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Matter One20five race wheels – Speaking Specs

Matter One20five race wheels – Speaking Specs

welcome back to another episode of
Powerslide TV again this is a little bit one of those tricky episodes where it’s
more like Matter TV because I’m here today to talk to you about our Matter
125 wheel the original so way back in 2012 when we first conjured up the idea
of our 125 wheels this was the first wheel which we developed so it’s been around a
while but since then it’s gone through a few different generation
changes that´s based on feedback from our race team and a few different people
around the world who really highlighted a couple of different areas we wanted to improve on so now we think we’ve really refined the performance of the
125 wheel so the previous 125 wheel and this 125 wheel are exactly the same
whereas they have that wider profile shape what that gives you is gives you a
little bit more comfort a little bit more stability and a little bit more
grip so again it’s something which I really recommend only if you’re
planning on racing at a higher end so quite fast marathons or you’re
skating in a lot of places where there is a lot of change of directions so a lot of corners
or maybe a circuit marathon or something like that the other time is if you’re
skating where the roads aren´t 100% perfect so you need to worry about a lot of vibration this would absorb a lot of the vibration but
the massive upgrade again for this model is actually the chr core based on
feedback we collected from a lot of different people we wanted to make
the core a little bit more forgiving the old disc core was quite stiff
and short rolled fast and things but with this core we just wanted to make it
a little bit easier to skate on offer that little bit more flex and in general just make it faster which I think we’ve done and I mean Bart Swings
conquered his fifth Berlin Marathon in a row last year on this particular wheel
so I mean obviously he didn’t win because of the wheels but it’s again a
testament to him and the wheel in general so yeah that’s how I would
define it stay tuned for more of these episodes because obviously a really common question we get is what
125 is right for me so soon you’ll probably see or you may have already
seen the G13 version of this video and then that will let you educate you to give
you the right wheel for your skating application as always comes in F0 F1 and F2 Thank You Matter be your best

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I just finished watching all your speaking specs videos, so i can learn all about your products. I always liked matter wheels but did not want to pay the price for them. I also came up with a catch phrase to describe matter wheels you can use if you like. the phrase is saying " When it comes to wheels this MATTERS, while holding up and displaying a matter wheel "

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