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Making a 400$ Boosted Board killer!

Making a 400$ Boosted Board killer!

Well, yeah, okay, let’s go oh So Mads? Yeah. What are we do today man? We build the electric skateboard! Oh fuck yeah, dawg. Oh hell yeah man Real tight What happened? We messed up.. What? Look (male to male connector) Yeah… which means that… yeah Shut the fuck up! What are you doing man? Im taking off the wheels so we could swap out those bearings man Because I only get you cheap ass shit from fucking China Fucking China. Not a good bearing Thats the fucking problem. Walmart trucks. Fuck… What’s up with it? Just have a look at that! Whats that? Thats some good Flex seal man Phil Swift! Phil Swift here with Flex seal! Well.. should we check to see if it works? No magic smoke… yes, sure Wow Okay… The says Ownboard on it… No? Yes… Ah fuck, oh shit


Thanks for watching! I’m sorry for not showing you guys the finished product. Don’t worry, I got you all covered. A video on that is coming as soon as the snow melts, around april. Stay tuned!

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