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With Estelle and Mickael, we thought a lot
on what we were going to do. We said in the first place, if we had to
to have a robot, it would be for helping us every day, obviously to play with us too, but mostly to help us to be a
support for the family, whether
it is large family or even if you are alone. So we said… For example, we took the example of people
in physical difficulties, for who it’s hard to lean over, to pick up objects. And we thought that thanks to BUDDY, we
could not have those problems anymore, that someone who has back pain
problems, who does not arrive
to bend, to pick up object. And now, I’ll let Mickael tell you how
this project was carried out. So BUDDY is the nicest robot,
he wants to help, he is the companion who wants to help the whole family. So, we started on this observation to
create a set of equipment that will allow BUDDY to be able to provide
us multiple services. So these equipment, we listed them here. These equipments need to have two
articulated arms to which will be added necessary accessories. Among the accessories,
we listed them here. We have the pickup of objects, a kind of
backhoe loader that will allow pickup objects in the house. We have back pain, we have
trouble getting up, to move,
thanks BUDDY for doing the work for us to gather all the toys that
hang on the floor. And so to bring them
back, it eases the task. We have a phone charger tray, which
is an induction tray, we put the phone, and it loads our phone while
watching TV or while doing something else. We still have some small things
will show you later. We will show you the essential, the first
accessory. So in fact, as we had only two days,
we could not work on all the electronics, etc … So we made a big focus on the mechanical
features, and especially the kinetic. So at BUDDY level, we took the option
to put a little shoulder, clavicle, with like a humerus head. So here we have a small model that allows
to show the type of rotations that we can get. In its electronic version, it will be
convertible by a gyroscope ball with a electromagnet system. And we will always base our work
on the electromagnet system for
the rest of our accessories. Because the goal for us is that
all the accessories will will be motorized. We had a constraint to take
into account, which was that
we coud not take BUDDY’s energy because otherwise we diminished
its autonomy and so we decided
to give direct autonomy to each of the accessories. So we started on the principle that we
creates arms to BUDDY, so which are on this principle with the kneecap. We have this part that is
fixed, and this part which is
totally mobile and which can be fixed by an electromagnet effect on
a gyroscope. And so, we have BUDDY who has his arm
which is totally mobile, which can turn on 360 °. And at the end of BUDDY’s little
fingers, we actually put a metal plate. For now, it’s a magnet because we
have to have the mechanical side. But later, it will be a simple metal plate
and on the other side we will have the real electromagnet on each
of the accessories’ sleeves. The accessory’s sleeve for now
is represented as a wooden plaque but eventually it will be something pretty
rounded because we will keep the ovoid which are part of BUDDY’s design. And the interest in gaining volume is
that we can add the servomotors, the batteries. And the concept of making battery
systems that will be self-recharging
because in fact we have planned a small piece of furniture,
which is totally up to BUDDY’s size. And when he arrives with his
arm, he has the magnet which
automatically attracts the tool. So in fact, we have an NFC system that
announces I want to grab the tool. So, there is the electromagnet that
triggers, and when BUDDY backs off, he has his accessory that is hooked to him. And when he goes back to store
his tool, because the goal is
also that he knows how to tidy up his tool finally. When he’s going to put away his
tool, there’s the NCF system that’s
going announce, I’m in the box. So he will disable the electromagnet
and that will allow to leave
the tool at its location, and it will recharge directly in
his box. So here we are on the concept of
the backhoe loader, as we have
a little problem on the kneecap which is a little fragile, we tried
to make a tool that is in 2 in 1. This tool can be used as backhoe loader,
because in fact we can open the base. And when BUDDY goes forward, he’ll
be able to pick up objects like that. So, it’s fixed, he’ll be able to
lift, and then we’re on a balance system like on a ferris wheel. This tray will always stay upright. At the sizing level, we end up
with a BUDDY that can go up to about 70 cm, which makes approximately
the height of a table. So for people who have problems to stoop
or even to people who are bedridden, BUDDY brings them back to level. And they just have to reach out to
catch the object. The goal is that. And this object, we used it in
mode 2 in 1 because if BUDDY
arrives in front of a step, so for now this is not valid
for a staircase, but only for a step or to pass
the veranda rails for example. So in fact, that object, because we
are always us on electromagnet systems, so there instead of having
this mobility system, it’s going to be totally fixed. And in fact BUDDY will perform a rotation
on it, like that, that will actually make it pass underneath, it will move the center of
gravity of BUDDY that will allow him to to rest on the step. And, in fact, in 360 °, he
will be able to have his tool
that will come back in front. So the principle is there. And, we have the opportunity for BUDDY
to allow him to pass an obstacle, not very high. Presumably, we are in the order of
15 to 20 cm maximum. It’s about a step in fact. Here, we have pretty much the concept of
what it will looks like. As this plate is electro magnetized, we have the possibility
of eventually leaving a magnetic field for
pick up the metal objects such as keys, or if we knocked over a box of
screws, things like that. So, BUDDY will go get them with the
magnet at the end of his shovel actually. It is largely conceivable to play it
like that. It could be a vacuum too? Possible, yes. Because in fact, we started the
makeathon with Claude and Henry who could not stay longer, and who had presented
yesterday a remote system for Henry’s wife who is tetraplegic. So the goal since we said we wanted to
make an arm that is universal and that can serve many things. It’s to keep
always the same sleeve principle with autonomy, a battery, etc … There, we put a GOPRO fixing system,
so that eventually, we can at once tie it together, and BUDDY is going to be able
to raise his arm, and present the remote system to Henry’s wife or to any
other person with a rotation system, since there is the pivot. And to go up or turn in that direction. So we have the 3 axes of
rotation that Henry asked us
yesterday, just before leaving. It was important for us to try
to do something for his wife. We hope that it will work. And that’s it, we end up with BUDDY
who could show for example like that to a person. So here I have to rotate but
roughly speaking it works like that. He can present the system and she could
shoot with her laser beam directly on the remote control. We have another accessory
that we talked about. It was Mickael who talked about it. So we had to keep a
little bit our promises. This is the famous fan. So, we are on the principle of the plate, we can very well put an induction plate. So, BUDDY will be able to present
the plate with the fan or any object. Either you have an object that ties to the
same fixation system as a GOPRO, and you put the object that suits you, either you have an object
that goes on a plate. In fact, the concept is to have rather
designed this part there to go with BUDDY, because roughly BUDDY would come with
it, but would not be energy-hungry. And on the other side, we are more on the
sleeves part that fit on the BUDDY’s arm and that can be fully multifunction. And each person can also adapt
the sleeve with his need. Because we do not pretend to
imagine all the needs of everyone.


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