Marathon Guide for Beginners // Brought to you by ROCES Inline Skates

this is a sponsored video I repeat this
is a sponsored video ola youtube my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a wheel addict and
this is Janice my wife together we are going to explain your we are going to
give you some tips in case you want to do your first marathon so consider these
the beginner’s guide to marathon you recall that yeah I have some questions
okay tell me so what if you need to toilet that’s a good question maybe
someone in the coments can tell you actually need to keep on drinking
liquids while they’re doing it so that’s going to make it liquid yes yes in the
end usually they do in the middle it depends on the marathon I don’t really
remember about the Berlin Marathon but I do know one thing you’re gonna be
sweating so probably you’re not gonna feel like you need to pee that much you
might feel like you need to pee before because you get nervous even to poop
what if you had a coffee just before the marathon and you need to go then you
might end up with a bronze anybody out there tell us if this toilets because
like I always need the toilet the piston Queen okay in case you didn’t see yet
you might have seen it already we are using Rosie skate and let’s just talk a
little bit why this skate can be a good skate for beginners this is not a review
about this skate that’s going to come later it has four wheels and there is
not really not always more wheels means faster in downhill you use more wheels
the good thing about having four wheels so there’s more points for shock
absorption which means that if the if the road is bumpy ER there’s four points
touching the floor make you feel a bit more comfortable but the
main advantage of using four will skate is that they are usually lower a lot of
people are skating with trivial skates which is amazing for marathons but
mainly for more advanced skaters because the skate is taller okay also as a
beginner skater you don’t usually want to skate with a
carbon skate because it’s not as comfortable these these skates are a
little bit more forgiving so having a skate like this and more forgiving skate
is going to be more comfortable this is a fitness skate but for a beginner doing
a marathon a fitness skate is much better than a racing skate this is a big
problem for a lot of the guys that wanted their first marathon they go for
the the most expensive gear that they can find and then they can skate them
because the skates are too advanced for them so this is a perfect skate for for
a beginner to use as their first marathon
it’s a forgiving comfortable skate it’s low to the ground it has a long base why
is it important to have a long base if the wheelbase is too short the skates
are going to turn too much and yes this is still a racing event you might not be
racing for the first place but there’s parts that you’re still going to go fast
and it’s it’s actually flat marathon the world America it depends on the skater
as you should know the first place makes less than one hour which means that is
average speed is more than 40 kilometers for us if we do like an average pace of
20 kilometers is good that would be really good that would be in the 2 hours
for a beginner it’s good it’s a good time to go I have one question for you
why did you bring me to this track so what we’re gonna do is Ricardo’s getting
teach me some moves and then we’re gonna go out on the open road exactly that’s
what I wanted to say so this is a common mistake when it comes to training yes
coming this is like a short track we’re just around the building and being
around the building could be a good thing for you to learn some things about
skating because I if you’re skating with someone it’s gonna be easier for the two
of you to just perfect some things but at the same time it becomes boring
especially if you’re gonna be doing more distance and if you’re going on straight
lines you’re gonna you’re gonna be able to perfect your technique a lot more now
another thing that you should know is what I always say
when you do something like these like a marathon this might seem really really
stupid but you’re good at swimming right you should think about yeah I know but
you should think about swimming and the reason why I say that is skating a
longer distance it’s just like swimming the one that does the last pushing the
last strides usually is the one that gets less tired and that’s really
important if you burn if you’re going to be doing the long distance so you want
to do like slow strides and for that you need to perfect your technique and
that’s where we can talk a little bit today okay are you ready okay we got to
do a few exercises for you to perfect your technique okay you can take your
skate for a jacket thank you skate pro not to the but it’s
to the jacket so I have a tip too under this ladies you don’t want wrinkles and
you can keep your legs open because legs always need to be browner so here’s the
thing the first exercise that you can do is imagine for you to be able to skate
to do longer strides that means there will be a lot of time that you’re going
to be on one leg only right so the first exercise will be just trying to do as
long as you can on one leg so you can just skate and try to stay on the right
one something like these and then one two three and then stay on this one one
two three go which one is your right okay let’s go
back ladies and gentlement is there anyone that wants to teach
Janis which one is the left and right if you’re doing it with someone that never
did this could actually be an exercise like this something like this could be
one but we’re not going to do that three two one skate skate skate skate
skate will you roll on the right one row now three two one you’re not to wait out
the tree oh okay that’s good the reason why it’s being harder for you and this
is like a really common mistake for a lot of people when they skate
is you starting with your foot far from the center of your body the center of
your body it’s your belly button so you need to put your feet together so that
your belly button is on top while you’re rolling and then when you bring your
knee up your other foot the Rallye foot is underneath your belly button that’s
gonna be make it easier okay and that’s it let’s try it again
three two one and now roll first and out three two one go bend your knee a little
bit it’s a lot better that’s good she goes for water and then she’s gonna want
to pee now we’re gonna do the exact same with the other one three two one
so when you do it like these there won’t be any part of your kid like this tap
number two would be something like this that you’re gonna be rolling on one foot
but imagine if I roll on my right foot I’m gonna push with the left one the one
always rolling is the right one the left one is always the one pushing so it will
be something like this you don’t know what to do with your arms
you can keep them on your chest or you can just put them behind your back I
prefer to put them behind my back but for a beginner a lot of times it’s
hard because in case they fall they don’t know they go straight with your
face so just keep them like on your chest okay let’s try it let’s first to
scroll a little bit roll the roll roll roll roll roll now your feet together
lean forward and now let’s push always boom yes
try to take as long as you can to bring your foot back
yes been tougher yes bend the right knee now let’s try it with the other one
three two one roll on the left lean forward and now go push and come back
push and come back now the final exercise would be mixing both and now if
you’re mixing both really you would be really close to a good technique on
scaling America and that would be something like this one and then bring
it back and then the other one and then bring it back this is going to feel really weird but
you you’re gonna want to do all these as slow-motion as you can right one push
slow left slow keep your belly button always all on top of the foot in the
middle that is perfect now the final step to actually be skating it’s doing
the exact same and just taking longer from the fruit that it’s outside pushing
to the center right now you’re doing more like this
and now you need to go more like roll roll roll and this is going to be the
final step you want to try it wanna try it try it alone just roll on
one foot it’s perfect the thing that you’re doing
wrong you’re not have an accordion you’re not a spring this is what you’re
doing Janis you always want to keep your center of gravity at the same I think
about your hips the hips will always stay at the same height it’s gonna kill
your legs and that’s why we’re here training one two push push stay lower top tip from the wifey this one’s for
the single ladies make sure you’re looking cute do your nails put on some
makeup you know get your skates to match your nails you never know who you’re
gonna pull or be skating next to along on the 42 kilometers on not much
so that’s giving some top tips to the ladies what this is unnatural habitat hence on how to flirt Samaritan so until now you might feel that it’s a
bit difficult to just roll because you always like against the wind so imagine
if you’ll be skating alone for 42 kilometers that’s what you would get
like you would get the wind in your face the whole time the thing is there will
be five thousand other people skating kind of you don’t really oh you don’t
really hold on to them that way but you can get a free wind ride so there’s a
way for you to actually go and there’s a lot of times that you actually get like
a free ride and I will explain you how basically you need to learn how to skate
in a pack but basically you need to learn how to skate in a pack there will
always be people skating in a line if you go in front of the line you’re going
to be against the wind the whole time but you also have a good advantage which
is the people in the back they push the one they push the one in front of them
so you end up getting like pushed but there’s a better position than first
place and that’s around third for fifth place in that pack I wouldn’t say second
because if you come in second when the one in front gets tired he goes out and
the one in second it’s you and then there you are pushing against the wind
but if you are in the third in between third and fifth position of that pack UK
if you can always manage to be in that position
you always dude there’s no way I’m gonna join in on a pack you will always be on
a pack and you always be on third position because Jalen is gonna be in
front I’m gonna be in second and you’re gonna be in third but for someone at
home watching these that wants to do a marathon that would be for you that
would be the ideal position for you to try to be in between third fifth even
depending on how big the pack is one person in the pack goes down the whole
pack goes down well if you go down by yourself you you might also get like all
the people on top of you so it’s always going to be dangerous that way what you
need to know is the back of the pack goes like a spring just like this so
basically the back of the pack is always going slow fast slow fast slow fast but
if you are in front every time they come fast they push you they push you
push you and it’s not really like thatif actually you don’t really skate that
much you’re just pushing a little bit and the guys in the back are actually
making you go at that speed so what I’m going to teach you now it’s out the
skate in a pack so we’re gonna try to do it right here without moving so try to
put your hands on my hips and now I’m I’m gonna start by pushing with these
like when I push with the right leg you need to push with your right leg at the
exact same time as me what happens is if you don’t push this is gonna happen see
if you don’t pay attention to what I do with my legs you’re gonna get kicked and
sometimes you might even trip on the foot of the guy in front and then yes
you fall and you get the whole pack on top of you so yes we really
concentration on this it’s the part of the race that can help you a lot but
that can also be the most dangerous part so just put your hand on my hips now you
can you need to be close and not be far be close engine I know you’re scared but
you need to be close and just need to pay attention when I move my right foot
back your right foot also goes back so let’s do this three two one go come back
now the left one back come back now let’s try it just rolling let’s just
roll from there and let’s try to get it right oh all right
that’s actually really easy right now this is forbidden you cannot hold the
person in front of you like that that’s completely illegal but you can actually
touch them every now and then you don’t want to push them or you don’t want to
grab them ladies that’s the way the pulling comes into the Berlin Marathon
no that’s the mean but the thing is you can touch but just don’t grab like that
so let’s try to do the exact same but now without grab okay that’s right that’s perfect okay here’s the thing the most important
thing is to actually keep a short distance and as you just realize it’s
actually scary it’s actually scary to be dead close but the biggest problem here
is if you’re not close enough imagine if James is not close enough if
she’s like at this distance if when I push it if I somehow touch your feet she
falls forward if she falls forward she’s gonna fall straight against my feet and
that’s why it’s so important to be close in case I hit her or in case someone in
the back hitter if she falls she has her hands right there DUI protections if you
want you can use it like as a beginner beginners should use protections a lot
of times people are like our to the top guys don’t use them the top guys don’t
use them because they say it’s super restrictive but even some of the top
guys will use gloves or some of the top guys would use kneepads like just a
really slim thing but for a beginner would actually be a really good option
to use protections and I guess that’s it for today the whole idea was to give you
a couple of tips that you can take advantage for your next marathon if it
is the brother marathon and it’s going to be other opportunities to you ladies
or good guys guys you could also look cute on my red nail polish so if your
next marathon it’s the Berlin Marathon well you already know we’re gonna be
there so we’re gonna see is there we’re gonna be at the skate pro booth before
the marathon so you can meet us at the skate pro boot make sure to follow this
series barley knows and that’s it we’re training to Berlin we’re going to be
making reviews on this skate soon too so stay tuned and enjoy your training that’s it if you enjoyed this video do
not forget to subscribe to the channel make sure you give it a thumbs up if you
like it did you like it you can give us a thumbs down and like I always say more
important than anything just don’t forget what we all started skating and
that is

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