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MASSIVE DARKSLIDES – Kitesurfing | How to SLIDE FOREVER | Get High with Mike

MASSIVE DARKSLIDES – Kitesurfing | How to SLIDE FOREVER | Get High with Mike

hey guys Mike yeah I’m in Ihla Do Guajiru at the moment in Brazil, and it is damn beautiful. It’s like 20-something knots everyday average but unfortunately I injured my
hip crashing a boogie loop. So I’m gonna take advantage of this time to teach you
guys how to do SICK dark slides. So the bright side of being injured is at least I’m in this super beautiful place. It’s called nomad kite camp. Great vibes around here. This video is here to teach you how to slide for longer be it dark slides, jesus walk, barefoot ski, back roll hand drag The same fundamental skills underlie
all slides. The most important thing that I can teach you and what I’ve
learned from doing tons of slides is that once the kite is past 12 o’clock
that’s you the trick the challenge comes in to
leaving the kite slightly ahead of you and that’s gonna allow you to take your
slides from four or five meter slides to 10 maybe 15 20 meter slides. I’m watching a
video of me doing a dark slide in Floras Lake in Oregon and I’m gonna take you
through what I see here. all right so I’m edging hard upwind with a lot of speed
and I’m pushing out a ton of spray rolling onto my edge. You’ll see when I
enter the slide the kite is still in front of me and that’s allowing me to slide for another eight or nine maybe ten meters longer than I would otherwise
have slid. I tend to apply pressure to the other side of the bar kind of
cocking the bar over. If you can just keep four points in mind for taking your slides to that next level, they’re speed, edging hard upwind, rolling onto that tip and
most importantly keeping the kite forward, in front of you, for as long as
possible while still ensuring that it’s keeping you up above the water. you want
to be able to feel the sponginess. you want to be able to feel that there’s
potential for the kite to do some work and keep your afloat while you’re performing
the maneuver. think about the moment when you fall onto the tip of your board as
more of a roll rather than a pop. longer lines are going
to make longer slides easier in that they allow the kite to travel a larger
distance over your head as opposed to short lines which shorten that distance. they also make the exit loop less aggressive. Kites like the core xr6 and
other Delta or bow shaped kites are going to give you significantly more
lift wind range and power control and that’s going to allow you to slide for longer this is something that you can all
practice at home. set up a stool or something to support you. ideally hang in
your harness if you have a hook somewhere straighten that back leg and
bend the front leg. something like this if someone had just taught me this when I was trying to learn to darkslide, I wouldn’t have been trying to slide on this side, or this side. I didn’t have an (expletive) clue.
you’re looking for this angle not this angle. You want it to be nice and flat
and just on that tail edge so you’ll see on my board over here from
sliding on the sand I’ve managed to wear through it a little bit which is quite a
shame because it’s such a beautiful board. But Beach slides are so (expletive)
cool. So you want to apply a good firm amount of pressure to this point
but you don’t want other parts of the board to hit the water or you’re gonna get
drag and you’ll slow down or crash. it’s also giving you some support and
allowing you to control the distance you have between you and the water. so I’m
here with Wouter. He’s sliding for say – how many meters? 4 or 5 meters. We’re looking
to take people who are sliding 3 4 or 5 meters up to those 10 20 meter slides We put the drone up, tried to get some footage of Wouter doing some darkslides that should be enough demonstrate what we need.
we’re now doing some drone video analysis. so this is really cool for a
dark slide because you can see everything that’s going on this carve upwind is totally killing off
all the speed and how far you slide is gonna be determined by how fast you’ve
gone into that slide. whoa damn dude. as we can see going really
fast forward but because the kite’s already behind him he’s now got to
finish the manoeuvre so he pulls that loop and he’s still got tons of forward
speed. he gets dragged very far from uh, Theoretically I could have
doubled the slide. right exactly what could you have done to extend this slide. Keep the kite forward. so as you start falling over maybe pull
your front hand a bit to keep it there until you really lose speed and power
and then you end the manoeuvre. right! Now I was really powered but the kite
was already past 12 so I already had to cancel the slide. so I think here when
it was getting dark I was getting a little bit underpowered and I’m
struggling to go very far up wind with a lot of speed so I see here that I’m
actually when I try to roll over my edge I directly fall into the water
probably because I don’t have enough lift. you want to be really powered on
dark slides. very helpful footage this drone footage it’s gonna help me. I’m looking forward to smashing some really good dark slides. these tips that i share about dark slides are universal to
all slides be it a back roll hand drag Jesus walk barefoot ski they’re
following the same pattern and basically that pattern is you’re approaching the
trick with speed putting your kite somewhere above your head where it’s
gonna give you lift trying to keep it ahead of you run out of power throughout
the manoeuvre pull a loop to rescue yourself when you’re close to the water
and ride out so if you can take these tips from this dark slide and carry that
into your barefoot ski Jesus walk I guarantee you’re gonna see
results! and while using his tips I definitely doubled my darkslides. so
the truth about coaching is that with enough practice you’re gonna get good
but I can take you there two or three times faster. so if you want to take your
kiting to that next level then come to me for some private coaching or some
clinics I’m going to be hosting five clinics the season in Cape Town and you
can sign up by heading over to my website and
you’ll find the link down below. if you found this video helpful and you want to
see more how-to videos be sure to subscribe somewhere over here. my next
video is going to be on mastering the downloop which is the key to Big Air! if
you’re thinking about road tripping or traveling the US be sure to check out
this video about how I bought my van and how it actually helped me save money. if
you’ve got any questions let me know in the comments below. and a shout out to
the rider of the episode going to Alice ruggio, ruggiou, ruggyoo, she’s Italian! if you’ve got any questions for me let me know in the
comments and I’ll be sure to respond to you


I'm going to eat a lot of sand before I see the results haha but the theory is spot on so going to try it this season! Thanks Mike and keep it coming. The detail you provide is siiiick

This is perfect. I am stuck in the 4 to 5 m Darkside territory. This is going to be the solution. I can’t wait to get out there and try it!

Very good and interesting video ! Keep going with the tutorials, they are great!!!!!
Some tips to boost high would be very useful : especially how to build and keep tension in the lines, and the board trajectory (do you go a little bit downwind before the pop, or not at all).
Nice job !

Random request: Can you do a tutorial on how to break 10m jumps consistantly. When my mates are hitting 12m – 14m I'm stuck at 9m – 10m …. I come from an old skool C kite background. Can't figure out where I'm losing 3m of height!

AAAaahhhhh! Just what I needed. I couldn't work out why I wasn't going further. Keep the kite in front for longer!
Looking forward to more Big Air and mastering the downloop.
Keep up the good work.
PS – sorry to hear about your hip injury on a kite holiday – that sucks!!!

Omg dark slide is like my kryptonite I just can’t do it. I can handdrag bankroll but when I try dark slide I just flop in the water or pull kiteloop to fast just get launched. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Great video! Love the content and quality, if you wanted some POV videos of downloops gone wrong – then look no further!

I've been doing all kind of slides in my days and this is a perfect analysis for getting it done! nice work. I wanted to add that the training location ideally would have (very) flat water for easiest practice learning these tricks…

Bru! So rad to randomly catch a Saffa accent on YouTube 🙂 makes me homesick. Will deffo be checking out more of your vids, keep it kif ma china!

Great video man, I am from Brasil and I got four kites , just need to learn how to ride it , take care and be safe

On point! The even more advanced technique to get longer slides is to the rock the kite back and forth slightly between 11 and 1 to keep the lift going.

Howzit boet!! Awesome vid but I still don't get what to do with the kite.
You say to just keep it in front of you, but the kite clearly moves back overhead. Do you just slowly as possible send it back over?

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