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Make a Mini Router Table for Trim Router (Laminate Router)

Make a Mini Router Table for Trim Router (Laminate Router)

Hello Everyone I’m Colin Knecht and Today I’m going to show you how to Make a mini Router table for your trim Router But if You’re New Here Today and you Enjoy Woodworking I invite you to subscribe to my channel Click the little Notification click the Bell so you know, Every Time i upload a new Video and Let’s get, Into Making This Little Mini Router Table A Trim Router, Or Hand Router as it’s often Called as Well it’s just a small Little Router This One Happens to be About a quarter of a Horse and They’re Designed to be able to be used by Hand But There’s no Reason that you Can’t install Them in A little Router Table and That’s Exactly what I’m going to do Today I’m going to Make mine With Folding Legs so that I can put it Underneath the Bench when I’m not using it The First Thing I need to do is to cut out a hole in the Top here Here’s the Base that I’m working With and i’m using MDF I’Ve Made mine 17 inches Long by 12 inches wide but you could Make it any Size you now what I need to do is cut out a hole in Here and Because I have A round Base on my Router my Cutout is going to be Slightly rounded on the Edges and I’m going to leave it that Way Now when I get started I’m going to be doing what they Call a plunge cut so i will be Going in Like that Then I’m going to Rotate Around I have my dust Collector Here so it’s going to be a little bit Noisy but it Should pick up most of the Dust that we have and I Just Made This Little Frame ahead of Time so that I make a nice Square Point There’s my Routed out Center what I need to do now is get the Center part out of here so that I can leave a lip Around Here you you While the glue on that Base Is Hardening up what I need to do now is to cut the legs and Because I want the legs to sit it a little bit of an Angle and I’ve Worked it out to About Twelve and A half Degrees I need to put a little bit of an Angle on the Top and on the Bottom so i’m going to go ahead and do that right now All Right that’s Actually going to sit like that and that, One’s Going to sit Like that Alright Now the next Thing I need to do before I do Anything The Next Thing I’ll be doing is Putting some Hinges in There so that that will fall Down but I’m going to drill some holes in Here For a couple of Reasons The Main Reason Is to so that I can use have something to clamp it Down Because This is going to be pretty Small and Light Easy to move Around so it’s going to want to be Clamped Down to the Workbench at some Point Well There’s Those legs Done and that Is? That Is a Handy A? Handy Little Rig Look at that it’s Really Steady Now But but Looking you could even Take that and Clamp that now You could use this as the Top and Clamp that to the table and Even More versatile Way of making this Nice and Steady Unfortunately My trim Router Only Comes With A round base some of them come with Square Some of Them come With Both but This One doesn’t and i I don’t even Know if There’s an Option for this one But that doesn’t Matter because what I did Here was cut a square hole Which of Course I need to do because I want the trim Router it’s going to want to sit in Here but There’s Nothing to Hold that so I need to Make Another Plate for it so that’s why, I made this Square and that’s why? There’s The Little Lip on There what I need to do now is to take this raw Plastic That I used as A template guide So that i didn’t go too much Deeper than this it’s a little bit Below but I wanted to do that so that I can put Screws in Here so that I can, Make this sit even I Found that This blade wants to be a little bit higher Than the material and you can See I’ve Added about two inches That Should Work and Give me a good cut There You go that’s Perfect Goes to all Sides Alright Now We need to drill some holes In There so I need to take the plate off of Here and use it as A measurement for that what I’m going to Do Now is tell you what I’m going to do and then I’m going to do it off Camera Because It’s Fiddly Little Work and it’s very Hard to See on Camera This Plate Has some recesses for the heads of the Screws to go in so that it sits flat Against that Material that it’s routing what I need to do with this Plate Is Make some holes and I’m going to drill some Pilot Holes Through each One of them then I’m going to use my Forstner bit and Make that Same Little Recess that it’s going to Take in There and then I’ll Make the hole Just a little bit Bigger so that it will Accommodate The Size of the Screw and Then I’m going to use another Forstner bit to cut a hole in the Center I I’m not sure if It’ll Work but it looks like it will Hit all the holes Drilled Okay, Let’s bring the table over Well I hope that Router you Could put it Underneath but it Just doesn’t fit so I’ve Had to feed the the Cord Down Through and It Fits in There Just Perfectly and it’s very Close Well Now now it’s time, We get to try out all our Hard Work Here and you know this Really Doesn’t Take All that Long to Make I’m Pretty happy with This You Can See that I’Ve Got it Clamped to the Workshop Bench and it’s Really Nice and Steady Here I’m Really Happy With that the other Thing that I did I just made a quick Fence and you know you don’t need A Sophisticated Fence for A Router as long as it’s straight across The front and Flat to the table I’ve Just got it Clamped and that’s all that you need The Only Thing that I’ve need to Make Sure Because this bear Or this bit that I’m using has a bearing on it I need To
Do what We call isolate that bearing and what it means is I need to Make that bearing even With the fence Straight Across so that When I run Wood Through it it’s not going to bump out when it hits the the bearing So i’m Already to do I’ve Already set this Thing up Let’s run some Wood Through and See what it does What a perfect way to round over Boards if that’s what you’re Doing? All Sorts of Different Things you can do Anything With This little Router that you Can with A big Router As long as it Takes This Little bit You Gather, We Remember This is only a quarter Horse so it’s not going to do some Big Things like A big Router is going to do it’s more for Trimming Edges and Things like that or Maybe Doing some Banding but What a great Little Addition and One More Thing that, we Can Use our Little trim Router for? Well That Concludes my Video on making the Mini Router Table and you know There’s Lots of Different Ways to Make this less Complicated More Complicated I like This One Because it Folds Up it’s Easy to Use and it Gives All of The Full Features that you Would get in A Full-Sized Router Table but Without the Same Sort of power so if This is something you might like Check out the Article on Woodwork, Web I’m Colin Canet for Woodwork Web don’t forget to Keep on Watching I got Lots more Videos Coming you


Nice build video. I have the exact same Ridgid Trim Router and it came with the round base plate as well as a square base plate. And you mentioned that yours was 1/4hp. Seams to me it is 1 1/4hp.

I love it Collin.. I have a Makita compact and no router table yet so this is definitely on my to-do list right after I get over the flu..
In fact, I've been looking for just such a table build over the past few days and VOILA! Collin to the rescue! Your timing is impeccable.

great little table ! I m going to make it when I have some free time ! Its exactly what I need for my limited space problem!

Hey Colin, I made a router table a long time ago and found that if you are using a bearing you don't need the fence.

Handy little router table with lots of good features on it Colin. Good accessory  for the trim router for sure. Thanks for sharing.

Great video thank you for posting it, im just about to buy a trim router abd have been looking at tables yours seems to fit my situation perfectly.

hi Colin, great video as usual, but it would appear you missed a bit out ? the 2 strips of wood that you glue on to mount the legs, yoiu seem to have 2 x 3/4 pieces at one end but only one at the other, is this to enable the legs to fold flat ?

nice work. would it not be easier to cut a smaller hole through the mdf and screw the router to the bottom. i dont see the need for the perspex

Excellent little router table Colin. I especially like the folding legs that save storage space.Thanks for sharing this great but simple design.

Perfect timing for me to find this video. I am currently working at and a member of a MakerSpace. We don't have a router table yet so I find myself getting to a certain point in a project and then needing to stop so that I can do some minor routing at home. This little table would be perfect to make so that I can take my trim router with me. I did notice that on the underside of the base the blocks the lets are attached to… one side has one and the other has two. I'm assuming this was to make the legs be able to fold in? Also… I assume that the two legs are different of different heights? Thanks for sharing. Always love your videos.

Damned internet. I'm putting together ideas for a table saw workbench and next thing you know I'm watching a 10 min video on making a router table. Internets a powerful tool for learning but damned if it's not easy to lose focus. Know it's all relevant but still. Need to stay on task. =D

Wait what were the level screws for at the end? Obviously to make it level but, shouldn’t it be level already? How do you determine if you need them? And how do you gauge the depth of each screw to optimize level? Sorry for all of the questions.

Hello, I'm from Germany and have just watched your video. I am excited about your idea. Surely you have, just like me, in your workshop, only a little space. Your work is simple but very well presented. I'll definitely build such a small table for the router. – Thanks for your idea and your video.

Sweet little setup. Great for smaller roundover bits, just like you used. Nice to have a "dedicated" setup for that type of bit, as I seem to use it on almost every shop fixture build. My larger router can stay in its table for dados, etc.

If you could accurately machine away a 1/16" or so from the near side of the "fence", you can also use this as a small sized joiner (with a straight bit of course). Excellent video, and straight to the point.

One thing that is handy about small router tables, well actually narrow router tables, its easy to make sleds for special projects. Just a piece of plywood and two runners on the edges. No fiddling around with slots. Might not be appropriate with an underpowered laminate trimmer though.

Sorry to bother, Santa got me a little palm router it’s not a makita, it’s von haus one looks nice and sounds good, just not used it yet lol, any way my first project with it would love to do router table like yours m, if u really don’t mind I will change bit of it, just want the rough sizes please if that’s possible?, I watch a lot of videos and alsways come bk to yours mate they ain’t 30 mins long but long a nuff to see n understand mate, any way thank you Danny


just bought a trim router and love it already. you said only a quarter horse? mine is one and a quarter makita. thanks for the vid. I will likely make one of these. the router was a gift for the wife and i might have to get her a new one as i like this one so much lol

I believe that is the Rigid R2401 corded compact router you are using. If so, they you should know that they come with 2 base plates. One is round and the other is square. If yours didn't come with both then you got short changed. You might want to let Rigid know and perhaps they will send you the square one you said you didn't receive. I own several Rigid tools and have had a pretty good experience with them making things like this right. Also, I love their lifetime warranties that all their tool have.

In your full article, you stated "I wanted them folding so that I could easily store it when not in use and quickly set it up where needed. … I set the angle of the legs at 12.5 degrees and made one side slightly higher so that the folding legs would sit neatly when folded."
Did you make one leg shorter than the other to make the table level?

Thank you! I have my wood cut to make this table. I can't wait to finish it.
I love your presentation. Your instructions are easy to understand.
I am just a beginner. I will be 63 in April! Oh yes, woodworking is for older women too! lolol

Another simply simple video by an amazing wood worker! Thank you for all your videos and your time for doing them. You make me want to try and do all your videos!!!

Another really useful video – thank you. Love the idea that a small router can be so versatile. As alway clear, practical instructions. This build is now on my list.

Colin, another great little project, thank you.

Did you screw the clear square plastic plate to the recess in the MDF top or did you just rely on the weight of the router to keep it seated when routing?

Hi Colin, just found this video. One question: why did you not secure the square plastic base (with router attached) to the table? Is the weight of the router enough to prevent it from moving? Thanks.

Wow sencilla y muy practica como siempre buenas ideas gracias un saludo desde México sigo tu canal.

Colin, You're doing such a great job! One of the best woodworking teachers I have ever had (reminds me of Norm Abram). I'm not so intimidated at trying new things — as you, often, say: "It's not that difficult!" I, often, watch your videos over and over (by the way, I enjoy your personable voice). Again, thank you!

You said there are lots of different ways to make this less complicated. I have to whole heatedly disagree with you. This is about as simple and functional as a folding router table can be. Just found this weekends project. Thanks!

This was great! Exactly what i needed for my tiny shop. I found hassling with the bigger router table – even to just change the bits was annoying. Can't wait to attempt to build this!

Can a trim router handle making the grooves behind a picture frame where the glass would sit? If so, what is the bit/bearing called that I would need for that? Thanks for the info as always. You are one of the greatest sources of info on YouTube. 👍🏼

I have that same router only its 1.5 hp not .25. Mine came with both circle and square bases. Maybe that's something new they're doing since you bought yours. Great little router. Nice table.

Well done video. Just the right amount of verbosity. I hate the videos where the person just goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on

This will work GREAT for my new Ryobi palm cordless!! What I like is I get to use and practice with the new router in making this little jewel!!

Good idea- I think I shall be making this within the next 2 weeks :), may I ask you – what do you think the thickness of the MDF should be – yours looks to be around 25mm?. Thanks

Brilliant i have been thinking about making something like this for my garage workshop. Thank you for making a very clear guide.

I keep coming across these videos of yours and I really love them. Thanks for taking all the time to make these!

Great project, have just begun one for my own trim router. Sorry if this is a silly question, but why the leveling screws?

New router user here; Doesn't the bearing make the fence obsolete/not needed for this application? Like, isn't the bearing itself a built-in fence? In the event of not having a bearing, the fence would be needed. Is the fence for convenience and to be more like a regular table?

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