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Loveletters Season 10: Love Note to Copers | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS

Loveletters Season 10: Love Note to Copers | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS

– This is a love note, not a love letter. We’re gonna talk about copers. I’m your host Jeff Grosso and this is all about the wonderful world of grinding on plastic. (feedback) ♪ Now that we’re old and ugly ♪ The reason that guys were
able to learn how to grind like everybody nowadays without copers was because copers were invented. (quiet indie music) Everybody’s fucking heroes, you know, Olsen, Dwayne,
Salba, all those dudes, everyone rode copers. They were fucking cool. (methodical punk music) There was no such thing
as Salba Sauce back then. Skate park coping was
fucking dry as a bone and people weren’t
doing lots of lip tricks and breaking it in and stuff. (distorted heavy metal music) – [Announcer] That’ll
be it for Bob Serafin. – So the advent of the
coper went a long way to push modern day skateboarding forward. First they got up to the edge. They started doing wheelers. You had midtracks and haftracks and skateboard trucks
were really, really skinny and then they started,
as boards widened out, trucks started to widen out and the boys started being
able to grind and make noise. There’s an article in
Skateboarder Magazine, if I remember correctly, like a trick tip how to do the stand-up grind. The modern day grind
would not be where it is if it wasn’t for that
little short time span where there was this
little plastic revolution, I’m sure it would’ve happened, Shreddy didn’t ride copers and he fucking stood right the fuck up, but that’s not how it went down. Everybody rode copers. Everybody loved them. And then everybody didn’t. Slowly but surely, we started
kicking them off our boards. I hope you enjoyed. Go skate! (chuckling) (grinding) (heavy metal music)


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Copers were dope! Man we had all kinds of plastic shit on our boards back in the 80's. I like that sk8boarding has come to a point where you can put rails on your board, or have a shaped board, and no one gives you shit about it. It wasn't too long ago where if you didn't have tiny ass wheels, or baggy ass pants and a shirt that was 9 times to big, you weren't part of the "kool kids".
It's really nice to see skateboarding break away from that. What's happening now with sk8boarding is just incredible! And Grosso….. Thank you for all the history and legends we tend to forget about. I love how you come out and tell it like it is. It's refreshing. And now……….. it's time to SK8! KEEP PUSHING PEOPLE!

i found some copers a few years ago, threw em on as a goof. they kept slipping side-to-side and jamming into the bearing hub on the wheels. i dunno how anyone added all the extra plastic shit on their boards. seems so unnecessary

Do a lovenote about that little rock…..the one you hit and go flying. "love note…to that little rock"

Back in 1986 I had a John Lucero Schmitt Stix with Tracker trucks (with copers) and Vision Blur wheels and German bearings. The only thing I’m ashamed of is the Tracker trucks, not the copers that were on them.

the crafts store had this stuff called friendly plastic. you could boil it and melt it then put it on your trucks. it was a little soft but it worked. this was around the same time "sex bolts" happened. that was when you would have two of your front bolts on upside down so you could ollie and tear the crap out of your shoes.

I remember when copers became un- cool. So, In the late 80s after nobody was using them. I would put copers on for fun & hit slappy curbs until they broke into pieces. It was really fun to do ridiculously long grinds (before wax).

Lime Green and Purple Bones Three's on White Six Traks with copers all mounted to a '84 Brand X with Powell rails …still have the old 'yacht'.

Who invented copers? I remember people popping the plastic part of the supermarket shopping cart handle and making copers out of those. "They're free!"

the Hewitt quote. w Jeff from some other love letters . "Copers sucked and they always sucked." just for the look on Jeff's face is priceless.
Keep up the good work!

You have to know that Lots of early skateparks with pools especially Required Copers to skate there! The Turf is the first that comes to mind.

Made your (already heavy) board heavy as shit. The rails, the copers, the tail guard, the nose guard, the lapper (bird). Just people making plastic parts to sell you for your skateboard. Some were needed to make your board ride better, others were not. Some stood the test of time like risers, rails and copers.

For everyone saying they couldn't afford new trucks every year, I guarantee you probably spent more money on copers per year than a new set of trucks would have cost, especially if you were riding Trackers. Their copers were pretty expensive. Indy copers were a lot cheaper but wore out or broke a lot faster. I am guilty of this as well, I still have a set of Indy stage 2 169s that are in great condition thanks to copers.

The reason we stopped using copers wasn't because they became uncool all of a sudden, it was because all of the skateparks closed and everyone started riding backyard half pipes with pvc coping. You just didn't need them on pvc, it was actually worse grinding on pvc with copers. If you had a ramp with real pool coping, I bet you were still using copers though.

I was ostracized from my community for using copers. Now, I live in a utopian village where everything on one's board will slide and grind in a heavenly way ,and our savior purifies us after every session.

I can't imagine grinding the curbs in front of my parents house without copers. Nobody used wax back then that I remember.

honestly, i'd prefer people still used copers over gumming up every fucking lip in existence. but better yet is along the lines of the short lived G&S trucks that were welded and not cast and could grind on just about anything because they weren't soft and biting into the dry cement coping

Tracker invented the coper. Then indy made the "grandmaster device" to poke fun at Tracker. Turns out they worked. Personally, I cut my own copers out of white PVC pipe, that worked too. Of course, Tracker copers were the best, bulletproof.

I’d forgotten about copers! I had copers, rails and skid pads on the tail.
No wonder I struggled to get my board in the air!

I wanna get me some Classic Tracker Copers and a bag of micro Round Tracker star stickers had all that in the 80s

I know if you were not a local at chickens pool(the one tom penny kills)there was a box of used coppers you had to try n fit on your trucks

My friends and I just modelled our setups on Tommy Guerrero's in Future Primitive. He used rails and copers, so we did too. We stopped using them when we discovered wax.

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