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Magic 13

Magic 13

Hello, and welcome to? hmm Michaels math magic on today’s episode i want to show. You a self working mathematical car trick i learned from my mother this trick happens to be the one that sparked, my first interest in Mathematical magic but i can’t do it alone i need to bring on the most magical person i know Hey i’m here, oh? It worked so this trick is called magic thirteen, okay? And what i’m gonna do is first of all ask you to be a bit patient as i make piles, okay, here’s how I make the piles i’m gonna take a card and turn it over a Two alright perfect So a two is gonna be at the bottom of this pile i’m gonna now deal cards on top of the two Until i reach 13 starting from 2 so 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Okay, okay, now this card is an eight so what eights gonna, be at the bottom i’m gonna go from eight up to 13 nine 10 11 12 13 Next, we have a? Three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 a seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 a Queen, no queen, is worth 12 a. Jack is 11 in a king is 13 so we go from 12 to 13 That’s it what’s an ace an ace is a one ôs is very good question now a nine is a nine 10 11 12 13 Four five six seven eight nine 10 11. Oh 12 We didn’t have enough very close that Means that all of these cards are going to be part of our magic Counting, pile okay, right so don’t touch that pile to hold on but think of these six meditate on them and Pick three of them, any three that you want and point to them for me so, any, three piles any, three, okay? i’m gonna, go with this one hmm That one and this one okay this, one that one and that one yes perfect, so that means we’re Gonna, take the piles you didn’t, want i’m gonna put them in the magic Counting pile so jake yeah you have three piles hmm, what would you do now is? tell me what your favorite color is Purple purple yeah, that’s very cute What is your good every color a sauce to be representation um i see blue blue blue? Like it’s straight straight, blue or like kinda like a sky-blue all of the blues all of it all The blues interesting purple and blue interesting pick a pot pick one of those to be piles All right i’ll go with the one to the left, okay? You, gonna, pick this one yes now the two that you didn’t pick i’m gonna turn over okay, we have a. Three and A queen, oh all right so a queen, is worth 12 and then a 3 is worth 3 12 plus 3 is 15 15 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 i’ve dealt out 15 cards from this pot yes and then My, favorite color, is blue bl you eat and what did you say your color Was purple purple p you are p lb And how many cards are left Doesn’t matter, okay, what will count We have one two three four five six seven eight nine cards logan and the card at the bottom of the pile you chose is a nine, whoa i Don’t understand, well that’s what this shows all about having fun with. Your buds, don’t touch with your elbow and Learning, about mathematical magic, so let’s see how. This trick works you know, what this sounds like? clark, oh, yeah right i don’t be if i close, my eyes Yeah, like little little toots yep that’s actually, why cards were invented it wasn’t to play games or anything it was mr.? Replicate farts with a fart noise a few turn alright so here’s what’s going on when we do the magic 13 trick what matters is how many cards? We have in our magic counting pot and we begin with 52 cards and we start building piles we’re? Going, to be losing cards from this pile when, we make our first pile, we put down one card and now We have one fewer in here all right that’s important one fewer card here then We add to the face value of that card however many it takes to get to 13 so the number of cards we deal down Plus the face value of this card, will be 13 four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 Okay, so what we know, is that? We have put down, one card there’s one less here and then we’ve put 13 more down except for Are actually still in the deck mm-hm let’s make, another pile a 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 So now we’ve removed yet another card from the pile which is the bottom card i’m putting these out to the side so that we can see them and 13 more cards have been lost except six of them are still in here now finally, we have a 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 All right we’ve lost one more card and plus 13 more except of those 13 five of them weren’t dealt out they’re Still in here alright so, we have 52 and we’re, subtracting 13 three times well 13 times 4 happens to be 52 so We have 13 cards here – these three so 10 and then of those 10 We have an additional 4 an additional 6 and an additional 5 that weren’t dealt out as we added up to 13 So what that means? Is that in my hand right here i have ten cards plus four plus six plus five But to make the trick work i need to get rid of those additional ten cards then i will only have the sums of the Face values of these cards showing now how, do you get rid of ten cards well you could just do it Arbitrarily you could just say alright now it’s time for ten to be dealt out because of magic reasons or you can use a little Psychology, i asked jake, what his favorite color, was and he said Purple purple now before hand i counted up how many Letters are in common color names and there are six letters in the word purple so then i needed to say that my favorite color Just so happened to be a color that had enough letters in it to add up to ten Blue has four plus the six in purple ten so his blue not your favorite color not at all, my favorite color is yellow But yellow, plus purple is 12 letters if you would said your favorite color, was? Red red, well then i would need to have said something like, magenta, which has seven letters red, has three they Add up to ten if you’d said green i could, have said, my favorite color, was white or? clear That would have been funny but this is just rock you know, we didn’t pre-prepare, okay so We add up, we need to deal out ten cards and i did that by spelling purple and blue but Who cares one two three four five six seven eight nine Ten all right so these are gone and what we’re left with in this pile is Four plus six plus five that’s how Many cards are in this pile so when you pick one go ahead and pick one of these three That one okay perfect you
Remember that this card is on the bottom of? That pile i then flip over the other two piles on i look at what’s on the bottom and i deal out their sum So i’m really just taking four plus six Plus five, and i’m getting rid of six, and five one two three four five six And five one two three four five now, what am i left with, well i’m left with that last Base value one two three four the card on the bottom of the pile you picked magic thirteen i still i will say though I’m uh i’m just very hurt that blue has a, new Favorite color i was so excited i know it felt like really, bad new, and then lying to you And also if someone watches this video but only watches like half of a Blue blues michael’s favorite color, and they’ll send me all kinds of blue fan mail and i will hate it please send me yellow, fan mail the one of you a year better okay, point is That’s how, this trick works, that’s really, cool! Thank you! Some might even say it’s Mm michaels math magic now that you know How the magic thirteen, trick works try devising tricks of your? Own invention using a different number besides thirteen and as always Thanks for watching Guess that tape worked really, well just kidding it was totally real


Just in case anyone was wondering! The deck he is using for this trick is a Bicycle brand deck called "Fire." It's from their Elements series and you can find it on Amazon!

My favorite color is not purple. To be precise, it is Heliotropium
. What is yours? Now let's continue the magic card trick.

What if they say invisible that 8 letters there are no colors that are 2 letters long red is the shortest at 3

This trick shows how you should play poker and understanding their is a science to the value of Odds.

“Do not touch the magic counting pile”
Picks up magic counting pile randomly while talking about favorite colour

Edit: here’s a key:
3 letters-magenta
4 letters-purple
5 letters-green/white
6 letters-blue
7 letters-red


I learned this trick in college and just removed the 10 cards instead of using the psychology color angle. I did want to get around the 10 card difference so I used algebra to find a way to eliminate those 10 cards!
Magic 13 equation: a = bottom card value of 1st pile, b & c correspond to the 2nd and 3rd piles. R = remainder cards
(14 – a) + (14- b) + (14- c) + R = 52
42 – a – b – c + R = 52
R = a + b + c + 10 = 52 Hence the 10 card difference.
Magic 12 equation a = bottom card value of 1st pile, b, c, & d correspond to the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th piles. R = remainder cards
(13 – a) + (13- b) + (13- c) + (13 – d) + R = 52

52 – a – b – c – d + R = 52

R = a + b + c + d Hence NO card difference!
Magic 12 has a couple modifications.
Count each pile up 12. Kings have to be 'burned' in fact, I 'burn' all face cards when they show up. Then I don't have to explain any values besides Aces equalling 1. (BURNING=) I just tuck face cards deeper in the remaining deck then go with the next card.
End up with 4 piles.
simply count off the value of the first 3 bottom cards as they are turned over and count the remainder to reveal the last bottom card's value.

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