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¡Mejora tu patinaje hacia atrás! // Improve your skating backwards! // Ejercicios fáciles

¡Mejora tu patinaje hacia atrás! // Improve your skating backwards! // Ejercicios fáciles

Hello my dear rollers! How are you? I hope you’re very well my name is Carito for those who don’t know me today I’m very happy because we’re going to do some tips, some advices, basic exercises so that you can reinforce your roller skating backwards so if you guys are ready to start with these exercises, let’s bring the video ok, let’s start with the 1st exercise which is “lemons backwards” fot his exercise we will push our toes since the center we will open our heels and pull bending our knees to be able to do a small circle and remember to always, always avoid crashing toes and/or heels for that you will need strength in your legs and now let’s try it in the cones these cones I separated them in 120cms between each one and I practiced this exercise to stop completely in the space that is between each cone, it means opening our toes bend your knees to be able to close heels and then I open again in toes and continue successively this exercise until finishing the cone line next exercise is a security position for this security position we will need lineal feet and the head will follow the foot behind in this case is my right leg so I keep this position you can help yourself by doing a lemon backward and then place this security position and once again remember that your head should follow the foot behind next exercise is to speed up your legs we will place again the cone line at the same distance (120cms) or it can be to 80cms and we will do zig zag between cones but only with the leg behind in my case is right leg and then you can practice it with the left foot behind to speed up both legs meanwhile left leg here keep being straight just bending it to support the movement of the right leg and thanks to this exercise we will be able to do snake backwards that I’m doing with my right leg back I just push my hip to go to the right, and the I pull it to bring back the curve next exercise is to practice in circles, with this one you will help yourself a lot to be more fluent while skating backwards truth is that I marked the circle randomly, it has not specific measure and what I did here is for keeping security position and if there is a curve we could take it without hesitation now if we loose speed so what I do here is make a zig zag between cones an then re-do security position and well my dear rollers this is all for today’s video I hope you enjoy it a lot, I think these exercises are very simple, very basic and practical and that we all should practice them regardless the level we have because they gave us strength, trust, balance and safety in our skatesso I recommend them to all skaters to practice them and let me here in the comments below your opinion about these exercises if you have suggestions for next videos are completely welcome don’t forget to subscribe give a thumb up I send you a big kiss here I let you my social networks to be more in touch See you in a next video have a great day!


Como va esa rodilla?? Soy Lucero en facebook ♥ para que me ubiques también allá ✨ súper al pendiente de ti querida Carito. Algún día patinare tan bien como tu 😘

A mí me falla el ir hacia atrás bajando de una rampa. Siempre me voy de frente por más que ponga la posición de seguridad 🙁
Ni modo. A seguir practicando

Y si haces otro vídeo para principiantes como yo, tal ves que hacer desde cero, desde que te pones los patines (Cuando me puse los patines por primera vez ni me podía parar) Saludos ❤️❤️❤️

Se ve tan fácilllll pero a mi se me dificulta muchísimo no se si es por miedo, o por que mis ruedas son de 90 mm pero se me dificulta muchísimo …a duras penas avanzó 😧😰😱

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