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this shop is moving away from the skate
park ok thats the intro Ola YouTube my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a wheel
addict as you might have seen the title and in the intro of this video we are
moving away from the skate park it’s the last time that you’ll see me
with this black background in this place it’s also the last time that you’ll see
me vlogging inside this shop why well today it’s exactly three years since I
moved to South Africa the 24th of February which is my mom’s birth date
was when I left Portugal about three years ago not about exactly three years
ago and it’s also our last day operating it’s also our last day operating here at
Lena skate shop it’s Saturday morning and after 12:00
we’re gonna close the shop at the skate park the reason why we are about to
close the shop at the skate park is we need bigger we need better that
doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be skating in the skatepark anymore in fact
it’s the complete opposite if we skate we need places like these to make a
sport grow we also need skate shops we also need people skating and this is a
really good place for people to get together I might be moving away from the
skate park but that doesn’t mean that I’m not coming back to the skate park
but also for the sport to grow I’m gonna need to have better space where people
can can actually go and feel comfortable and have space to be inside they can
watch videos they can try skate I have the space to make my videos because here
it’s getting a little bit too tight mo a space to work for those of you that
don’t know most are working at Lena Sketchup about two months ago and from
now on he’s gonna be the manager so whatever it has to do with the skate
shop this guy right here he’s the one that you need to speak with I guess
that’s the news that I wanted to tell you so you know what I’m a bit scared
because it’s gonna be a big step for us leaving this place which was
like a tiny place we knew there was a lot of people coming but sometimes you
need to risk it so as John Zulu posted a few weeks ago let’s go we’re going
straight to the top baby let’s go boom live in the present sometimes you
know you daydream sometimes you know dude he got hit you and let’s go let’s
go let’s go let’s go and that’s it I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope
you understand what we’re trying to do here ah really important really
important first of March in 3 days 5 days 4 days I don’t know so we’re
planning to finally and 2 years later ok now I look smarter even if I’m not
anyway on the 1st of March almost 2 years after the opening of the shop we
are finally going online that doesn’t mean that we’re stopping the physical
shop because we believe that’s the most important things you need to see feel
try the skates that’s really important that’s what we want to be our focus
that’s the core of this shop but in order for us to make sport the sport
drill we’re gonna need to go online so from the 1st of March don’t forget to
check double double double eNOS ketchup calm and finally you’ll be able to buy
skates online if you have any doubt then we just need to contact this and more
will be here and that’s it I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you
understand what we’re doing here I hope if you’re willing to buy skates and if
you’re around this area please support what we’re doing because we try to
support as much as we can our passion so with that being said bye bye to this
place but not goodbye to this channel not goodbye to this shop it’s time for
bigger and better things exactly so give us some thumbs up if you
like this one give us some thumbs down if you don’t if you’re not subscribed to
this channel now might be the time to do it because even if we are going to be
not as present for the next few days next few weeks because we’re gonna need
to prepare a new place but we’ll be updating whenever we can
showing you the new location showing the new studio showing the new shop we’re
quite excited it doesn’t look like we have it set but
at the same time I’m super excited so let’s go cheers guys you said don’t
forget why we all started skating Moe you know what because it’s fine


I gotta say, Moe is really getting his β€œcamera legs”. He has become more natural on screen and very much complimenting you own screen-self Lino. My own local skate shop also did a move recently and I’ve been as supportive as I can with them to get them out there. I even admit that helping them has resulted in a nice perk of being able to skate their homemade box at the store. I get to skate their box and they get a nice moving promotional skater (although I am not that good) out in front of the store. As scary as it is, you can do it Lino! If my own skate shop could, you definitely can with your love for inline.

Lino, i have a question.
How can i convert my freeskates into aggressive? How can i adapt an aggressive frame to a freeskate boot??? Pls help.

All the best luck on the new shop Lino and congratulations Moe on your promotion as the shop manager! πŸ˜‰
Can't wait to see the progress! You can do it!! πŸ˜€

on aliexpress they sell a 6x110mm frame. would it be useful for downhill or it's too much and too heavy? also, what about racism towards white people in south africa? do you get to experience it on daily basis?

Congratulations and many well wishes for stepping out and stepping up!
Change is good and big change is even better πŸ™‚
Exciting times ahead.
As always, I look forward to following along and seeing what's to come.


Keep it up.

As long as you can keep supplying us with the best quality equipment (as you have been) then I'm all for it. After a 15 year break I'm now really loving my PowerSlide Triskates!

Next order is for new wheels soon, after trying to perfect the T-stop for the last couple of months.

You go Ricardo Lino!

Hi Ricardo, When r u going to review a pair of speed inline skates ? I Mean skates for competition, Greetings man

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