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men Dobbin sprint qualification in Geisingen (pascal briand vlog 235)

men Dobbin sprint qualification in Geisingen (pascal briand vlog 235)

[Music] [Applause] [Music] you ready for today yeah excited yelling the Dobbins today so hopefully try to get into the 13 Club I ran 14 one couple days ago so I’m excited you’re already from reframing screening yeah yeah really good time feel super strong we’ll see what happens I’ll try I think I’m up there I think I’m up this I’ll try any I so in the edges of the lines you will take from this track for me I like this gate the wide line I probably go load the muzzle deterrent and I’ll come out super wide almost on the wall I like that line a lot I tried the white line that’s not my friend so I’ll keep I’ll stay wide kind of like what I like to do and I’ll try to go fast maybe the first corner across the whole corner but the last corner at my afterworld a little bit hopefully I’ll have the road that much so I can just keep my speed all the way through today is a qualification for one lap the using you qualify easy or final I think the the first position second position I came there that is doing a sprint but the best bells they are for me I I wanted they win this prize what what time you think you can do but the last year the 33rd appoint a night I wanted the best time and whatever you do the corners you cross all corners oh you make a stop no no I wanted to stop this car but when is a the Corl is more more faster is I need the [Music] one time you seen you can reach I hope I can get fourteen point two or five point three okay so let’s go for me you ten up for to go to the final isn’t no I think we’re finally you need the 14.1 how many are go to the final just Justin just and what time you think you can do for the qualification I have to go below 14 and then I’m not sure I didn’t for Latvia so we’ll see who you think will be your biggest opponent gave company Vienna OS a lot there’s a lot of fast case this as always the surprise long-distance skaters it can do a quick lab for example tonight four swings so you never really know the longest scenes and the spoon just can do a really good lap so everybody more or less has a shot everything you going final hi I hope I hope I don’t know my feel is good but now it’s time to the series what’s the minimum time you need to reach to get to the Queen I think this year’s fourteen point point one yeah because I lot of winter and a lot of long-distance man but this one distance man are so speed like bathroom Joe gallo and I think it’s complicated to go to the final 14 one we make it easy or you cannot make me stay at fourteen one for me I hope to be a bitter but yes if I do a mistake I see what you want is possible but I hope to to to do search upon tonight on the series for me [Music] and watch me was really good I didn’t know that he was super young I seen him last year here no super impressed and now that he’s in the jury division for series he’s gonna be good he’s super fast he has a long long long winning history enjoy earth to come really good in the global time 14 – 9 I was on a track and the first corner was super super me I don’t know why so I just tried to maintain I didn’t go all out but I gained about 90 percent so hopefully in the finder I can go a little bit faster [Music] in slam racing engaging in yes time you thing you can do in a one lap I hope for under 15 anything and the 15 should be good for me it’s your favorite distance your ma long distances yeah I think I’m I like marathons so you you’ve got a top ten in Berlin Marathon it’s your best performance on marathon of this [Music] [Music] [Music] the you film almost all the flying levels now my sketcher will do saying that yes because we will do analyze after the after the rice to to be most competitive with the trajectory of the track and and the famous skater – gracias gracias with my skater on choose the best solution [Music] to be feeling on the track [Music] later into the final Phoenix I know that’s a bit unrealistic I read prepared too much for the long stuff for the long distance not really for the sprints that’s coming later in the year for me but I still try to do a good lap and see where where I’m at at the moment and then the focus is on the long stuff but now I get to sneak on the track [Music] [Music] was it was good so SK 13.2 it was good for me it’s enough for the policy it’s not enough for the final so I think in the end I’m place 20 ethnic so what’s good for the first flying lab and Zino’s the first competition here in guys and you Hanako how was it Wow really good I think it I can do better for the final but what is not so bad for the series you see somebody else first like Hugh Simon was really good I think you can do better also and I saw Jerry Koosman and and his lap time from the last corner it was a little wasn’t English porcini was somebody was on his way yes yes yes and I think I can do a speed better find out what you can do better using your last corner was good yeah no no it’s not good because when I begin my cross I want to to enter with free cross but I’m with my wrong leg on the corner and the beginning and I very annoyed with my cross and I I did a big stop and I think if I shot this time I can do I can win maybe 0.05 second yes my my friend is there cold inside the cogs is difficult but I my time is good but a qualification for final I wonder in Stein in the final yeah my time is 13-point night I want a repeat of overall times


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