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Meet French Skateboarder Vincent Matheron 2013

Meet French Skateboarder Vincent Matheron 2013

It was my father & uncle who helped me discover skateboarding when I was 4. Then my uncle taught me the tricks. In the beginning it was hard to find boards & helmets. I had a surfing helmet… we did what we could! All my family skates: my little brother, my uncle, my cousin, my father… We ride a lot together, it’s motivating! I spend most of my days at the bowl, and I meet all my friends there. We have fun, we make jokes… we enjoy life!


T'as raison, profites de la vie. Vidéo courte mais émouvante, pleine de joies envers une passion d'enfant, qui, sans aucun doute, te ménera encore plus haut.

great video, but something i've never and will never understand as a casual video editor myself, who the hell doesn't list the songs used?!?! surely that's an obvious one

i love the fact that there was only one flip trick in this video. it's so awesome to see someone just carve it up!

not really diggin this cheesy clip tho. less sunsets, more slams, more blood and less talking.. lets see this kid go rip some street spots and get thats real skateboarding worth showing. red bull, you should probably stay out of skateboarding before you trend it the fuck up. i already see enough kids wearing red bull caps and all the cool gear but can't even stand on a skateboard.. this kid is decent tho, deffenetly better then me but not worth the video hype.

@danelio dude redbull only gives out those redbull hats to people they sponsor and they dont sponsor kids that can barely stand on a skateboard

"red bull, you should probably stay out of skateboarding before you trend it the fuck up." and " i already see enough kids wearing red bull caps" made me crack up! You're funny.

you can buy a red bull cap at any store or mall. and fuck people sponsored by red bull. true skaters stick with core shops and brands that have been around since skateboarding started and that truly support the skate community. red bull on the other hand, is just a super rich energy drink company that has nothing to do with skateboarding, they only got their hands in it to make more money and get more kids to like their brand. companies like vans, independent, bones..are the only ones that care.

and im not even hating on this kid, hes really good. but fuck sell out companies like nike, converse and red bull., they never had anything to do with skateboarding until it started getting popular and they saw a way to make money out of it. im not a brand-whore and wont conform to any bullshit, sellout, fake, rich, super companies. and you shouldn't either. support skateboarding and the companies that really made it happen, don't give your money to these corporate assholes. they got plenty..

No- because none of that is true. It's your opinion, which is based off of false beliefs, making it a false opinion aka wrong. Redbull has been in skateboarding for decades.

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