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Mellow Drive REVIEW – Complete Mellow Board Lineup Comparison

Mellow Drive REVIEW – Complete Mellow Board Lineup Comparison

What up guys welcome back to another episode, my name is Atti Bear and welcome back to yet another episode so as you’ve seen in the beginning Today’s episode is a bit more action-packed than usual travelling as a photographer can be challenging at times So I’ve been looking for a vehicle that gets me easily from point A to point B so with an electric skateboard It gives me the ability to travel maybe not so prominent areas I can carry all my gear in my backpack and I’m able to Scout quickly Locations where normally I would need to get there by foot so with a skateboard it gives me more flexibility and it’s easy to carry around and if you want to secure it you Take it with you into a store or into a cafe Shove it under the desk and you’re good to go You don’t need to lock it up or look for a parking space in my research I came across a company called Mellow. Mellow is a germany-based Electric skateboard manufacturer and they are focusing on really good old made in Germany gear so the guys from mellow boards were kind enough to set up some test drives so I could test out their gear thoroughly and in my opinion those boards are actually Insanely good personally, I’m not a big skateboarder I haven’t been on a skateboard for about I don’t know 18 years or whatnot and I only ride a snowboard in the winter and I pretty much got the hang of it within 20 minutes Sure I wasn’t going fast and I still won’t be going fast since I had a Really bad crash at one of the test drives and trust me You don’t want to leave the board when you’re traveling 35 kilometres an hour so also one of the important messages in this video is Make sure to wear protection whenever you’re riding an electric skateboard those things go fast Especially the high quality ones. So rather be safe than Stylish so their skateboard is something completely different to all the other Electric skateboards you have out there Normally Electric skateboards come with a predefined setup So you get your board you get your wheels and a remote control and that’s it You cannot customize any of the setup with mellow ports it’s completely different you even could go so far and only buy their drive without the board without the wheels and You just need to use their rear wheels and you can customize everything else in this setup Except the remote control, of course, the modular design of the metal board is pretty unique So there are a bunch of things you can choose from for one being the board itself You can choose between a longboard and Cruiser boards with the cruiser being the personal transport vehicle Agile and made for urban areas and good pavements and the longboard being the more chilly smooth ride for Not-so-good streets and pavements and you can conquer gravel and grass and maybe even to a certain degree off-road with both boards Depending on what your setup is So you also have the option to get different kind of wheels the stock builds and the first wheels that Mellow Actually released were the 80 millimeter wheels they also started to ship 90 millimeter wheels a few months ago and The big difference between the 80 millimeters and the 90 millimeters Is that the 90 millimeters give you more space if you are on a not so even pavement so if you’re going for a more smoother ride you will probably end up with the 90 millimeter wheels and Since I wrote both decks and both wheels There is definitely a big difference between the 80 millimeter and the 90 millimeter wheels Another thing that the Mellow actually makes really unique is the option to swap batteries with long battery charge you are able to make something around 11 and 15 kilometres in distance Depending on your weight and your driving style, of course, so if you’re always hitting the gas and going full speed Naturally, you won’t be able to make the 15 kilometers. The cool thing is you just have to pack additional batteries and Since you can swap out the batteries you don’t have to carry around all the weight of a bigger battery and The biggest advantage with the battery actually is if you take out your battery You even can fly with your board. That’s one of the greatest thing about the mellow drive You can take your drive anywhere If you’re a regular watcher of Casey Neistat You know that he drives all his Electric skateboards around the world, but he has always the same problem. He Cannot get him through the airport security with a mellow Drive He would not have the problem. And since we were talking about great German engineering naturally the remote control and all the electronics on the mellow drive are actually Ip65 so this means you actually could drive in Pouring rain. It’s probably not a good idea But you can do it if you want to but you probably will hurt yourself But you still have the option if you want to the reason you can can convert pretty much every available Skateboard out there with the help of the mellow drive into an electric skateboard is that they are using a hub motor Since the motor is integrated into the rear wheels You don’t have to fiddle around with any kind of belt motors or whatnot Another cool thing about hub motors is that they don’t need as much maintenance as a belt motor needs Since you don’t have a belt that gets worn off over time So it’s pretty much fire-and-forget and you can focus more on riding in my opinion one of the biggest advantages with the hub motor is actually That you don’t have this hissing buzzing High frequency sound that a belt motor has so when you’re riding the mellow drive It’s pretty much like riding a normal skateboard. Sure You can hear a bit of the motor but most of yours your driving sound is actually the board itself So it’s pretty much like driving an electric car You can hear the the wheels, but you don’t hear the engine This means you are way silenter or when you are on the street and maybe you don’t get too much attention through it But still people will notice that you are on an electric skateboard So if I have to compare the mellow cruiser board and the mellow longboard The biggest difference is to weight. I drove the longboard and to be honest. It was not my favorite I’m not too much into long boards long boards for my tastes are too heavy and you have to carry them way Too high with a cruiser board. It’s maybe a half the weight and it’s way easier to carry you don’t have to pull them up in order to carry them around and They are way agiler if you have to get quickly around a city and especially for a Photographer who has to cover a lot of ground in a short time It’s sometimes better to have a little travel companion that gets you quickly from A to B And you don’t have to focus on where’s my car? Where did I put my bike and who stole my bike having a skateboard in my opinion is way better if you are exploring a city and Also, if you’re riding a skateboard you are more focused on your environment You are not focused that much on traffic and people as you would be if you’re driving a car, for example In the time I had the boards I noticed that I pretty much didn’t use my car anymore since with 15 kilometres. You can pretty much Carry out almost all your errands you have to do If you’re living in a big urban area, of course if you’re living somewhere outside in the suburban area Maybe 15 kilometres isn’t enough But well who cares throwing a second battery into your backpack and if it’s depleted switch out the battery? it’s like 30 seconds and you’re good to go and You don’t need to carry around all the extra weight If you don’t need that an extra mileage another thing I really like about Mellow is the way they interact with their customers and with their community So I had the chance to meet some of their customer service guys and if you have any questions whatsoever you can always reach out to them if you have any issues with your boards and With product stuff like this Happens and they are always happy to help and with that said if you want to get yourself an electric skateboard And you already checked out evolved skateboards and boosted board. Trust me You will be surprised when you check out the mellow board design and how it works. So go over to their website I linked them down below and check them out and say hi from me So what do you think about the mellow drive? Does it give you more flexibility and options when it comes to electric skateboard solutions? How do you like the different kind of wheels? And what do you think about their stock boards? Would you rather go for a completely different set up? Hit me up it in comments and tell me what you think about their solutions also If you like today’s episode Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and make sure to hit the bell in order to get notified whenever I put up new content And trust me this week will be packed with new content since I’m getting the Maverick Pro 2 and I will visit the IFA 2018 so there will be a lot of news. So thanks again for watching and I see you the next time


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