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MGP Nitro End Of Days Scooter Reviewed by Ben Grace | | Madd Gear Pro

MGP Nitro End Of Days Scooter Reviewed by Ben Grace | | Madd Gear Pro

Welcome to my names Ben and today I am going to be showing you the brand new Madd Gear Pro End of Days Nitro scooter and it is gawjus! As some of you younger guys would call it Trill… yeah…yeah… I went there. Back to the description of the Scooter, you’ve got a lovely long one-piece bat-wing bars here that have been fluted inside to make them as light weight as possible whilst still maintaining that superb strength Grit tape as well obviously, going down you’ve got yourself a triple clamp and a threadless FSA headset on there as well. FSA have just struck a brand new deal to provide all the headsets for any Madd Gear Pro Scooter and obviously that shows. Its a great headset, threadless of course, bearings inside the headset bearings are all enclosed as well. Going down you’ve got a threadless fork that has been gussetted for extra strength, they’ve taken out all the excess material that you don’t need to make it as lightweight as possible 110mm Wheels with Krunk K2 bearings inside. Before I go any further, I want to tell you a little bit more about this paint work as well This aint no sticker- Basically they’ve lazer pinted this on so its smooth, theres no edges, nothings going to come away and it looks really nice and it looks really good up close as well Going down to the deck, this is where alot of the major changes have happened this year with this scooter. They’ve gussetted the headstock there and again that means taking away of the excess material you dont need and they’ve also fluted the inside of the deck which is bascially the same thing again. If you look at the lines in the scooter, thats where they have scraped away the metal inside of the scooter to make it lighter but still real real strong! The Grip tape has got a really sweet design on it as well and is their new shock grip tape which means its got a shock layer underneath it, its patented, and when you land it just takes a little bit of the pressure off of your knees, your back, your ankles and all that so that you have a smoother general ride basically To round off the scooter you’ve got a flex brake as well. This Scooter is brilliant! Its great for people looking for a high end scooter, people who already know how to ride or people who are serious about learning to ride If you need anymore help at all, just check us out at Thanks alot guys! Bye!


hey how high is this scooter from the ground to the top of the bar and how high and wide is just the bars plz reply

i need some help. im deciding between gettin a raymond warner sig deck and customizing a scoot or stripping down an mgp eod and puttin different parts on it. which would be bettr please respond

cus iv do got standard size bars but they have a slit do i have to cut them down so they fit my scs? and also would this scooter forks fit an scs ?

i would recoment this scooter because i have it its a reliable machine iv had over 2 months and yes the deck has improves mass

this scooter sucks get a lucky
i have this one and it is a peice of sht the only thing good on it it the deck the headset and the bars

should i get this or should i get vx2 team scooter! please reply. im a 10 year old rider from england looking for a good mgp i will be uploading lots of vids soon after christmas

woo i luv that scooter it looks amaing. if anyone has one and know's anything bad about it plz reply as it quite a lot of money:P

im using End Of Days and its awsome 🙂
used she devil much times too its more easyer to use its more ligther but the end of days got better handeling

Lol I'm getting the team edition because I'm only a beginner. but I can see it looks awesome and it would be really good for top grade riders

i have £5 a week but i want one of these and i cant get one coz ma mum wont replace my razor for it can u persuade her by a video plz i would appreciate

District. Its a lot lighter than the mgp. But the Mgp does have hic, which is better than ics, but I still would choose the district over the mgp.

Hi can i ask u a question? Ok than, i dont have that big budget, 80 euros so is there any good scooter that i can buy? Btw i saw one hudora but people tell its crap and some no rules scooter that looks very cool but no video about it and finnaly y bar jd bug i cant find a video for this one neither. Which of them should i get?

hello everybody buying this after a week of looking online i finally found the name of the scooter i got and its really good for begginers and pros maybe idk but i do reccomend buying this

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