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MAS GRANDE evento de MOVILIDAD ELÉCTRICA ⚡️ Teslas, motos, bicis, patinetes… #ELECTRICGRANADA

MAS GRANDE evento de MOVILIDAD ELÉCTRICA ⚡️ Teslas, motos, bicis, patinetes… #ELECTRICGRANADA

[Music] more to dance [Music] and me [Music] Y [Music] Y well people we have already arrived here at left and I want you to hallucinate and how are you la calle chavales look watch that it is the one that is the guide another test the master key the edison key that is the one that is the police that is the fuck male for we are going to cook true that there are speakers but what would the kitchen be with the air in your face behind us I have to put the winner video up to the street na that I lala this is the handsome turn at donuts so it’s better not then if there are many people here i can’t leave them I’m going to get 5 rocket engines I don’t have the touch outside brake maximum power I like I like it a lot I like it a lot spyder is that we think a little yes pass come arrive good shots guatire that seriously already provides time other countries well tried it already several times and I really like it much full power is very light efficient your really will call me the profitable cushioning the truth that I cool I’ll be fine I’m not really handsome anymore I love it uncle handle it what is how good you you feel over I change the same I’ve already been [Music] and canada this man who was back there in the Manuel Amate de Domo Letter One of the who has organized this and has a channel of youtube and a cloth and that man the it really is an uncle machine and it looks a lot of electricity thanks to its channel discover why cassandre the tap of my house said that with the multimeter gave voltage the faucet hallucinates is a hangout of electric vehicles made in a small concentration called a route through all grenade and we will stay in the space of congress to people who love it try it have a vision i say papers electric cars motorcycles skateboards it’s called that it is used really useful if there is any doubt for what [Music] well we are a bit with the hair to valentino my mother how much telstra and here there are many 3 models but to fix position some 4 more electric car by there renau kia toyota in total between the day I think 120 electric cars arrived and 170 or around in before the wings an idea I think it was the event of this type of in Spain bigger than has done with so much electric vehicle of all and fuck me but you will see motorbikes skates bicycles unicycles cars everything -said- everything electric vehicle we have gone there one past together I had a great time because the truth Y the value of oblivion 192 I was well the output of thousands of users well, as we have said silent route and we will cross granada before the congress declaration when we got there we go to an exhibition and a lot of victory in 20 I had not seen her how charro boat this war sleep sleep on the pavement [Laughs] mouth of their houses what I say is to ask you man and that’s what it’s for known and can now enjoy flying good fair people came from many places like you see One last also capture the wheel there are few around to see as well as the wheel of which instead of putting the wheels in case they click clearly [Music] [Applause] the boyfriends cars and nothing was a joy this full ride of quite coiled people had Very beautiful the walk to see nothing more police were not cutting so it was great by the way as yes include as follows the battery for schedule it more i so don’t notice what one you have learned many kilometers or power nothing they are also forgetting me well is taking care that it’s ok and I say you have to thank about all to the ass of man of the channel youtube fabric for everyone than the one who also one of the organizers that has made all this possible a great too so you know they went through their channel which is also very cool talks about the cloth and others and whoever brought all the pus fabric and encouraged many others to come and do nothing and see what was mounted here in a little while good good they are going to put plugs forever thought-out I only brought but couldn’t man I was watching the route we are already at these speeds well then there are 15 km that we we got on the road and the truth is flew by was great a pleasure meet you a lot there and share the It happened with all of you that the truth is that we have expected an event to be repeated So because he was very handsome uncle I would aim directly I saw a lot of vehicle I learned I met a lot people and the truth that was great especially visibility this kind of vehicles throughout the city to all the people who wanted to approach and asked and the truth that was interested the most and it’s great to see the welcome that has despite the controversies good [Music] [Laughs] [Music] and also say that the event was a bit an excuse to ask the mayor to put some quick chargers that already they are under construction and well it has achieved the goal in vice I know what they do i have a circus choose formula 1 on air stars latest shame but eyes closed because the brand I’ve seen great post as a noise of moto2 but as a kind of auto-tune like melody and well, it gives me the organization and the association for my personal life pomegranate ecology that the association in which I am mostly from vehicles of personal mobility like the scooter electric and also thanks to the whole association [Music] the life of the nation and the branch from a few scooters but I don’t have electric scooters very seen and I don’t know exactly what model are the majority but the truth that they also look good many of there was also a stand there and others the truth that they looked very good [Music] [Applause] It seems it’s super strong [Applause] because the fluff can be put too much bullshit [Music] it was horrible if you don’t know the envy that it gives me and the knees that you do to me in the bush with the pot is put a bit the host that doesn’t stay enough 140 divided and today he has seen eleven in the photo time something similar happens to me I like person but if the first one says to me I like it more in people and I also imagined it as more things [Music] now we are talking about the staff I like it better than me must be more dead the good has potential waiting for pathetic you can lower the big tower is ah [Music] reaches 200 well look dominates me [Laughs] God has happened to you I like it [Music] and sometimes they help we change friends very good and apart from motorcycle scooter scooter at the same time there are also many more electric cars that is like roll 125 more powerful the cane has been lived and seen steel and goat look all ahead I don’t know if to do I killed thank you very much because the motorcycles the bikes are zero there are very few in Spain and just when I was editing this video in my house days after record all this is something at my door and I see one pass quietly but you also have to slide and tail see I’m still here in the video editing what happened my mother the coincidences but where are you going what is that and then the models before and you see how many vehicles electrical that were going for you know and this in the morning throughout the day many more vehicles arrived and in the amount of model 3 there is there a model s but go most are model that goes from vehicle seriously I’ve only driven a car once electric in madrid that there are rhenals or in the street that you can rent with the own mobile you unlock them with the mobile you can take them and then and they automatically charge you what they have what to charge when I left them parked and ready and the truth is that uncle if you drive which is the same as the last feeling of braking power delivery that the silence is soft the truth I love it, uncle, I love it so much in a car like a scooter like a bike in all the vehicles that I have proven that they are saba style the I really recommend that you try if you have not gone up never none has not been lost could then and in what sense [Laughs] hello how did I say hello when now today is that I am nowhere recording efe [Music] and is to look at the ideal newspaper photographer then less children [Music] look a little well I also found some cubes wild coming here with a s1 juice but well, I have it too I have been talking with them for a while and Well, we already commented the typical typical problems that the wheel of back that sounds a bit like plastic already I told him that that was solved changing the real thing and such but good you already lose the possibility of not puncturing and the whole story but what a great price-quality features not bad hello good friends and it happened to me what happened happened through support but the truth that came back we’re fine some dances [Music] and what art does the day have and how it goes that there is another scooter that had not been dressed the model but another board electric much more all today in the afternoon as in many large feeds on [Laughs] How awful boy nobody d [Music] come from madrid because we had a hangout unicycles and round great what battery does 120 have left like before you see here you see from a perspective aerial of the event but they were already arriving people and others it was early already I say the event was from practically 10 in the morning at 8 pm and well it is almost full from the cell phone and I almost all those things They are thought here are some Ticos posts of some electric scooters the truth what country by city on the job and well here you have already proposed that we will see the pot often that reason is so cool and well here they keep coming car this it was a no for I say I think the event without active vehicles more great that has been made at least the that more agent the vehicle has assembled a model 3 everywhere model is model x are all here my vehicle from another kind as I said by the way more than thank you very much because the ars of cloth for everyone who will see it now I send you a tweet of the most watching all 3 vehicles the one I knew together a kilos more is the tesla ceo and nothing at end he read ls he liked it and so on so here it is recording You see that he is informed as a detail curious they steal easily from me losing I already have a loser, it’s not dad since not even his life bike scooter [Music] I look at you come here the scooters these guys fuck what bicharracos Korean scooters the güipe of these are called web host or the twitter as I say I call it whippet I don’t know but I’m scared I wear a baseball bat because they are going to beat up that doll but that what they say is but that carries air conditioning in there is already going it’s going to climb high in the s will show you two motivated by these things come to us from all over Spain and this is called Alexis Granada in this October and my hair is bristling nothing had ever summoned this neighborhood red or multicolored vehicle fauna electrical here in this city and thanks Of course I’m going to make the word I ask all my energy all my enthusiasm and enthusiasm because this is repeated and I think that let’s get yes in love yes sir well we have enabled in this area a site of charge for vehicles that come with less kilowatt hours in your batteries ok because they come from far away very far we have we will give priority to those vehicles can load any type of motorcycle or bicycle vehicle for you what what did you need yesterday I do connections infrastructure otero whatever will work great no tools meters in case something fails the times the flies for everyone who has been one of the fundamental participants for the cluster to be here represented thank you the big [Applause] [Music] [Applause] all for the love above all I want to thank everyone that you have come with our vehicles cars skates motorcycles whatever because we did other experiments would be nothing what do we have here ok so good and Welcome the social media vehicle [Music] thank you very much to lars and adobe lyrics manuel because they are thanks and we will do activities put [Applause] the grenade value What Granada wants to be a city completely sustainable it has been said that we have a high level of pollution both environmental and acoustic as light we want to work integrally from many areas with people who have an electric vehicle have ability to circulate in areas where other vehicles cannot circulate or who can pay less or not pay the circulation tax or have exemptions in certain aspects or be to favor that users who have an electric vehicle deserve them worth it because besides what they are saving on traditional fuels are also positioning in since improve the environmental quality of the city ​​also that supposes a savings for those drivers and also an incentive to buy invest in a electric vehicle the other day I met an innovation that for me it was new for those of you in this world has been a long time since they ride a test line and it’s a real wonderful but recently I relatively knew that vehicles not only do the load and serves to vehicle displacement but also the energy in the vehicles new is serving to store it and give energy to homes or any installation that you can specify me they set the example as the allianz-arena is now maintaining this level power with car batteries that pass north in use already in the vehicle but if they give capacity for produce store and have energy by so much to say we are facing a revolution in every way I am I just wanted to make one suggestion simply when you do those 20 chargers or 40 chargers me I am a loyal advocate of the charger simple for people to look at the option that is plug and point as it is in a tesla ok you go to a super target plug in is the charger and take out a movie in most town hall malls etcetera etcetera beckham to put receive cards and applications habits and that most people produce a lot of problems and finally at end does not load it or it spoils the system because reset it and so on etcetera then simple make it simple by please look for an option that arrives in sucking and if you want to buy the light is the logical for gasoline to charge them sir those 2 kilowatts people the truth that was great the day the txamón de amo apanado thanked again all [Music] dull manuela the extra large of fabric for everyone but making it very personal of Granada the succession of electric vehicles to their fabrics and to all who contributed city ​​hall Hundred grains also to all who contributed to make the event that the truth is that I say it was great and I hope it is repeated in a future more and better know and good around here I leave you one last image I hope that you liked the summary a bit I already say that I have videos like three or four hours you record videos and I’ve tried to summarize everything possible as well that nothing said here I leave a last image I hope you liked it [Music] there were also some bikes around electric that give an active pass the I really liked them even people who had converted bicycles normal in electric and had look great by the way last paragraph yes liked motorcycles motorcycles are the but watch the miguel zarzuela channel that has this motorcycle and has a channel of youtube and the truth is very cool he fell the idiots a year and the It’s really cool, as well as flavor and now yes and later Hello


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Que bien brodeer me da gusto eso.. Yo ando en NEW York… Tengo un kugo s1 y un búho pavilion.. Pero ya los tengo guardado esque ya esta empezando el frio a qui. Men…. Esperar hasta el próximo verano 🙄🙄😣 saludosssssss y buen video que viva la electricidad 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟😂

hola tengo una duda Drey uso el patinete xiaomi m365 para ir al trabajo y acabo de ver que cerca de casa venden una suspension delantera monorim por 70 euros tu que harias la comprarias?crees que se notara mucha diferencia en la conduccion?gracias y saludos

Hola Drey. Buen vídeo! Yo a mi Cyber GO RWD 500w, le he hecho un cambio bastante bueno..Le he quitado su batería y le he puesto la batería del Cyber Go Awd 1000w. Vamos que si ya de por sí corría..Ahora no solo vuela..sino que tiene una autonomía brutal..La verdad..tiene una potencia..que no envidio nada a los dualtron..No me hace falta..Los Dualtron son buenísimos patinetes..pero excesivamente caros..No sé si has visto los Weeped..(creo que así se llaman)..otros patinetes eléctricos que son bestias pardas..Algunos los traen de Corea. En fin, muy bueno tu vídeo! Felicidades!

El problema radica en que para comprar un tesla, hay que ser muy pudiente, y las infraestructuras, todavía brillan por su ausencia. Esto es el futuro, a medio y largo plazo. Un saludo

Por lo que veo ala gente le importa un pimiento si se golpean la cabeza. No hay nadie indemne a una caída o un accidente, y un casco no te puede salvar, pero amortigua la caída.

Tremenda ciudad la tuya. Y tremenda concentración de patinetes y demás historias eléctricas. Envidia sana que tengo desde Coruña viendo la que habéis liado por Granada.
A seguir dando caña y ojalá algún día pueda unirme a alguna de esas concentraciones. Y el Dualtron Spyder es una obra maestra, creo que es mi preferido.
Un saludaco grande, @DreyTV !!

Esto es el futuro,ojala todas las ciudades podamos ir asi,aparte de ir sin contaminar tanto ruido como de humo,es divertido

Veo q quiere una patineta mejor y si reunimos entre los suscriptores👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 . Y te colaboramos para q compres uno, sería bueno . Cuenta con migo ✌️

que genio sos amigo, en montevideo uruguay no hay ni una organización ni grupo, me compre el xiaomi m365 y me encantaría tener un gurpo de estos jajaj… por mas movidas asi

grande y muy buena concentración cada dia somos mas, veniros para cataluña que aqui tambien somos unos cuantos y nos podemos juntar tambienen una buena quedada, jejeje saludos a todos "electrificate ó carbonizate"

Me parece curiosa una concentración así en una ciudad que tiene 0 infraestructuras para el coche eléctrico, supongo que el 90% de esos Tesla no son de la ciudad.

Muy chulo el reportaje, el que hablaba con el alcalde era yo Macvoltio. También tengo un cana del youtube de coches eléctricos e instalaciones solares y muchos tutoriales con mas de 32.000 seguidores te estuve buscando para hablar contigo y hacerte una pequeña entrevista pero no hubo manera. Tengo 2 Xiaomi y te sigo. A ver en otra ocasión si hay mas suerte. Un saludo

Excelente iniciativa y toda la organización, podrías contar sobre el z10? Precio calidad, proa y contras. Yo el Xiaomi lo amo, pero necesito algo con amortiguadores, más luz y más potencia.

Me da igual que mi patin funcione con electricidad, gasolina o zumo de almendras…., yo lo utilizo porque no quiero buscar aparcamiento para el coche.

Que maravilla haber podido estar allí disfrutando del evento
Espero q se hagan por todas las ciudades y nos demos a conocer y si el año que viene se vuelve hacer en Granada iré sin duda

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