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LOU Board Skate Bag —AND— Is LOU Waterproof? 🌊

LOU Board Skate Bag —AND— Is LOU Waterproof? 🌊

There’s a large pond over there. I think
this is a good opportunity to test LOU Board’s water resistance. Today I’m gonna show you guys the LOU skateboard backpack which is what I have on my back right now. So let me just show you what I have in the bag just so you get an idea
of how much stuff you can put in there. So let’s take off the skateboard first. Okay so this front flap is kind of
interesting because you can put stuff inside. So this is where I like to put
the uhh you know stuff like the mobile power bank, my headphones, and of course the
skate tool. I think that’s everything. Yeah that’s generally what I put
in front. Oh here’s a side pocket. This is
where I normally put the remote. Just goes in like that, very snugly. And of
course if you don’t have a LOU Board, if you have a regular skateboard you can
put your sunglasses or whatever you want in there. Now let’s look at the main
compartment. So this can actually hold quite a bit of stuff. So here’s my helmet. Here’s a small camera case. Here’s another camera case. Here’s the charger because I’m using the LOU Board and you know they run out of
power. Batteries. Forgot what I put in here, another camera stuff. My jacket. And a laptop. So yeah this is a pretty big compartment, but you don’t you don’t have to let it be this big because what you can do is you can fold it down. Because
the way you closed it is you fold it down and then you flip it. So when it’s
small it’s like this, but if you got more stuff you don’t have to fold it down
twice. You can maybe just fold it down one time and then click the other way, so
this way you can you can hold more stuff. And inside here there’s a pocket for the laptop and another pocket for I don’t know I guess an iPad. And the
rest is just the main compartment. There’s no other small pockets and other
junk. I’m just gonna put everything back in now. Let’s put in the laptop first. And
then I’ll put in my jacket. Just roll it up, stuff it in there. Stick my helmet in there. So without all that other stuff just roll it down twice and then it looks
like this. If there’s more stuff then I can’t fold it
down twice. I just fold it once the other way and then clip it the other
direction. And then it looks like that. Battery. Cable. Headphones. And the skate tool. And then the remote goes in the side, just like that. And now the main item. Again just stick the tail in here. And then just attach these buckles. That’s it. The LOU skateboard backpack. You can film me looking into the distance. There’s actually a better way to put the
skateboard on the backpack. Just like before, just stick the tail into the
bottom strap. Close the flap. Make sure these straps are nice and tight. And then
up here you just fold it down once and then wrap the strap around the board. So
now the board is held in three areas: the bottom, the middle, and also the
top. So this way the top of the board is leaning against the bag and not hanging off. There’s a large pond over there. Let’s do
this. Yes! It’s still going. Wow a little slippery. All right there you
go. LOU Board is water-resistant. I’m
hesitant to say waterproof because I don’t think it’s waterproof, but I would
call that pretty water resistant. It still works. You kind of caught me off guard. Really? I was still playing with the camera and then you all of a sudden… But I think I got the footage. Ah this place. This place is awesome. I fell. I didn’t fall, I almost fell.


Hey guys I will do a giveaway for this backpack soon (a brand new one, not my used one). Subscribe and hit that bell to be notified! This backpack will work for standard popsicle skateboards and penny boards also.

Hey thx, that the kind of video I wanted to see when I asked you few weeks ago 😉
Now your backpack shall become mine !!! Ahaha

Great video… keep it up… hope you get that magic 1000 subs soon… i need more information before i buy my e-board. (atm… i am looking at flowdeck x, meppo 1.5 and Raptor 2 )

Awesome video Daniel!!! Both the board and backpack look great! Loving the videos and content you make keep them coming👌🙌

Nice bro… Really envy with your board.. i wish i can buy it… for now i just use my traditional board.. until my saving enough to buy Lou Board 3.0..
Please more upload again the board, i was thinking to use it daily to go for work… from my home to the train station.. and then continue to my office… (reduce my cost for using public commuter like a bus or call a "Ojek")

By the way i'm from Indonesia… if you choose me as a winner.. i'll be glad and tell my friend's here that finally i won something in my life… ^^

Sorry if my english bad… but at least i try to comment without using the google translate… hahaha

Salam dari Indonesia… its mean Hello from Indonesia..


I’ve ride the lou board under the rain… didn’t make it. My motherboard died so… not water resistant

Great video. I like the backpack and I’m debating on buying it because I have some back problems. I have a Lou 1.0 and would love to carry it on my back. But I would like to know how well is the backpack padded is on the shoulder straps and back panel? Also have you had time to check out the SoFlow app that’s on Android at the moment? If you have is the app useful and does it actually change things on the settings on the board when changed on the app? Thanks.

I received my board 1.0 yesterday and she beeps all the time 🙁 what is the solution to stop this beeps ???

Any other esk8 backpack you would recommend? I’m looking for one. There’s this company called OBED and they have pretty sick bags but they’re always out of stock

hey @Daniel Kwan should I get this or the Teamgee H6/H9. I plan to use this on my university campus and Im liking the size/weight of the Lou board as I go from class to class, but ive seen negative reviews for the Lou.

Most customers of SoFlow / LouBoard experience technical issues & are not happy with the customer support service response times. Check yourself the reviews at Reddit & FaceBook.

Would you say a longboard (100CM length and 22 CM width ) would work with this backpack? The backpack looks sick. Also
is there padding for the laptop compartment? Also, how big is the compartment area?

Cool Review Daniel AAA+++amazing…. Question {{{can you compare Spectra pro VS Lou skateboard. I wonder the result.??????}}}

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