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Main Boosted board (Elektrik Skateboard) ke Malaysia bareng ESKATE MALAYSIA Seru Parah!! #EboardVlog

Main Boosted board (Elektrik Skateboard) ke Malaysia bareng ESKATE MALAYSIA Seru Parah!! #EboardVlog

Yo What’s up Amazing People It’s me again Arieb from Silly Chilly channel Wooo with Diana Hey.. the driver So this is Diana, my traveler friend and partner in crime So today I’m in Malaysia Actually the first reason I came to Malaysia to pick up an Eboard that sent to me by Eboard company from China Called Puaitech but since I’m visiting Malaysia, So I’m planing to make Eboard Vlog in Malaysia So Actually I made a promised to meet Eboard Malaysia and we are going to ride eboard together at Putrajaya Actually, I promised to meet them this morning but me and Diana could not wake up earlier this morning because we really late to go to sleep last night (I arrived 01:00 am at Malaysia) So I really should apologize to Eboard Malaysia that i could not joined with them this morning but i will join with them this evening because they will be there till evening So I must make time to meet them so we are going to take some footages there and i also want to test ride Puaitech Eboard and It’s gonna be fun Let’s go!! Wooo YeaY Slow responded (one more time) YAY!!! Yay!! (Excited for nothing lol) Finally we arrived at Putrajaya So, we are going to wait and meet with Malaysia Eboarders after that we are going to have riding group session While we are waiting for them, I’m teaching Diana how to eboard after that we are going to join with them So now we are in Putrajaya Our meeting point is gonna be at Putrajaya’s MCD Ok I just finished riding group session with Eskate Malaysia So here the member of Eskate Malaysia so they are members of Eskate Malaysia they got evolveskateboards here they are using evolve that really nice we only got 4 Evolve riders in Indonesia that was fun ride So Diana here, tried the puaitech Eboard how is it, Di? I’m scared Okay, next time i will bring bigger eboard because this one is too small Okay this is it for my eboard vlog video in Malaysia It was fun ride with Eskate Malaysia You can follow them on their Instagram Page here so if you guys also want to ride in Malaysia with them I could help you guys to make ride group schedule with Eskate Malaysia because they are so friendly, so don’t worry it will be awesome to have group ride with them and mostly all of them using evolve skateboard brand from my video you can see that the landscape in Malaysia is awesome too you can see the building looks like overseas building such as United State Yeah I know this is also overseas but what i mean is the feels like i’m in United State right now I enjoy my self riding in Malaysia the road is also so smooth to ride your eboard It is also has Bike line, so it make you feel safety when riding your eboard using bike line


Yeah. Finally eskate from malaysia & indonesia meet up .

Nice to meet u bro. Looking forward to ride again . Send regards to all eboard jakarta .

Love ,

Eskate Malaysia

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