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Loveletters Season 10: Lizzie Armanto | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS

Loveletters Season 10: Lizzie Armanto | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS

– You know, the next generation of little girls coming up, they’re going to have it easier, and there’s going to be more opportunities for them. Because of what Lacy and Lizzie
and Alisha and Nora and… And going back to Mimi and Carabeth and what these women have done. You know? And how they’ve shed light
that, you know what, at the end of the day, girls fuckin’ rip too! You know? It’s just how it is. And dig the fuckin’ new breed, man! This is how it goes from here on out. It’s not just for boys anymore. (static)
(aggressive sirens) ♪ Now that we’re old and ugly, ♪ ♪ We’re middle aged and hurting, ♪ ♪ Love letters with Jeff Grosso ♪ – All right, welcome back to the letters. I’m your host Jeff Grosso – [Producer] Hold on a second!
(giggling) – We’re here with Lizzie Armanto. (rock music plays) (static) This can really be about
anything you want it to be about. – I feel like we could just like… Dip into tangents? – Yeah. (skateboarding noises) – So my dad was the one
to, like, buy a skateboard. And he was hesitant. He was like “Oh, your mom’s
not going to like this,” And it wasn’t until we
moved to Santa Monica where my brother put out
like, that he wanted to go to the skate park. And just like, let us go from there. The cove was like, after
school I’d just go to the cove. (heavy robotic music) Probably 2009, that I
started going other places. I started going to Combi
because the contest was there, and there was actually
like, a scene there. – [Announcer] She’s the only
girl in the world that can do.. (unintelligible) (cheering) – [Lizzie] People would go
and skate the Combi on certain days and I just like,
became a part of that. – Just from knowing you,
and being your friend, I know that you take it very seriously. Because, um, there’s a lot of eyes on you. – [Announcer] Well, Lizzie has
been the face of women’s… If you want to talk about a year… – [Lizzie] It’s still a bit
surreal to be in a Tony Hawk video game. I’m out here to skate the demo
for the Tony Hawk Foundation. – And I am here with, Lizzie Amaretto. – It’s actually Armento. – Lizzie Armento (Finnish) Welcome to Finland – Lizzie Armento – Yes – Come here, come here, come closer! I love your necklace. – Um, before I forget I want
to talk about your hair. – Oh, okay. (funky music plays) – You’re one of the best, so
what are you gonna promise to the Finnish people? (gunshot) (robotic, percussive music) – Even now, like, as I’m
pursuing skateboarding as a professional career, I’ve
always tried to have it be about skating. – [Jaime] Just go out
and do it, and have fun. Don’t care what anybody else says. – [Lyn-Z] Pretty much my
whole life I’ve been asked, “Oh, how does it feel to be
the only girl out there today?” and it’s like, is that all that you see? Like, can’t I just be “Hey,
you skated great today!” – [Lizzie] I’m all about feminism
and I think it’s awesome, like, men and women being
equal, but I think using that as like, a driving force and
not doing it because you personally want to, is just, it’s cheap. And it doesn’t feel real. (skateboard noises) The girl scene is in a
really good place, I think. There’s still tons of room to grow. (early rock plays) It’s definitely changing. Like now, it’s a novelty to
have a girl on your team, but in reality, it’s like,
if a girl rips, just because you already have girl, doesn’t
mean you should be like “Oh, no, we have our token,” it’s not about that.
– [Jeff] Yeah. – Like if someone rips, give them a board. (funky music plays) – When somebody skates
at their personal best, they’re either skating
at their personal best or they’re not. And every skateboarder, no
matter what color, creed, gender, can understand that. That that’s what skateboarding
is, like, are you ripping? If you’re ripping, fuck yeah! And if you’re not ripping,
then why aren’t you ripping? (cheering) (bass heavy music plays) Ten, fifteen years, twenty years from now, you’ll be able to sit back and
go, “Oh, this is- these were the contributions that we brought to it.” Before you, and Alisha, and
Nora, and Nicole, and some of the other girls, you girls are kind of
riding that blueprint. Because before, there’s a huge
gap, there were girls in the ’70s, – [Vicky] I can’t say
enough about skateboarding. I can’t say enough about
the strength of women in skateboarding. I fought very hard back
in the day for equal pay, for equal skate. I was very, very vocal about that. I just wanted girls to be accepted. It’s a very male dominated
sport, as it is still now. But girls can emerge, and
be victorious, and sparkle. – There was one girl in the 80’s. – [Cara-Beth] I think I
finally won a contest, but then all of a sudden,
everybody was gone, out of nowhere, and that was it. – Yeah, it seemed like right
when you started to come into your own, all of a sudden,
female skateboarders, at least in a competitive level,
well actually not even. All around. – [Cara-Beth] I mean,
there were so many girls, but they would come in and out, ya know? Because there was only so far
you could go in skateboarding, as a female. (upbeat 80’s music) – [Tera] I just wanted to
go for it, so I just started doing it. Skateboarding pretty much
gave me everything I wanted. It was just hard, like, but I
had to have the incentive to do it, you know, and
not be afraid to fall. Because a lot of girls don’t
wanna get hurt, you know? – I grew up in such a bubble,
whereas like, any other skateboarders in the world,
if you’re not growing up in southern California, you
don’t have access to all this. Like, I grew up skating with
like, you and then a bunch of other legends and the Combi. – [Jeff] Yeah. – But like, I had the
resources, there’s no, like, you can’t wikipedia this stuff. My favorite skateboarder is Chris Miller. He’s pretty cool. – [Jeff] That’s a good
favorite skateboarder. – [Lizzie] If you watch his
skateboarding, I feel like you just get it. He’s just one of those
people that like, he has it. – [Jeff] Yeah, yeah. – And it’s like, like, Grant, he has it. (heavy electronic music) So Tony’s asked me about the loop before, like even when we’re filming Birdhouse. He’s like, “Oh, Lizzie, would
you be into doing the loop?” And every time I’m like,
even when he first said it, I was like… (shocked expression). Would I be into doing
the loop? Like, oh yeah, are you into the loop? Like is that a casual thing,
like, that’s not casual. – No. (dissonant, chaotic violin music) – And so, I was like, oh, if
the loop’s up, I will try it. I’ll like, look at it and
I’ll know how I feel about it. But I’m not saying I’m
ready to do the loop, I want to do the loop. At no point ever did I
think, oh yeah, the loop, that looks fun. – [Jeff] You have to, you
basically have to forget everything you know about
skateboarding in order to do it. – [Lizzie] It reminds me
of dropping in, honestly. You lean forward, but you
don’t lean too far forward. You lean back, but not super far back. (late 80’s rock) (bassy electronic music) You know, it makes sense but,
like, until your body does it, it doesn’t make sense. And so for the loop, it’s the same thing. Like you go down the roll
in, you hold and you just… Keep holding until you’re
out on the other side. And it’s so simple, but it’s
so scary, and terrifying, and then there’s like, there’s
so many different things going on, to just let yourself do this. That is like, it’s telling
you this thing is wrong. (skateboard noises) (falling noises) (skateboard noises) (falling noises) And then, on like the
fifth or sixth try, I like, made it out, and then
was like, rolling across the parking lot to like, the
other side that I was like, I’m he-like, I-I-I’m not-
I’m done, like I did it. (slow motion skating noises) (yell) – Thanks for sitting down
with us and talking, stories, it’s awesome. – Of course, you finally
got to check out my house. (laughs) – Totally! This has been the letters,
thanks for watching. Turn this shit off! Go skateboarding, get outta here. Thanks. Bye (smooth, funky music plays) – I’m the best female
skateboarder in town, and I’ll fight anyone who begs to differ.


always wondered why more girls didn't skate, it's graceful and artistic just like ice skating or gymnastics

I honestly never quite got why skating has always been a boys club. For me skating is the most egalitarian thing there is. When you slam, it hurts equally no matter if you're a boy or a girl. And when you rip, it's as thrilling no matter who you are.

Keep an eye out for yndirra asp out of brasil she kills it. I love seeing more girls in skateboarding, we don't see race or gender, if you skate, your a skateboarder nothing more nothing less. Reminds me of a 7 seconds song, its not just boys fun.

Awesome, love this episode. I'm giving skateboarding all I got, cause it gives me its best. Love it <3 these girls and so many more are inspiring. 🙂

Can anyone confirm who invented the Nollie I don’t think it was Andy Howell like he claimed or jus do an episode ripping on him

Yahoo! The last big popularist converts…What did the over represented "Sector 9ish" longboarding community bring to this community? Nothing shown in the historical footage of this video and nothing of substance. Athletics is gender neutral.

Was watching this with Captions on and it read ‘Skateboard Noises’ – if you have not already a love letter to skate noises would be welcome.

Thank you, Grosso. Thank you Lizzie. I remember skating in the early 00s. I hung it up for 15 years because of the bigotry. This gives me life. 🔥

Paving the way! Thanks Lizzie, you are a true ripper! I have two young daughters and you are such an inspiration.

So awesome! Been skating for thirty-four years and it's so refreshing to see the shift to truly embracing everyone in skateboarding. Well done people, well done.

@4:09 So does that mean that rollerskating is heteronormative and matriarchal?

I really wish people would learn to separate "skateboarding" from "the skateboard industry". Especially when trying to sound smart for a quote or placing blame for their own shortcomings. Skateboarding is a fucking toy. It's there for everyone and has never ever been more accessible, go do it. No excuses. And don't taint it with politics, especially gender politics.

Grosso pulls it off again, with the 70's this time! Though that's nothing new, he did mention Vickers, Hoffman, O'neal-some great, legendary women skaters that you just never hear about.

Was stoked to see a girl or two each week in the skate camp i worked last summer, It's great to see more girls starting to learn and enjoy skateboarding!

Marisa's strange world part is still one of my all time favorite parts of all time. It gets me so hyped to skate

HA did he have to do this because of all the shit talking he did on the girls at the VAns park 2018 in China.

Ray Bones & Hackett get 2:30 & 3 min videos. Lizzie gets 10 minutes..hmmmm 🤔 did the letters just jump the shark?

what the fuck was with that invert bail? GOD DAMN that was by far the worse looking slam i've ever seen besides of course Jake Browns mega slam.

Remember when skateboarding was about riding a skateboard? Now skateboarding is politics, politics, politics.

I'm 45, and this is a big F- you to my youth buddies /acquaintances who over protected their vert ramps, keeping shit private…the first ramp I was allowed to skate…own my a young female skater. Thank you. Half these Fucks quick skating when Vert started to die out in the 90s. Much respect to all Females skaters. So many killing it today, so rad!

Unfortunately, even in these enlightened time's there is still the attitude that girls don't do that! My youngest fell victim to that shit shortly after I split up with my ex. Dad's not here, so don't skate no more! Way to go b….! 👿👎👎

She rips, is super cute….AND has a level head. Glad to see she knows she was lucky to grow up In California. As a European skater, in the 80's and 90's skate knowledge was so hard to get. I rolled around for a year before I knew ollies even existed. Also, props for the loop. I didn't even know a female skater had done it and that shit is no joke.

I love watching women's skateboarding progress. We had one chick skater in our neighborhood when I was a kid and she was rad. I'm glad to see that we're not still in the 1980s.

not intending to sound sexist, but often female skaters don't look quite right because their hips are differently structured. Creates a bowed-out look on airs alot. lizzie looks pretty natural though.

Del Santo was my favorite style growing up. Best part is that I've never seen an interview where she bitched, and complained.

yeah man the power n style and the progression in girls skating its pure savage,,,N they deserve everything skateboarding has to offer ,,,cos their at a level just asgood as the guys AND some of them are just as good as if not better,,,,

Actually, if you make your company money you should be sponsored. Its pretty simple. Guy, girl, anthropomorphic flame or drop of water. Its a fact that its still hard to sell a board with a girls name on it. Problem is, whether good or bad, a girl b-ball player is much more likely to say Lebron is her favorite player (and therefore buy shit with his name on it) than whichever WNBA star. Same with girls in skateboarding and what decks they buy. It is what it is. That's why you see "token" female skaters. The companies have one female skater on their team (or none) because they feel that is all the market can support. If you think there is a untapped market for it, start your own company with all female skaters. No one will stop you. If it was all about skill then there would be no female skaters at all. Its about marketability. That said the new crop of female skaters can definitely shred and each generation is ten times better than the last.

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