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Matt Cut Up Our Couch!! 💙 I Am Kristin

Matt Cut Up Our Couch!! 💙 I Am Kristin

dude this was our chair today is februari 14 Valentine’s Day and we are ripping the cows part we are moving unexpectedly we are in a townhouse right now and we are moving to one of the houses so we’re so renting but it’s going to be a house was very last minute literally like two days ago we decided and we have we are moving on Friday and we have until sunday to be out of this place this chair we’re not taking it’s not even worse like giving it to someone because it’s really gross the dog is like got it all nasty so he’s cutting it up with a sawed-off in our living room and getting rid of it you look like a psycho oh my goodness dude boy crazy you just like you the freaking football yeah in our living room so now are you going can you stop barking make sure you don’t can you hold this here presenter for me okay are you doing so this is our living room right now it’s uh yeah a disaster and then he’s doing all this it is now thursday it’s like really really early in the morning i have about an hour and a half the price would be to work and i wanted to start painting some of the stuff before we move because I need the shelves to be ready by the time we move and Matt packed all the team brushes just I think like he wasn’t even thinking you to start packing try to run to home depot right now to get some paint brushes because I have nothing to paint with but I’m just sitting in my card it’s freezing just waiting for it to warm up supposed to be like 70 today so I thought today would be a good day to paint so they know like trying to paint when it’s cold it doesn’t really work but if it’s like too hot that doesn’t work either so it should be a perfect temperature to get everything done I just needed these two here so they were just plain wood color and now the girls are outside and they’re painting their dresser and I kind of let them just do it themselves so I’m hoping that the whole sidewalks not painted let’s find out um looks pretty good is this the color you want because it looks like baby blue okay because you guys originally said teal that’s not till I’m time it well right no she said no let’s see the code Addison yep you guys are doing a little patchy over here oh my gosh good thing without the paper down actually it’s getting really bright as it dries you can’t even see it on the camera how bright it is so it’s ten o’clock at night on the dog across the street remember college I can’t take any map alright so now it is friday afternoon ish I don’t know we get the keys today I’m delighted but I in stretched so thin it’s not even funny I have a full-time job I’ve been on the phone all day like non-stop I’m on a 15 minute break right now I have to run downstairs start painting a dresser that we started painting yesterday i also have to switch the laundry around sometimes in between there so I 15 minutes to do all of that I’m not gonna be able to obviously penal whole dresser in 15 minutes so then I’m going to have to like wrap up the pain so that i can finish doing on my lunch break and then as soon as the 15 minutes is over I have another call like right as soon as my 15 inches or today is just a little overwhelming so these are the drawers the girls painted yesterday but as you can see this will focus use Asian they kind of did not cover it very well kien angelina son ok so yeah I’m pretty much just trying to fix all these bare spots the inside of this doesn’t really matter that much not coming with the trailer so we can start packing and moving very cool I don’t know where he thinks he’s going to park it is now saturday mornings and Matt and I already did one load pretty much of moving into the new place or just taking a quick little break I kind of forgot the eat so we’re going to get some like brunch more or less and then we got some stuff at home depot if it were my target to get a couple more things and then we’re gonna pack again no move ahead we’re detectives so we’ve got a lot of moving to do today we’re just going one block from our count out to go let’s go so we get the trailer please long day already there’s little Dylan found that little chair alright so this is our new place and opens it up so here you have a bunch of stuff in here this is kind of a mess but we got these cool carpet things so that people don’t make a mess though we’ve got just crap everywhere there’s my office so now we got to start bringing everything in all right so now it is sunday morning I have didn’t really record very much because we’re just go go go go go but now we’ve got like hundreds test is kind of everywhere say hi Hannah it’s crazy I’m later today we’re having the couch delivery which I’m so excited I haven’t had a new couch and probably like a decade and it’s a really nice couch but I’m also worried that it’s not going to fit also yesterday I work from home so it’s super important that I have internet and our internets not working I did troubleshooting for like two hours they think that it’s actually something at the house like they disconnected it from the house or something so I’d to fight with them for like an hour to get them to come here tomorrow because they wanted to come there like will give you there in a week like weeks knocking work so we have a whole day today still to do because we have to still empty out the old place and then clean it and everything and I’m not sure if we’re going to get it done but now matt and i are on our way to target because i need to get so we need a bunch of random stuff we need like a mop and a garbage can and like subset we didn’t need before the old place that we do need now whew why are you following me around okay hold on she has a crush all right hey I was trying to figure out how to give the dog or painful so done now we’re going to target they’re all sitting in here eating on the floor we have nowhere to sit yet and that’s under the stairs what are you doing what are you doing alright guys so it’s been a few days since the last video footage you just watched I don’t even know where it again okay things are good at the place we’re just we’re like unpacking and everything but man I am just like the and I feel like I beaten down I encourage multiple injuries so I don’t know exactly what they are because I never went to a doctor but I either did one of two things I either sprained my ankle slightly or I pulled the calf muscle in my leg or did both so I’ve been limping around it’s still really sore I mean like was limping everywhere I hurt my rotator cuff I don’t know if you guys remember like a long time ago last summer I hurt my shoulder really bad so it’s been acting up like I cough and it hurts like I can feel I hurt my back I am covered in bruises like Everywhere’s bruises I have a like a heat rash or some sort of something going on under this arm that I’m holding this on right here it’s like right on my arm um I don’t know what it is I’m just I’m just a mess this was one of the workings I moved a lot and this was a bad move I think because we did it so fast I’m finally turning at my strength back I didn’t like sleeping like nine ten hours every day for the last few days just cuz we just like pushed ourselves so hard for two or two now days roughly straight I think we were just like go go go for like 12 13 hours who’s not fun but we’re into place so on the next video I will show you guys around we’re still unpacking in still a mess and everything but i will show you what it looks like so i’m going to go ahead and end this vlog and i just want to say I’m so sorry that I haven’t been uploading I’ve been just like gone but it’s really hard when like your Internet’s not working and then you can’t find your computer because it’s packed we’re and then you find your computer and you can’t find the charger it’s going to aspect but I’m back so hopefully i’ll be back to my normal tuesday thursday and sunday uploads it goes like this video please give me a thumbs up and if you want to see more don’t forget to subscribe I’ll talk to later beach


I'm glad the move has been ok. I know how you feel, I haven't had the Internet in over a week 🙁 so that's why I've not uploaded 🙁 our kitty is so cute btw, I hope you are better now xx

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