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Memory, micro SD, Thumb Drive SanDisk Sale ► The Deal Guy

Memory, micro SD, Thumb Drive SanDisk Sale ► The Deal Guy

– Today, one of the best
portable storage deals ever! (bright music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. What’s this? No shirt, no tie, no studio? This is my home. And this video’s actually
being shot by my wife. – [Voiceover] Hi! – She’s the best shooter. She’s actually going to be
turning 30 in a matter of hours. It’s just really exciting. Don’t worry, the home was half-price, and I’m gonna be back
in the studio very soon. I’m actually on vacation. But I’m not stopping when it comes to saving you huge. At the end of this video, I’m gonna give you a
preview of some huge deals you want to mark on your calendar, as these are coming up over
the next couple of weeks. If you’re on a budget. But today it’s all about portable storage. Before we get to today’s
huge deal, a reminder. If you’re not yet
subscribed to this channel, click the Subscribe button you
see on your screen right now. I am sending out free micro
SD cards to subscribers. Let’s go now to the best SanDisk sale I’ve seen in a long time. Where prices are up to 70% off. Now, I know there are
other competing products on Amazon right now, where you can get pretty much the same amount of gigabytes of SD
storage for a lower price. But I will tell you, time and time again, SanDisk outperformed
all of the other models. This is ideal for premium Android-based smartphones and tablets. The transfer speeds are the highest. And this is amazing for full HD video. Their SD cards are also
waterproof, temperature-proof, x-ray-proof, magnet-proof. And you get an SD adapter, which a lot of the other models don’t use. Now, here’s the thing. We actually shoot on these SD cards. What’s in the tablet right now shooting me is SD from SanDisk. And for my Droid, and
even my wife’s iPhone, this is a really good grab. Now, none of the items I
feature are paid products. Everything located right
under this video screen. SanDisk is not paying
me to talk about them. But if you are looking for a huge deal, this is a limited-time-deal drop. Which will disappear fast. If you don’t have Prime, I’ve included a link to a free trial so you can get this
delivered to you for free. And for the upcoming deals you’re gonna see right
here as a subscriber. Exclusive for you guys. Deals that include one of the coolest,
wireless magnetic keyboards I have ever used. This is gonna be its
lowest-ever-recorded price. Finally, a waterproof,
durable Bluetooth speaker. (water splashing) (vocal music) (banging speaker) Still working, right? An insane deal on Bluetooth headphones, and even more huge deals coming your way as we return to the YouTube
studios in New York CIty. And possibly even another vlog tomorrow. So don’t worry, we got you covered. – [Voiceover] Thanks for watching. – Thanks for shooting. Awesome wife. Awesome subscribers. (mellow music) For free stuff, click the Subscribe button you see on your screen right now. You’ll be signed up for that and all of my biggest daily deals. To turn on your alerts, you’re gonna see a wheel
beside the Subscribe button. On a mobile device, it looks like this. Click the box, turn on
your channel alerts. That will ensure you’re emailed every time I upload a huge deal. And remember. You want to buy any item I feature, there’s a link right
under this video window. Click the Show More tab, and every link I have for
every deal is right there. There ya go. You are awesome. Thank you so much for watching.


happy bday mrs. wife, you are awesome and matt is not paying me to say any of this. lol . jk.

great vid. n enjoy your vacation.

Im willing to bet that your wife's Iphone doesnt have any sd cards inside of it. lol. Im just giving you a hard time. Great video as always!

Congratulations to your wife and thanks for keep us post with good deals even on Sunday. Sandisk is the best !!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. G 🎁🎊🎉🎁🎈🎈🎶🎵Looks like you are on a "staycation" which is great as well. Mrs. G, keep "shooting "📹📷🎥🎬 video & not Matt 🔫 we LOVE HIS DEALS ,💸💱💲💳💰

What a beautiful place! Thanks again for a great deal… For some reason I can't get the deal to pull up… Happy Birthday Mrs. Granite, hope ya'll have a wonderful vacation!

Hey Matt, your wife's tablet didn't come across as stereo. :> But the end clip does. Happy Birthday to your wife! Keep the deals coming!

Happy Birthday to your wife! Great timing on the storage — just looking for a new thumb drive! Don't spend too much of your vacation "working." Thanks for the deal!!!

Hi, Matt and wife (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) Thanks for the SanDisk deals, now start enjoying your vacation. In addition, I do not need a speaker but I really like watching the demonstration you are so very funny.

Hey Matt, Hope your enjoying your time off and doing something fun! Happy Birthday to Jacqui!! I know you made her day very special! When do you come back to work? You are missed! Thanks for all the deals!! Cindy

…and awesome deals. 200gb? I'm on it. I love SanDisk and the thought of having that much storage on my phone…Oh yeah! Glad I have a model that allows the memory expansion.

Looking forward to your deals next week! Your dedication to bringing us great deals even while on vacation is just awesome! You are the best!

Thanks for the heads up on this one. I've been putting off buying an micro SD card for my Kindle Fire. I guess now is a good time!

Good morning Matt, Glad to hear your back today! Great deals for Pi day! Looking forward to a week of deals! Don't forget to keep me in mind as a tester… Have a great day! Cindy

I have to agree with most all of the posters here that SanDisk is top quality in the storage world. One poster mentioned a SanDisk mp3 player in the past. Several years ago I had a couple of the SanDisk Sansa mp3 players that were super basic, but very reliable and simple to use. Now that smartphones have advanced to become all-purpose multimedia devices, the Sansas have been passed on to the kids, but are still going strong. I am pro SanDisk for sure.
I am excited to see your upcoming (adult) bluetooth speaker offering. The animal speakers were great for my youngsters, but I am in the market for a personal one as well and I fear being shamelessly harassed at work if I bring in a panda bear speaker for my desk. I think you were promoting an Aukey speaker a while back and the Morningsave site also has a speaker by 808 Audio that looks interesting, but I am interested to hear what your latest BT find might be. It seems to be becoming a crowded market with very competitive prices, so sound quality and value added features will have to be the determining factors for a buy. Thanks again Matt!

Matt you guys should send this to me! Mine was just jacked out of my truck. Busted my windows, stole my radio, dash cam, backpack, USB drives… arghhhh. Awesome looking place, glad you're wife shoots for you #teamgranite

Matt, thank you for the heads-up on the SanDisc Micro Cards at Amazon. I caught the sale with less than an hour left. In the sale. I bought several cards in different sizes, as we use them in our digital cameras, phones, video camera, and I am just installing in-car video cameras in all 3 of our vehicles, just for our own protection from possible lawsuits in case of accidents. Again, thanks. Ron Warren

Hey Matt, Great to hear you'll keep me in mind looking forward to it! Also waiting for those laptop deals. Can you tell me where I can find the deal for the black out drapes? I bought them and now somebody I work with is looking for a deal on them? Please advise. Thanks and keep on saving! Have a great day! Cindy 🙂

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