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Make Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Suit – DIY Costume Squad

Make Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Suit – DIY Costume Squad

(Rock music) – [Voiceover] Dustin
McLean, Claire Max, and Benjamin Martin. Experts in the world
of cosplay and DIY. Masters of duct tape,
cardboard, and hot glue. Together they are the
D.I.Y. Costume Squad. – Hey what’s up I’m
Dustin and I’m gonna show you how to
make Poe Dameron’s X-Wing fighter pilot outfit from Star Wars:
The Force Awakens. Now this is not going to
be 100% movie accurate but it’s something that
you could make at home using everyday materials and
stuff you can find at the store without spending a lot of money. So here we go. Alright, so basically the
outfit is a flight suit. Which you can buy online
but I’m going to use just like a jacket and
pants and spray paint them. It’s kind of a
red-ish orange-ish. Then he’s got this white vest that I think I’ll use
like a light vest for. Got some tubes and some belts. We’ll just paint those. And then the helmet
which we can just paint and draw the designs on. So I went to the thrift store and I found this
pretty good jacket. This is not the right color yet but it has all the
right shapes I think. It has like kind of
a button at the top, this flap that goes over,
and this cost me $9. And then I found
these cargo pants. What I like about these is that they’ve got lots of pockets,
and flaps, and things. And these cost $4 and
we will paint those. Alright, so I got a
few different colors because I’m not sure which
one’s gonna work yet. So we might have to
experiment a little. Spray paint is usually
around $4 a can. (upbeat synth music) Okay, we’re gonna let it
dry and then we’ll flip it. So these pants, since
they’re a lighter fabric I’m gonna go with the
darker spray paint. And I hope that that will end up matching the jacket, we’ll see. Okay those are fairly close
so let’s head back inside. The next main thing
in this outfit is the white vest
and it’s kinda, it sits up high on his
chest a little bit. So I was thinking that like
a child’s life preserver might be good, so this
is like adult’s small. This one was a little expensive. But I found a youth
size online for like $18 and so I’d say go with that. So I think I will take the
straps off and paint it white. And then try to make
it a little bit smaller so that it kinda sits up higher. And then we’ll go from there. Alright so to make
this a little smaller I’m gonna just snip
the tops of these and just tape them
together tighter just so it’s a little smaller
and it sits up higher. Costume Squad please send
Ben over for extra help. – I’m here Justin what
do you need help with. – Excellent, I’m gonna
hold this really tight. Can you just clip
it, okay perfect. Thank you, I will
summon you again later. (laughter) He just
hangs out in my attic. There and now it’s child size. And I’m gonna tighten up
these sides here a little bit. Right here it’s a
little too baggy still. Alright, there we go,
sufficiently small. So I’m gonna just go ahead
and paint this white. Then I’ll figure out
the little buttons, ,and the box, and
everything in the middle. Alright so I’m using white
primer and this costs $4. Alright, so he’s got a lot of
belts, and straps, and things. So I picked up a
hand full of belts. Each of these belts at
the thrift store was $3 and then this random bag was $4. But it’s like the
exact shape of the bag that he has, which is awesome. I also pulled a bunch
of straps and things off of the life vest
before I painted it. I can use all of these. Alright, so I’m gonna spray
these with grey primer. This cost around $4. Alright so while
those belts are drying I’m going to make the
little box panel thing that sits kind of in
the middle of the vest. So I found a box that I
hadn’t thrown away yet. (laughter) Because I
never throw boxes away. And it’s just about
the right shape. So I’m just going to
modify this a little bit. This box that I had was a
little bit on the long side. So I just folded the bottom down just to make it
a little shorter. Alright, so he’s got this
tube that hangs down. And I had an old
vacuum cleaner tube. This is from and old vacuum
cleaner that I threw away. I kept the tube because
it’s really cool looking. And you could probably
look in a thrift store for something like this. So I’m gonna just attach this right to the bottom of the box. (rock music) Alright, so I’m gonna
draw in all the details and buttons and stuff but first I’m gonna paint the
rest of this white. Alright so now that
the pain is dry I’m just gonna draw
on all the details and make some little
colorful buttons and things to glue on there. Alright, so the box is complete. I’m going to figure out a way
to attach it inside the vest. But I also need to make sure I can still open and
close the vest too. You know what I’m gonna do,
I’mm gonna fold these down so that they can
attach underneath so that the box
still kinda pops out. Alright, so tomorrow I’m gonna finish figuring out how to
attach that to the vest. And we’ll decorate all of this. And then we’ll go from there. Alright, so I’m gonna
glue this inside. I decided to go with Velcro
instead of a clip or anything. I already had this pack but you can pick these up
for a couple bucks. I’m gonna glue that
onto one side of this. And then we’ll just lock the
other side down permenently. That way we can
open and close it. There, nice, now I’m just
gonna decorate the top of this. So I’m gonna start with
the Rebel Alliance logo. Right here, I’m just
gonna freehand it. But I’ll start with something
round so I can trace a circle. I hope I didn’t
just write something very offensive in
Star Wars language. So I’ve decided
instead of drawing a lot of these lines on
here I’m just going to make little panels out of
some white cardboard. I think that’ll look
a little bit better. So I painted this
little bag white and it’s like the perfect shape. So I’m just gonna attach
that right to the side. Alright, just to
make sure this is really really sturdy
I’m using some steel wire and just
wiring it through so I can just attach
it really tight. Alright cool, Poe’s
lunch bag, attached. Alright, so the straps,
and belts, and things. Now, he’s got these
little things. I don’t know what they are but they look like sharpies to me. I’m gonna take these old sharpie and I’m gonna paint them silver. So I already had this leftover. It’s a metallic paint
but new it’s $4. Alright, so those
are looking good. Now I’m going to attach
them to one of these belts. Alright,so this one is
gonna be our main belt. He’s got straps that
just kinda hang down. Alright, so let’s see how
these look on the pants. Oh yeah, (laughter) this
is the latest fashion. That’s what the straps are for. The pants are so baggy
you gotta have straps. Alright, and there’s
these bad boys. Yeah, alright. Alright, then I had an
old pair of black boots. You can just wear any
black shoes really. But black boots seem
to finish it off. I feel like I’m half ready
to get into an X-Wing. Exactly half. Alright so I’m just
going to make a very simple holster
out of some cardboard. And that’s the last
piece I need to attach. Alright, so cardboard
bends pretty easily. As long as you’re going with
the perforation, which is the little folds that you see on
the inside and you can bend it along the edge of a table
or something like this. Alright, so now I’m just
going to paint this black and then I’ll attach
it to the belts. So I’m just using
a flat black paint. You can actually
get these for $0.99. Alright, cool, so that’s gonna
just hook right on the belt ready for your sweet
blaster of some sort. Alright, so the last thing
I’m gonna make is the helmet. And I’m gonna start with just a baseball helmet I got
at a thrift store. This was only $3 so I’m gonna
just take this stuff apart. And then I am gonna
use the rotary tool to remove the top portion,
make it nice and smooth. (saw running) So you just need
to file this down and smooth it out, get
some of these chucks off. This helmet that I bought
does have some holes in it which I think I’m just gonna
cover up with some duct tape. And then I’ll spray
paint the whole thing. Okay, painted entirely black. So instead of trying
to do any red paint I’ve decided o use
this red duct tape which you can get
for a couple bucks. I’m gonna cut some shapes
out and then see if I can put some of these
stripes and things on. Shapes, alright,
so I’m gonna make the Rebel Alliance
logo out of some tape. So I’m gonna cut out
the circle first. And then apply it, and
then draw in the details. If this Costume Squad
gig doesn’t work out I’m just gonna sell these
online for $1 a piece. Alright, I’m gonna
use a white paint pen to draw on some of
these white details. Alright, so I’m gonna draw the Rebel Alliance logo right on the front here
using a red marker. Just gonna kinda freehand it. Alright, one last
finishing touch. It’s this little microphone,
sticks out the side. So I’m gonna look
in my junk box. I can probably find something
that’ll work, here we go. Anything that looks too cool
to throw away I keep in here. I can put that on there, yeah. It’s perfect. Okay, there we go,
the final thing I need to insert in
here is the goggles. Now you can buy these online,
they’re safety goggles. They’re orange safety goggles
and they’re $7 a piece. So you don’t even really
have to glue these in here you can kind of
just tape them in. Or you could just put them
on and put the helmet on but we’ll attach them
in here with some tape. So this is not
actually the first time I’ve made a Rebel pilot helmet. I’ve made three of them
from the original trilogy, Including Luke Skywalker,
so this is just a nice addition
to my collection. Alright, time to try it all on. Jedi pants complete. Tight squeeze in
here, Velcro time. Velcro complete, there,
er rah, that’s it. I definitely look like
I need to go on a jediet if you know what I mean. Alright, well
costume is complete. Time to show the squad. – Alright, are you
ready to check out Dustin’s Poe Dameron suit? – I am so ready, I cannot wait. And I think I see him now. – Oh, here he comes. – Here I am. Here we go all completed. – Wow this looks awesome. – Thank you, I did end up
taking the lining out of the jacket which was
driving me crazy. It was really poofy. – So you did that
on the way here? – Yeah, while I
was in the X-Wing. – Are these spray
painted sharpies? – Yes they are. – Fantastic. – Let’s see if I can get
this guy off, yeah, okay. (laughter) Stop touching my
buttons, ah, ah. – So how much did this cost you? – So the materials all together
ended up costing around $50. I already had a lot of the
spray paint as you know but if I had bought all of that it would have been
like an extra 15. Alright, well be sure to
let us know in the comments what other costumes you
wanna see us try and make. And we’ll be taking
your suggestions. And stay tuned next week
for Claire’s pisode. What you making? – Leeloo Dallas from
the Fifth Element. – Awesome, I can’t wait for
that, it’s gonna be rad. Be sure and
subscribe to Mashable for more awesome videos and
we’ll see you next time. What do you say
Costume Squad away? – Go Exit. – Yay. – No we’ll do the jump,
we’ll do the jump. On three, one, two three. (laughter) (intense music) (chimes)


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Gonna go out to Comic-Con this year with one of those Hero Droid BB-8'S made by Spin Master, and I thank this tutorial might work nicely for the actual costume! Now just to find a way to hide the remote 😛 Great job guys, You've outdone it with this one!

6:32 Don't worry, you didn't write anything offensive — just "Pull to inflate" in Aurabesh.

3:52 " I never threw box away".Wow……. Just wow, He's the chosen one to bring balance to the earth, To recycle.

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