintail and the street deck shape and now to celebrate our tenth
anniversary we’ve got a new shape, it’s called the Lil’
Rockit builder kit now there’s a few different options for
the Lil’ Rockit we have two sets like this one that comes with two veneer sets and one with four and in this box will give you everything you need to make
those boards we also offer refill kits one has four sets of the Lil’ Rockit veneer one has four sets plus a foam mold and the other is four sets a foam mold and a bottle of glue enough to do all four boards Those are for builders that already have a
bag and may want to just build their own
rockit without the package lets have a look what’s in the box shall we? So when you get a box it’s going to come with everything you need to
make these boards We’ve got Lil’ Rockit instructions to help guide you through the process and in this little kit we got the hand pump a glue roller extra stealing tapes for your bag a couple pieces of sandpaper got the breather netting a bottle of glue enough to do all
four boards and an edging tool very handy for scraping
the board clean and even putting a little round over on
it also in the box you’ll get the four veneer sets each one comes with a random color veneer
sheet the foam mold and a fourteen by forty seven TAP bag So I’m going to bring in marcel to do a quick little build and show you the Lil’ Rockit Let’s do some building So Chris, if I want to build another one of these, where can I get it? well you can give us a call and we’ll
help you place an order or you can find it online at w_w_w_ dot roarockit dot com Hey Marcel looks like you’re gonna
need a refill kit that’s why


From our homepage, if you click on the Skateboard Deck Kits link, than the Street Deck Master Kit link they are all in there. You can also use our Search bar at the top right corner to help navigate the site.

If you send us an email we can help set that up! Shipping will be the most costly part, but we have sent materials to Malaysia before 🙂

Hey Clarissa, it is possible to ship products out to you, unfortunately the shipping will be the greatest expense. If interested, feel free to email us and we will get you a quote!

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