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Make Your Own Edward Scissorhands Costume – DIY Costume Squad

Make Your Own Edward Scissorhands Costume – DIY Costume Squad

– [Voiceover] Dustin
McLean, Claire Max, and Benjamin Martin. Experts in the world
of cosplay and DIY. Masters of duct tape,
cardboard and hot glue. Together, they are
the DIY costume squad. – Hey what’s up, I’m
Dustin, and today I’m gonna show you how to make a DIY
Edward Scissorhands costume. This is one of my favorite
movies, and one of my favorite movie characters
of all time, and I can make this costume pretty easily
using some stuff I found at the thrift store and
some every day items without spending a lot of money. So, let’s see if I can
figure this thing out. (lively music) Alright, so this is the version
of the costume I’m doing. You could do the
full leather get-up, but that’s really complicated,
lots of belts and buckles. I like the version where
he’s put on the dress clothes that they
got out of the closet for him to try to
fit into society. So, that way we only
have to really focus on the leather coming
out of the top, which is just a little
bit, then the rest of the costume is super easy. So, that’s the dress
shirt, grey pants. We’ve just got these suspenders
that he accidentally cut, and then the hands is,
like, the big thing. Alright, so I got all of
this stuff at a thrift store. White dress shirt. This was three dollars,
don’t really have to do anything to do it. Also got some grey-ish,
kind of dark grey pants. These were also three dollars. Found some suspenders. These were four dollars. If you can’t find
black ones, you can just spray paint
them black, too. For the leather part,
I came up with a pretty simple solution for
this, which is to find a black leather purse
at a thrift store. This was eight dollars,
and this is a whole bunch of great leather that
we can just use and cut up, and it will just give the
appearance that you’re wearing the whole other
outfit underneath. And I also got some black belts, so these were four
dollars a piece. Alright, so I’m gonna
just figure out how to cut this thing up and
make sort of a neck piece bib thing, then I
attach these belts, and that will create
the neck piece. Some lady had no
idea that her purse was gonna have a second life
as Edward Scissorhands’ neck. (lively music) So, these are the three strips that are gonna go
right around the neck. I’m just gonna overlap
them a little bit, and glue them together. (lively music) And then I’ll attach the rest
of the leather down below. Look at that. Nice piece of leather. This has some white
stitching on it, which is pretty cool,
but I’m just gonna try and cover it up
with some marker. I’m just gonna cut a curve in it so that it matches the
contour of my neck, and then it should attach
to the belts pretty good. (lively music) A little extra reinforcement, and some more tape
on the inside. Alright, so that’s all attached. Now, he does have some
buckles on the front, so I think the best thing to
use here is some old key rings. I have some of these
that are a little thicker that I like a lot. I probably bought
this entire pack for a couple bucks a long time ago. And then for the little
piece in the middle, I just have an old
piece of metal. I think this was left over from my Poe Dameron head seat. So, I’m gonna glue
that all on here. (lively music) So, in order to be able to
attach this and detach it, I’m going to use
Velcro on the side, and I picked up a
pack for four bucks. (lively music) Well, I’ve made a
leather baby bib, essentially, is
what I’ve got here. So, next up is the suspenders. Super easy, we just
need to cut them because that’s where he cut them with his scissor
hands in the movie, and then reattach them
with some safety pins. (lively music) Alright, I don’t know how
much safety pins cost, but they’re really cheap,
a couple bucks for a bunch. There we go. Safety pin suspenders. Alright, so to
start these hands, I’m starting with a base
of just some gloves. Now, I got these at
the 99 cent store. They’re just basic black gloves. I’m gonna attach
everything on top of this. I also picked up, at
the 99 cent store, a pack of plastic
butter knives, 99 cents. And then for the
blades themselves, where I’m gonna cut some
bigger custom pieces, I ended up finding
this container. This was $1.99, so
I’m gonna try and cut all the pieces out of that. There, I’m done.
(laughs) I have had this
Edward Scissorhands figure for a long,
long time, but this is gonna be really good
reference for blades. Alright, so I think I’m
gonna start by drawing some shapes of some larger
blades on this plastic and try cutting it out. We’ll see what happens. (lively music) Alright, let’s see what happens. Wow, okay. So, that didn’t work.
(laughs) Okay, that just
busted wide open. Kind of like, cut
my hand in like twenty places
going through that. Well, I guess an Edward
Scissorhands build wouldn’t be complete without a handful of scratches
and scrapes. So, let’s see if I can get
luckier with this piece because it is a little
bit more rubbery. Oh yeah, that
works a lot better. (lively music) So, I just cut out
a bunch more blades out of that blue plastic
lid, just kind of picked some different sizes and shapes
that I thought would work. Okay, so I’m trying
to figure out how to attach these all to the gloves. What’s the best configuration? I like the fact that they
are scissors and they have like a certain
shape and hinge to them, so I think I’m gonna
put them in pairs and kind of attach
those down solid. Plastic scissor
hands, still deadly. I’m gonna sand some of the edges off these plastic knives, too. Yeah, so I think I’m
just gonna go ahead and glue these
together in position before I do anything else. (lively music) Alright, so I think I’m going to attach these blades with tape. Seems like the
simplest solution. (lively music) Alright, first finger complete. Okay, I’m gonna
go ahead and just glue my fingers right on here. This might hurt, so you
don’t have to do it this way. Wow, oh yeah, I feel it. Okay, it’s not that bad. Oh no, they’re
not real scissors. Alright, pinky time. Oh yeah. Yeah, man that
sticks really well. Alright, so another
thing I’m gonna do just to take these up a
notch is add some more details out here,
including the back of some actual scissors. I bought these at the 99
cent store a long time ago. Be careful with the
blades, obviously, but I wanna see if
I can attach just the back part of
these in here somehow, just to look really cool. You can skip this step
or find some really cheap plastic scissors,
would be even better, but I’m just gonna
take these apart and go all the way with it. I am gonna use a rotary
tool, which you need to be careful with. Okay, here we go. Yeah, look how cool that looks when you just stick it in here. It’s already more scissor-y. So, be really careful. If you’re going to a
convention and you’re wearing this out in
public, maybe don’t go with this option
because somebody could
use this as a knife. So, either chop it off
all the way or like, use some cheaper
scissors or something. So, I’m just gonna glue
these right in here. (lively music) Alright, it’s
looking pretty good. So, the last thing
I’m gonna add to these before I paint them
is a few extra panels and kind of things that will
look like metal along the top. So, I’m gonna cut some
pieces out of craft foam. This is EVA foam,
and you can pick this up at a craft
store for 99 cents. Kind of just want to eat this. I feel like it would
taste like marshmallows. Nope, tastes like dirt. (lively music) Yes, ta-da. Very colorful. Now, I think they’re ready
for some spray paint. Let’s go to the paint station. Alright, so I’m gonna start
with some grey primer. This costs about four
dollars, and that will kind of help cover up all these
different colors we’ve got. (lively music) Alright, so now I’m gonna
go with the metallic silver, and this is about six
bucks, so I’m just gonna be getting the tips of these. Alright, so the last
step with paint, is I’m gonna kind of fade the
back of it all into black. I’ll hit the tips a little
bit, too, just really lightly. This flat black
paint is 99 cents. Okay, paint is done. Now, I’m just gonna add
a few more tiny details to these gloves, and
I think that’s it. So, I’m just adding
these wires on here, but you could really just do
strips of silver duct tape, or something, you
know, more simple, too, just to busy it up a little bit. So, I think I’m gonna
try on the whole costume. Oh look, I can point. You, you, you. Excellent. Yeah, these are real baggy. (laughs) Here we go, here we go. I think that’s it. That is the full costume. Obviously you haven’t done
the hair and the makeup. I literally cut
myself more times making this than I ever
have on any build ever. I suppose I should have
known that would happen. Alright, well this is
looking pretty awesome. I can’t wait to
go show the guys. – Okay, Claire, are you ready to check on Dustin’s Edward
Scissorhands costume? – Let’s do it. – I cannot wait, let’s see it. (laughs) – Oh hey, over here. – This way. – Okay, those are
some scissor hands. – Claire did the makeup,
which turned out really rad, and you can watch the
quick tutorial on that. – [Benjamin] Those are awesome. – I think the favorite part
are the butter knife thumbs. – [Benjamin] Yeah,
what are the blades? – [Dustin] These are plastic. Injured myself a few
times, so be careful. (laughs) Can I give you a haircut? – I don’t need a haircut. – Actually, I got a
little, right there. (laughs) – Wow, these are so functional. – So, how much did
all of this cost? – All together, this ended
up costing about $45, and that includes those
couples cans of paint, which I already
had some of those. Well, thanks for watching. Be sure and subscribe
to Mashable for
more awesome videos, and stay tuned next
week for Claire. What are you gonna make? – Gonna make Sailer Moon. – I don’t know what
that is, but that’s your favorite character, right? – It’s gonna be adorable. Alright, well be
sure and let us know in the comments what other DIY costumes you wanna see us make. Alright, costume squad, away. – Call 911. (lively music)


On the thumb there is not a scissor its somthing else but edward scissor hands is my all time favorite movie so yeah tip for you

That's good but.. I wouldn't use butter knives, they aren't sharp nor do they look sharp. I would use real sharp scissors, dangerous. But worth it.

I'm a big fan 3 years in fact you guys should do a teen Titans Robin Costume. That would be Great costume Squad fan Out.

The tote prolly would’ve worked if you would have tried to cut it sittin up right. Awesome Edward Scissorhands BTW!!

I think you guys should see alyson tabbitha's my opinion i like it better not hating hehehe just look it up guys it was the full leather one

Dear, Edward you have to watch thi- Oh hi Dustin I just wanted to let you know that I wanted you to make a buzz lightyear costume

ive dressed up as edward twice both times a used a pair of hands i built from leather work gloves and card board.

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