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Loveletters Season 10: Brazil | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS

Loveletters Season 10: Brazil | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS

– Welcome back to the letters. I’m your host, Jeff Grosso and this is Brazilian skateboarding. We just had the overwhelming pleasure of going down to Brazil for five or so days and we thought we’d bring
a little scene report. It’s a nations worth of skateboarding. It’s been going on thirty, forty years. They have their own
industry, their own brands. The history is deep down there. Its a universal tale man, you know. It’s skateboarding, it fucken rules. So, this is Brazilian skateboarding. I hope you enjoy. (sharp screeches)
(alert beeps) ♪ Now that we’re old and ugly ♪ ♪ We’re middle aged and hurting, ♪ ♪ Love letters with Jeff Grosso ♪ ♪ Will remind you of a solid days ♪ ♪ The best of days ♪ (heavy rock music) – I don’t know it’s just
kind of you know, like, the width, the things, the way, the roads are built here, the way, the paid phones
in the street look a like, the way buildings are all
graffitied up, you know. The way it mixes the green
ass trees with the sun, and, like, its just
Brazilian vibe, in general. I think its that culture, that lives in Brazil out of skateboarding. That makes skateboarding in have its own flare. (heavy rock music) – Oh I fuck it up? Welcome back to Letters!
(gently laughs) Welcome back to the show. I’m your host, Jeff Grosso. We came wandering down to
Brazil, to check things out see what we could see. And show you good people
at home what we found out. We found Cesinha Chavez. Did I get it right? – That’s close enough.
(loudly laughs) – 1976, on a bane with no fucking cares. A full beard in ’76. This fucking photo rules right here. – [Cesinha] Yeeeaah. – [Jeff] You go way fucking
back, man, way back. – Yeah, we can’t take that back man. I started living the area. My very first skateboard, 1968. – That was the year, I was born. – I never made it. – Oh, who cares, look at
how, fucking awesome you are. He had a beard. So, this is,
– Wave Park. – This is Wave Park. (smooth jazz music) – [Jun] Um, well skate park,
in some park, called Wave Park. Pretty much was our, our home at time. We talking about probably ’77, ’78, ’79, ’80. – [Jeff] I remember seeing photos of this, when I was a kid and, just tripping because, the whole park was
shoved in this little hole. – [Jun] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. (in foreign language) – [Jeff] How many people,
you think were involved? – [Cesinha] Ummmm, no more than fifty. (smooth jazz music) I knew the very first
time, I came to support, to do a article for a
magazine that was worked for, called Brasil Surf. So, through those guys, I said, man this is real skateboarding, it’s not that shit that aint doing real. That kind of surf side, those guys skate. – So, Cesinha came in
to, to skateboard with us at the skate park at the time, and, he was probably, one of the only out of state skateboarders that we kind accepted. In the place because, well you know, Cesinha was like you know,
(gently laughs) talkative a lot, and say a
lot of shit at that time. – [Pedro] Yeah, so, this
is the city, I was born. Florianopolis and pretty much raised, I don’t wanna leave this place like, I got my whole family here, my friends, I got all this vibe. For me, it’s the realist
it gets, you know. For my life and, the
skating vibes I enjoy. (metal grinding) – My name is Andre
Barros. I’m Pedro’s dad. He from Florianopolis, Brazil. South of Brazil is a island. Florianopolis became a
very strong name for bowl, uhh skate, you know like. We have a lot of private bowls so, a lot of people come
from all over the country and, all over the world
to skate this place. (dramatic rock music) (in foreign language) (crowd cheers) – You know how sometimes
they use term like, street raises you kind of in a way. Skateboarding raises people. – Yeah, totally. Who are some of the dudes that um, that kind of brought you up, that impressed upon you like, the importance of, you know, getting in the right way? – Leo Kakinho’s a really strong example, the person who gave my first skateboard, the person who was on the
daily sessions with me. – My name is Leonardo Gardure Bahbals. My nickname is Leo Kakinho. – [Man] Yeah, what’s up, we’re at Leo’s house. Leo was like my idol
when I was growing up. Get to come out here and, have a great time with like everyone and, its just the best, you
know that’s what we live for. (in foreign language) (heavy rock music) (in foreign language) (heavy rock music) (skateboard rolling) (crowd cheers) (metal grinding) (in foreign language) – How many built to skates
are here on the island now? – I would say, more than, I don’t know. Twenty, twenty five, with the
built to skate, just in like, Uh, fifteen mile range, you know. – [Jeff] Yeah. – [Pedro] So, the energy in the scene is feeding off of that, you know. It’s getting stronger,
its like a little animal, you’re just feeding more and, more, it just building up to it. – Pedro, inspired a lot
of, a lot of people here. (deep electronic music) He’s super huge in Brazil and, he’s a idol for us. He’s my friends since I was born but, he’s one of my idol, still cause, he goes for it, you know. – It’s like a GI Joe, DIY man. We did it because, we have to do it man. We have no shoes, fuck,
it had to do with shoes. I have no boards, I have to do boards. (electronic jazz music) – [Jeff] Yeah I remember URGH! (electronic jazz music) ’87. This is for sure consolidated
my name in skateboard, my deck, now my pro deck. (in foreign language) – But, the hard time is the bootleg brands here. Brazil got really famous in the ’80s because, we have like,
Powell Peralta Brazilian. (smooth jazz music) (in foreign language) – [Interviewer] Those are fakes. – [Man] Ahh, shit. (in foreign language)
(loudly laughs) – Back in the day, ’80s, they were just ripping
off American companies. I’m gonna use all your graphics, I’m gonna steal all your ideas, you could, I’m gonna sell it to my people and, not pay you one single
cent in royalties, so. You know, – Yeah, yeah.
– It’s not an easy history, (gently mumbles)
In general. (upbeat music) Mad Rats is a shoe company from Brazil and, they were exactly,
exactly the rip off of Vans. They literally like, flipped
off every single model of Vans. So, like they had, this lip
on, the high tops, you know. Just, everything. There’s like an expressions in Brazil, its the Brazilian way and, that the Brazilian
ways always finding a way. (loudly laughs)
It’s like, sometimes it can be a little
bit dodgy finding a way. – Yeah. – [Yndiara] I’m fairly new
in the skateboarding world. I started skating when I was fifteen so, it’s been six years now. I’m twenty one. And, since I start, The girls in skateboarding, progressing in a lot and, like, now we go to skate park and, in ours there’s a
girl skating no, before. I didn’t see that much.
(heavy rock music) Me, there is Leticia Golchavez
in skate park, Dora Varella. (dramatic rock music) – [Dora] When I started
skating, like, seven years ago. The only girl I know, who
is skating was Karen Jonz. Was like the best one in the world and, in Brazil and when I met her, I watch her skate, and was like, Yooo, she’s really good,
I wanna skate like her. She tells us, stories about
when she started skating. She was the only girl and she traveled with guys and we just get really interested about it cause, we don’t know how it
was before, I started skating. – We also have a lot
of street skaters like, Leticia Bufoni
(heavy rock music) and we have a lot of girls that are inspired by her and, want to… – [Interviewer] There’s one right now. – Yeah, look. No shoes, just skating,
having fun, that’s the best, that’s how things happen, you know. Just have to skate and have fun. (rock music) – It’s hard to say, like, what would be my favorite skateboarder of all time from Brazil because, there’s not just one, obviously. You know, it can go, all the way back with like Bruno Brown. – [Cesinha] Bruno is super,
super, super important on this skateboard culture in Brazil. Is no one like, a parade
guy, ride this guy. He was like expression,
full of expression guy. Love him.
– [Jeff] Yeah. – [Cesinha] He was a hard guy dude. (gently laughs) – Leo Kakhino is for sure
my list of favorites. Poque, which is an old
school skaters in that list. Carlos Andradae, Marcello Kowsaki. (crow cheers) So, it’s hard, there’s just
so many names, you know and, you think about it. Vi, my homies you know, Mariloff Ogeno. Those guys, there all in my
list of favorite skateboarders Nilton Neves is for sure in that list. My skateboarding has nothing
to do Nilton’s skateboarding. But, for me that’s the
most magical skateboarding, you can get, you know. You could say like,
that’s one of, for sure, my favorite styles in
Brazil, out of like, fuck. – [Jeff] We come down here and, we start talking to people, everybody we talk to man, everyone (gently laughs)
– That’s cool. – Like, okay, who is your favorite skater? There like Nilton, Nilton. Dude you gotta go talk to Nilton, Nilton. So, here we are,
– Ah, that’s a cool man Thanks for inviting me. – Yeah. Thank you. (in foreign language) – [Nilton] Once, I was like
a, was like a little kid, I could, not handle myself if I was not skating. You know what I mean, there was like a, a monster inside of me, full of energy in it and its so, I lived in this street that people unite. You know what I mean? And, we had like forty
people on the weekends like, doing jump ramps or, the grab
shit, you know what I mean, on ’86, ’84 and I had no board, the only board I had it was a, a fiber glass board that
had a missing hangar and, two wheels. So, I had like a board with two wheels, you know what I mean, like, and, like all the Boneless, all the fucken stationary tricks
that you could like mimic. – [Jeff] Yeah.
– I did it with the pillow so, I still have the pillow,
you know what I mean. – Radical.
– That’s like being like, 34 years and took two years for my daddy to give me my first board. Board was too expensive.
– [Jeff] Yeah. – Right here, like, Nilton Neves. Is one of my favorites. When I started shoot a like, taking skateboarding photos. He was one of my first like, person to be around, to
taking photos, to be down. – [Nilton] You know what I mean, from that I had no time
to let ego take over. – [Jeff] Yeah. – So, was pure feeling
stored tricks and, shit. I never did a trick that
never made me feel good. You know, all the tricks that I choose because, the movement,
you know what I mean. So, it is the, is the physical feeling,
you know what I mean? – [Jeff] Yeah
– It’s like, I was like, as your making love
with your fucking board, you know what I mean?
– Yeah. ♪ I’m truly having a nervous breakdown ♪ ♪ Love letters returns broadcast ♪ – We have been traveling a lot with Bob. Bob is so cool man and, we skate around. Most of the time, He was like, the first guys to be in America to open up the door for everybody and, its so cool, I like him. (heavy rock music) – My name is Rodrigo, as known as, K-B-Ca. I’m a photographer since 2004. Long time. (dramatic bass music) (in foreign language) (crowd cheers) (in foreign language) (in foreign language) (in foreign language) (in foreign language) (in foreign language) (in foreign language) – Collor de Mello, that’s the first president for democracy. – [Interviewer] Yeah.
– Okay. He has an impeachment. Like, corrupts and corruption
in Brazil, you know. For the month, the inflation, two eight seven five.
– [Interviewer] Jesus Christ. – But, its cool because, I got my first cover, man. – [Interviewer] Yes.
– Yeah, that’s pretty cool, using a lifestyle t-shirts
(gently laughs) (in foreign language) (in foreign language) ♪ Hello, you stinky little
millennials it’s Love Letters ♪ – We were back in the day known for only being like, the
contest persons, right. The Brazilians show up, okay, they’re contest guys. – [Announcer] High, fly, Brazilian
style landing, craziness, look at that! Backside with your face, oh landed and knee tweak. Late came that high fly frontsider. – Its unfair but, it’s
life, like, whatever. You guys, you guys were
isolated away from the so called skateboarding
industry in the states, or whatever.
(rock music) And, so the only time anybody
had contact with you guys, was through, initially through contest. (electronic rock music) And, you guys were, were all, actually really competitive. Like, which scared the
shit outta all of us. (gently laughs)
you know cause it was like, Oh, holy shit. There’s a whole new group
of guys to contend with. (in foreign language) – [Announcer] What are you doing man? – Hitting the switch bowl. – Oh, my god! (loudly mumbles)
(loudly cheers) (announcers screaming) (crowd cheers) – That was huge. – [Pedro] During these years, we worked hard to kind of like, eliminated that image,
like, even for myself, I’ve been a person who’s
most known my whole life, from contests. (loudly cheers)
– [Announcer 1] Oh, my, – [Announcer 2] Are you kidding me? – [Announcer] Pedro! – So, that’s been a mission
for all of us, like, we wanna, we wanna show, like, pass it through, like, that way just people who
love skateboarding, you know. – Yeah. (upbeat music) (in foreign language) (in foreign language) (in foreign language) Pshh, a lot of dudes. (electronic music) (in foreign language) – [Jeff] You come from Rio, you were skating Rio, you’re traveling around Brazil, you’re doing, you’re doing Surf Craft. Things are doing okay. You decide to go to the states
– [Cesinha] Yeah. – [Jeff] You go skate Marina. – [Cesinha] Then I came back and, stay one, two years and, start working on TV. Then, my life changed for real dude. – [Jeff] What did you start doing on TV? – [Cesinha] I was the one
who took skateboarding to TV. Brazilian TV.
– [Jeff] Radical. – [Cesinha] I’m the pioneer. No one can take that away from me, man. – Of course. (electronic music) (in foreign language) – Thank you, planned to be here. (in foreign language) – [Interviewer] What
happened to your face John? – I messed it up skating.
(upbeat retro music) – [Cesinha] I tried to
preserve, you know the, the history of the audio visual. I, I produce, one hundred and eighty eight episodes of our show, daily show, from Monday to Friday. – What was the name of the show? – Vibroacao, Vibration. – Ah, I can not wait to see this. – [Jun] Cesinha in
Brazil, Cesinha in Brazil, he’s fire, he’s, incredible and, I think, then its very important for the communities
skateboarding in the world, to recognize that. – [Jeff] Yeah, for real. People have lived, and died, and bled for this thing and that needs to be fucking recognized and, and remembered and, cataloged in some way. So, the fact that he did all that work and, has all that. Is a fucking beautiful thing and, if we could shed some light on that and, gets, and, gets some more people
looking at, you know, everything that went down, down here, then, um, then, I think we did our job. – [Cesinha] I brought the first time, the first pro to do a demo in Brazil. – The crowd is excellent. Never better. It’s always full of life, craziness Everybody is raging, sweatin, having a good time – [Cesinha] (mumbles) story, in ’86, Bruno made the connection, and bring him, for down wave
(mumbles) (electronic music) (crowd cheers) (in foreign language) (skateboard rolling) (in foreign language) (metal grinding) (in foreign language) (in foreign language) – Some of our favorite
Brazilian skateboarders are, Randalf Romaros, Fabiano Bianchin, Marrow Mareta, Daniel Kim. Its a lot of names, Lincoln Zeweida, Nilton Neves, Bob Burnquist, Sandra Diaz. It’s nice, we have some good guys, we had some good teams, we have some good team
happening in Brazil. (electronic music) – [Murilo] I see the
skateboarding scene in Brazil, a little bit different right now because, we see a lot of
trainee skaters coming right now and, when I used to skate, when I was ten, there was
no kids skating with me. I was the only one kid
like, with my brother or, with his friends. So, right now everything like changed. I remember we didn’t have any kind of pool cooping around from Paulo. (dramatic music)
(crowd cheers) – Sao Paulo is one of the
hugest city in the world and, how you can not have
like, a bowl with pool coping. – There was a street kid
in front of my house. He was different than
the other kids, like, he had like, his hair a little
cutted in a different way. (upbeat music) – [Nilton] Out of the setting, he starts seeing me with the board, coming in and out and, I made ollie ramps like,
– Yeah. – And, Augie would come
out, Augie Desousa, you know what I mean. He’ll come out to skate with me so, one day he sees the sesh, he stays there, outta the
sun, one day he comes, with a board like, a fucking K-Mart board and, I see him with a board, like, spark in his eyes and I was like come here. I was like, come here. Like, American wheels and, nice bearings, you know.
– Yeah. (skateboard rolling) – And, then two years pass and, like my friend send me some video, look at this guy and that’s Luan Oliveira.
– [Jeff] That’s rad. – [Nilton] Like he was the, like you know, like the guy that felt the spark through the magic that we all share. I wish he skates more like,
pools, you know what I mean. (loudly laughs) You know but, I’m not like, I still like a proud, you
know what I mean that. – Yeah totally. (electronic music) (intense music) – Hello, this is Fabio Bitao, Bitao here from Brazil. Been taking photos like, for
twenty sevens years right now. So, I always used to skate
around with the older guys and, after that, I started
to meet with the younger guys from the ’90s so, I’ve made the just bridge, you know, between the two generations. The ’80s and the ’90s. That was my thing, you know, because I have a lot of influences about the magazines, the music, I love that shit, and wanna
to leave that, you know. (In foreign language) (heavy rock music) (in foreign language) (heavy rock music) (in foreign language) – [Jeff] So, thanks for watching. That was the Brazil episode. I hope you enjoyed. Turn this shit off, go skateboarding. Make your own scene. Take a little notes, and, life’s out there man. Turn it off, go skate. Thanks for doing this. – I feel that I like, I have the, the opportunity to learn, what is like, what is skateboard for real, you know. What’s the intention
behind skating, you know. It’s the love, it’s the passion. I got this from me. Right now, I feel that
the reason why skate is something that I can’t even describe. It’s just something
that, I can’t even tell because, something that I
feel comes from the inside it’s the inside that I can’t even like, change just comes out, you know. And, I got a lot of, a lot of this because, I had good guys like that were, showing, how the love for skateboarding.


Thanks Jeff. Great fucking episode. Dude you could do ten more on Brazil alone. You could do a whole episode on Lincoln or Og or Bob or Pedro or any number of dudes. Fuck maybe you did one on Bob, I can't remember. In any case, what a rich legacy. Brasiiiiil!

what I find fascinating is that there is a crazy skate scene in brazil but every other central/south american countries don't have close to the same level of scene (not that they don't skate in those countries but it seems to be a lot smaller)

That was beautiful Jeff and your team,
I'm feeling a lot closer now to
A family of skaters we never knew.
Thankyou, from a 43 year old New Zealand skateboarder .

All the cocaine dealers and drug smugglers would go to CA and see all the skating and buy a bunch of boards and would take them back to Brazil for the little ones and it took off!

The music in this is amazing! What's the song at 19:23???? Been searching the music list in the bio but most of it isn't on YouTube 😭😭

Amazing episode! Barely touched the surface. Please look up Og De Souza, he's so inspiring and badass! One of my favorite captions ever was in Big Brother. It said "og de souza feeble grind on a handrail, you're not allowed to complain about anything ever again"

Thirty-eight plus minutes of pure Loveletter. To Brazil of all places, my place of birth. GrossoRules, I don't care what anyboby says! <<<Sarcasm. Mas valeu mesmo galera. Os Brazuca tao rebentanu.

Awesome video! I'm 46 so I can really appreciate this. Filled in some gaps about where Hosoi went during the 80's. Bob Burnquist is my second favorite skater. Sandro is cool too. Check out the local skate scene in Georgia on my channel. Been making videos for 2 years. I make 2 or 3 videos a month.

I wonder, since these skaters were totally making their own scene, did they come up with any new moves? Are there Brazilian specific tricks?

Much love and respect for Brasil. Rippers everywhere. Went at 23 treated like Rockstars because we rode for Alva. Roots for days. Rad parks everywhere. Pure scene. CHRIST and Alva set the stage for America. Cesinha Chavez spent a lot of time in America. My job was to talk shit to him and show him American swimming pool skating. He wanted that scene since we have like nowhere in the world. Mahalo Delgado

Grosso, stop chewing like a fucking cow when you got a mic 3 inches away from your slophole. I wanna mute your ass. Your still fucking rule. Keep it up

Brazilian downhill skaters!?
Fernando yuppie?
Douglas Dalua?
Tiago gomes lessa?
Max ballasteros?
Tiago mohr??


PUTA QUE PARIU! What a nice video! Thanks, Vans, for doing this for our skateboard scene! This is a synthesis of all good things that happens before Brazil have some influence in skateboard! I got emocional seen this 'cause it shows how difficult is to be a skateboarder here in this third word country. Thank you, Jeff and all you guys from Vans!

One of the best episodes ever! So stoked. I think that Brazil is going to be something for everyone to contend with when they show up at the upcoming olympics.


Fucking great work Grosso !!! Brazilian SK8 er, 50 years old and still going, like we use to day #skateordie !

Episode idea: FogTown skateboards (Tommy Guerrero, Jake Phelps, Reyes, Bryce Kanights, Cook, etc.). Never learned anything about them other than seeing ads. Would love to know more about that company, the people, and more.

Saw Nilton neves with Ben raybourn at an innes I path demo in like 2009 2010 in Chicago before Bens career took off. Will never forget seeing them skate nilton had crazy flow very influential. Soon after there were two adds with both of them I wanna say 1081 skateboards for Ben? And an another with nilton shredding Wilson skatepark pool

You guys seem to forget Sergio Yuppie. The only downhill skater to make it pretty big from Brazil. I get downhill gets no fuckin respect. But he atleast deserved a mention. Just my 2 cents.

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