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Luxus E-Skateboard für 1900 EUR: Das Mellow Board im Test

Luxus E-Skateboard für 1900 EUR: Das Mellow Board im Test

Hi, I’m in Munich to test a very special electric Skatebboard. It’s called the Mellow Board, is modular and is designed and engineered in Germany. Sorry for my voice today, I was out sick for over a Week, and I am almost fit, but my voice does not work well yet. So and I arrived, not at Mellow
Board itself, which unfortunately did not work short term but at Fred’s home, he’s working from home today. Now I change into German that he understands what I’m saying. Otherwise it is a bit difficult. That’s Fred. Hello! And he will now show me the Mellow Board. I’m very excited. Let’s start? So Mellow Board, which is … haha. You are already in full sales mode! We now go to the park. In the Hirschgarten. I do not hear his board, this is fascinating, it has no background noise. We arrived at the park. It is beautifully here, perfect weather condition. Fred is now on my Boosted Board. We both start in the beginner mode. And we are working through the modes. Let’s go! Interesting this remote control. It’s a little slow. I have, I believe 2-3 km/h. Not more. I think we change the mode from Rookie
to Eco. Press once on it and then it changes
the mode. Ah Fred has already changed the mode. Now again rookie and now we are in
Eco mode. Ok, full throttle, brake, full throttle, okay. Very a nice ride. As compared to all other in-wheel (hub)
Engines that I drove, it has a super smooth power delivery, very smooth. Then we go over there to the left on the bike trail. What’s the status on the battery? Should still be green right? Where can I see the battery? You see a green LED here. Normally you see it on the app
the remaining battery power. Otherwise you have it here also on the board. We have almost 100 percent. Now we go to Pro mode. After the Pro mode, let’s switch to the Endless mode. This means that you must push a bit and it holds the speed before slowly getting slower. Sounds exciting. Feels a bit like sailing on a skateboard. I prefer to go back to the Pro mode. Oh my dear, I have really forgotten to
turn on the microphone. And what I have just said here is this:
The Germans have built a really good product. I am absolutely delighted with the Mellow Board. Let’s go through my regular categories. The remote control is a bit strange in the beginning, because it was completely different than anything else on the market. But after a few minutes I was good, I got
used to it and drove without any problems. A brief digression to that. Virtually all e-Skateboards, that I have driven so far have one of two systems, that is to say, a handle, something that feels good in your hand. With a wheel or stick to regulate the speed. Additionally, there is a security feature
a button that needs to be pressed to get the board going. The Mellow Board has a very
different approach, with the two halves of the remote that you slide to accellerate or brake. However, it does the job just as well. It is by far the quietest board, I ever drove. You do not hear it at all. The engines are so quiet that the rolling noise of the wheels is louder. Acceleration is very good especially in
Pro mode, all other modes are more intended for beginners in my opinion. And the top speed is 40kmh / 25mph more than enough. I could not test the top speed on this occasion, because the board was too short One point to critizize is the break. The two fast boards I tested, the Evolve and the Boosted Board almost lock the wheels and stops you quickly. I really hope that I can configure this in the app. What is absolutely awesome, is the modularity, that is, the trucks are given and the Drive unit, but the deck can you
Select freely. From short to long, depending on what you like. The Mellow Board drive is about as wide
as my hand and should fit most decks. Finally, I would like to mention the battery. You can switch the battery fast and get another 10-15km range. The next question: Can your Boosted Board do this? Now we go to the skate park. Very nice, very good. Many thanks to Fred and to Mellow
Board that this worked on such short notice today. I’ve only written the email yesterday,
hey guys I’m in Munich, do you have time and they had time! Awesome. So now we go back to really working. You go working and I’m going back to
Switzerland. It was a pleasure. So now it’s time to go home and when I’m lucky, Fabian Dörig will interview me tonight about my experience here. I’m really very pleasantly surprised. The woman here thinks I’m crazy, I
speak alone into a camera. Very unusual for me to speak high German, I do not know how the other Swiss YouTubers do that, it’s strange. Well, let’s go home.


Great video bud! Just a bit confused about the breaks. You said you'd wish that the brakes were a bit harsher like the evolve and boosted?

A nice video with subtitle. I saw the Boosted Board. Can you give us the performance comparison between Mellow and Boosted?

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