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– I got money and I got markers. I’ll explain in a minute. I’m kinda workin’ against the sun, here. So we got our first contestant. Let’s do it. (lofty music) You got three tries to land this. And then, 20 bucks is
yours if you land it. Ooh oh. – [Mom] Boo, you’ve
gotta have a technique. – You’ve got to have some
technique, that’s right. Alright. All that concentration. I love it. Oh, oh man. That was a good try. Hey, hey good try, good try. Any of you wanna try it? – [Woman] Can I do it this way? Flip it. – Yeah like (laughs). Man she got it, okay. (woman laughing) – Gimme me my money. – Oh my gosh. Good technique but I mean. Alright, let’s see it. Oh! Ahhh, that was so close. And third try. Oh my gosh that was so close! That was so close. Instant replay right there. – No! – Wait, you gotta plug your haircuts. – Hey, hey what’s up? My name is, Rotini Hair Hustle – That means I do anything
except for braids. Holla at me. – Alright, always plugged. She was so close to landing that. Next up. What are your names, what are your names? – I’m Ciara.
– I’m Erin. – [Stephen] Alright. You get three tries. Who wants to go first? Oh wait, do you have a lucky color? – A lucky color? – [Stephen] Yeah cause ah we got options. – Purple. – We got options.
– Yes. Alright, how bout you? – [Woman] Pink.
– Pink, alright. See I got you guys. Oh okay, okay. Alright, the side flip. I like the technique. Last try, let’s see it. The technique. Okay, ah!
– Ah! – Hey, I love the
concentration I’m seeing here. I love it.
– I tried. – That was a good try. Alright, you’re up. Woo. Okay. You get a practice one
too since I gave her one. – [Woman] And it sucked. – Alright, let me give you one hint. It doesn’t have to go a full
rotation before it lands. (people laughing) They’re trying to get
their dad in on this now. They wanna win the money. So, they’re callin out the big guns. Nice to meet you. Jason? – He’s an artist. He has to be able to do it. – [Stephen] Alright, so I got markers. There, orange there. – [Woman] You might
got some trick markers. – [Stephen] I don’t I just bought these. I promise. – Sure. – Dude, this is good. Just for some motivation, here’s the 20. It’s in my hand. It’s ready to be given to you. – [Woman] It’s worth trying. – It’s worth trying. Alright, that’s a practice round. You get three more. – This is the one. – Yeah, yeah. (people laughing) Man these people. Hey, what’s up? Woo. Alright, you get two more. – [Woman] Dad, try a different way. From the side, and lay it sideways. – [Stephen] Oh, okay. Let’s try a different color, there you go. Do you wanna try too? Alright, let’s do it. – Dat.
– Dat, alright use pink. Watch her land it. – [Woman] I know right. – Ah okay, okay good try. I like the technique, so far. (Stephen laughing) She’s just getting ready. She’s pumping herself up. Oh, off the face. Off the face. Alright, let’s see it. – [Woman] Do it Margarita. – Ah, dude, that little
girl almost had it. Alright we got our next contestant and she’s never done this
in her life, she said. I guess, not many people have, right? Alright, you ready for this? – I’m ready. – Alright, remember
three, well four tries. I’ve been doing four, so you get four. Go for it. Ooh, that was a good one. You were good with the
slow rotation, there. Oh my gosh! Oh my goodness, instant
replay right there. – No! – It’s so close. – We were so close! – Let’s go one more color. Cause I’ve got, I mean
we’re losing sunlight. So I mean, I need someone to land this. Oh man, okay okay. Good job though, good
job, wait, high five. Wait, high five on camera. Alright. I’m just out her trying
to give away my 20 bucks. Just take it. This is, Diesel, our next contestant. Here, what color would you like? – We’ll go blue. – Oo blue, that’s a good color,
that’s my favorite color. Diesel, so I have $20 and I
want to give it away tonight. All you gotta do is land that. You get three tries. If you land it once
you get 20 bucks, deal? – Alright.
– Alright, alright. Okay, okay, a little
less rotation I think. Oh, a little more. Hit it right in between. Dude… Ooh!
– Ah! – Man. It was good to meet you. Cool name too dude, Diesel. That’s a sweet name. Have a good night man. – I think my son can do
it, you want me to get my– – Wait a minute, wait a minute
we have another contestant. His son is somewhere around here. – He’s a pro at the bottle. He might have this. – He’s a pro bottle flipper. Okay guys, we’ve got a pro
bottle flipper on our hands. But let’s see what he
can do with the marker. – One time he did the ah, the bottle flip, landed five in a row. – Really. Alright Mark. Rumor has it that you are
a bottle flip champion. Is that true?
– Yes. – Alright, well I wanna see your skills with the marker flip, alright. Choose a color, any color. – Blue. – Blue, hey that’s a good color. Rule is, you get three tries. I have $20. I wanna give it to you. If you land it once. That’s all you gotta do is land
it once, you win, go for it. Okay. Next try. Ooh, that was so close. That was so close. Ooh! – No! – Did you see that? That was so good, man. I’ve had so many people that were like, this close and then it falls last second. Dude, good job. That was, that was freaking good. High five for that. – Hey I’m a rapper. You shoot videos with that thing? – Wait, wait, you’re a rapper. That happens to be my favorite genre. So, let’s hear it. – You wanna hear some flow? ♪ No I’m not I be sharkin’ ♪ ♪ Got swag out the box ♪
– Aye! ♪ Off the roof ♪ ♪ Missed the parkin spot ♪
– Aye! ♪ All on the pavement
touchin’ down kickin’ rhyme ♪ ♪ Andre Boom ♪ – Andre Boom on Facebook, okay. Aye. So many cool people out here. I love meeting new people. Yes, dude your face is perfect. As you can tell, it’s
a lot darker already. I came to start this way too late. Cause I was working on the
video I had to post, today. Guys I think I need to do this again. But like, I’ll start earlier in the day so I have tons of sunlight. And a lot more people outside. Cause that was super fun. A, meeting new people and B, just like seeing the
reactions of people, dude. So many cool people in this world. So, if you to see me do this
again leave a comment below, like what you wanna see. Cause, I could do a bottle flip one or another marker flip one. We gotta get someone to, land it. Alright, now I believe there’s something waiting for me at home that,
you’re gonna wanna see. So ah, hair transition, yeah. Alright, you guys have
something you want to show me. – Yeah! – Ahhh, look at these drift carts. Alright, go. (karts clattering) Woo! Nice. Oh baby. Oh my gosh, these kids are fearless. (crowd cheering) Aye, that was a really cool shot. You’re a freakin’ pro, dude.
– What’s up? Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Stephen] What did you say? You wanna be on YouTube? – No. – Oh she did. Hey, what did you say? You wanna be on YouTube? Alright, you’re on YouTube. (people laughing) She’s on YouTube. You wanna say hi? – [Boy] Say hi. – Hi. – [Stephen] Say, aye. On, one, two, three. – [All] Aye. – Oh my goodness. That’s what happens
when an adult’s comin’. Oh my goodness. Shout out to this light for
making this video possible. Comin’ in hot. Oh my goodness. It looks like they’re
just charging each other. And then they like spin the last second. ♪ Dun dun dun dun dun
dun dun dun dun dun ♪ You wanna be on YouTube too? What’s your name? – Shelby. – [Stephen] Oh yeah, say,
pancake the like button. – Pancake the like button. – No?
– Just smash it. – Oh. She’s like no. Teach me the ways. – [Boy] Alright, so all you gotta do is… – You just gotta ride, huh? – [Boy] Yeah, just pedal. – [Electronic Voice] That was easy. – Then how do you drift? – [Boy] You kinda turn and
just let your back wheel slide. (children cheering) (bike skidding) – Woo, full donut on it. – [Voiceover] Get ready. (funky music) – Alright, it’s super
windy and dark out here so I’m not gonna film anything else. But, comment down below if you want me to make a video with that because I don’t know. It looks like it would be
super fun in the day time. Yeah, I probably could
have chose a better day to do an outdoor video. Like pretty much everything
up until now has been outside. And it has been one of
the most windy days. But, hopefully the wind
didn’t ruin all the footage. I guess if you’re seeing this video, it probably didn’t ruin
the footage enough. To where I wouldn’t post it, so. But dude, we got some good reactions, doing the marker flip challenge. We got to try out those
sweet, drift cart things. And, definitely doing a full
video with those sometimes. And I haven’t even mentioned it, but. We still gotta do a taste test
on these new caramel M&M’s. Caramel. That is correct. We have caramel M&M’s. I hadn’t seen these anywhere. I’d heard rumors of them, and
M&M’s are my favorite candy. So, you know I had to try’em. On YouTube, there’s only
one way to open these. Thousand mile per hour
fidget spinner versus M&M’s. (deflated trumpet) Nope didn’t work. Alright, I really don’t
have patience for that so. They smell like M&M’s. If you like caramel and you like M&M’s, then man are you gonna like these. I will say, these are a lot chewier then I thought they were gonna be. Because I mean, as always. Stay tuned AKA subscribe. As always, the packaging. They make this look really creamy and smooth this ah, this caramel here. It’s more like a Rolo. If you’ve had a Rolo before. It’s kinda like that
consistency of caramel. And that’s not a bad thing. I love Rolo’s too. Caramel M&M’s you have earned my respect. I like almost every type of M&M. I like peanut butter especially and I like pretzel M&M’s a lot. These are definitely up there. Definitely up there. So, good job M&M’s. One last thing before I end this video. You guys crushed today’s
fidget spinner video. And the giveaway is still going on for the first two fidget spinners. I’m first doing the green one
and the American flag one. That contest runs til
the end of next week. So Saturday, next week. The link will be in the comment section. My pinned comment. It will have the link to the
contest so you can enter. And, there are some things
that you can enter like, daily. So make sure you pay attention to that. So you can get extra entries. Alright, once again I forgot
my notification shout out in yesterday’s video. So you get two right now. First one goes to, Tony Red. And Tony, you comment on
literally every single video and for that: Praise! Thank you so much you definitely
deserve this shout out. And the other shout out for
today goes to, Kyle Bigness. Thank you so much, for
turning on post notifications. If you want to be the next shout out, all you gotta do is subscribe,
turn on notifications, and comment that you did
it below, it’s that easy. That is all I got for you today. So, as always, Stay tuned AKA subscribe. Until next time, see ya. ♪ Stephen ♪ ♪ Stephen ♪


Watch her land it, 2seconds later ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™… double dab



Stephen hedrick:Hey wsup
Little girl:run bitch ruuuun!!

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