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MI NUEVO PATINETE ELECTRICO ! | Xiaomi Mijia Scooter Review

MI NUEVO PATINETE ELECTRICO ! | Xiaomi Mijia Scooter Review

This has completely replaced my bike to move me around the city Yes, a scooter But it’s totally different from the ones you’ve tried so far This have better brakes than some cars I’ve had An electric motor that allows to go quite fast by city It is very comfortable to carry And it’s great manufactured, now you will see in this review I’m gonna start with the unboxing It’s going to be fast, just the box is very big (a lot bigger than the scooter) When we take it out of the box Has a cardboard with screws and a tool to put the handlebar when we put the screws it will be ready because that’s all we have to do The rest comes all assembled then they have a lot of plastics to protect it from scratches on the way to home for some people this is oddly satisfying but not for me :/ then you charge the scooter (if you want) because comes with around the 60% of battery charged the charger it’s nice, like one from a laptop, i was thinking it will be bigger but not. fit in a pocket, at least one from a jacket the power of the charger it’s 71w and that it’s like their consumption so in summary a full charge cost less than a bubblegum which is nice with that full battery we can go 30 km away (18,65 miles) so make 30 km (18,65 miles) it’s quite far even in bike and if i have to do that walking… pff (no way) the best about the charger it’s that the cable is standard so you can use one from the laptop, the ps3 or from a lot of things. and the charger show with a green led if the battery is full but also in the handlebar you can see more detailed with the 4 leds when i seen the ring bell i think something like.. why they do so well made this? (literally the best ringbell i have seen) well, its cause it have a function more when you fold the scooter what it’s just “click, click” (a little moment) the toggle from the ring works for attach the handlebar with the body and then you can transport it easily which is great you can open pressing there a little and you close putting them on top and pressing easy now about the tires they are inflated with air like in a bicycle they are not the typical scooter wheels who vibrate in every kind of floor with them you go smooth because they works like shocks absorber but how the valve is inside the wheel it comes with a extension in case your compressor dont have one or you use the one from the gas station the tires are very good, their brand is cst who its named maxxis too for some countries for people who know about bikes or tires you will know they are good brand if not, you can search in amazon and you will see how every tire of this brand have like 5 stars are of 8,5″, like every other similar scooter because its a standard size so when we need to buy a new ones it will be really cheap and easy about the brakes, even when you go at full speed, if you brake you can stop in the same distance of a car it have disc brake in the back wheel and also ABS the brakes stop the scooter really great and i’m recording this scene to show how the ABS works in case of you dont know how abs works it’s simply don’t block the wheel because if you block the vehicle skids more than stop and even more if the road is wet or frozen (ABS=Great) i try to do a stoppie but you can’t because the scooter stabilize it self to avoid it so when you make a full brake in the car the inertia it’s stopped by the belt and here that who keep you in place is this rubber a thing who cares me before buy was the quality of this rubbers but they are made in good quality, not like a phone case, more like a tire or like the one it uses in shoes the light is 1w what dont light a lot, but its enough if you are in the dark and that have less power consumption The accelerator, this is important, if you speed being still, the scooter won’t move forward or if you are going up the stairs it won’t move by itself. You’ve to make the scooter move as an ordinary scooter, 1m or 0.5 m is enough to get going and once you’ve speed up the scooter turns on, otherwise it won’t move, is like a security system it has. Then all the wires are well assembled and all the scooter is build up thoroughly so you can disassemble it and fix it yourself, it’s great. I usually assemble and disassemble this kind of stuff I really appreciate that everything can be adjusted and that it’s not simple a piece of plastic as other scooters I’ve seen . In this case everything is really well planned. Besides, there are not weird screws but Allen wrench ones which I like because by simply carrying an Allen wrench in my pocket I can adjust or disassemble anything if I like to. It even has a cover beneath it, where the batteries are, in case some day we want to change them. The engine is brushless what means 0 maintenance or ever worrying about changing anything. The only thing I didn’t like is that connector you see over there, I’ll talk about it and test it later. But, as you see, all screws are accessible maybe I’m too insistent but I really like being able to repair everything by someone who has no idea. Well, now I’m going to start testing. Does this go up slopes? As you can see, from being still it can go up sharp slopes without any problem But this is too easy. So, what I’m gonna do is to soak the slope because when it rains and there are tiles, as in this case you think if you will fall or not, so I’m gonna test if the scooter goes well in this surface. I soak it as it won’t stop raining. You’ll say “you’re wasting water”, well sacrifices. And even in this conditions it doesn’t slide a bit it is front-wheel driven so it won’t move in the back either as you have seen the engine is the front, and see how well it goes and how well it grips What I’m going to test, besides going down that you see it goes down without sliding is to brake in the middle to see how does the ABS work As you see, you can stop in the middle of the slope even with this type of tiles, and it stops So, if we are going around with the scooter and someone comes, we can stop. If we have a really sharp slope, of those that are rarer “pim” you can go up with a bicycle we could do it without problem but from being stopped it is more difficult What I’m showing here is that with an angle conveyor how sharp this slope is (16.7º) I don’t know if it’s the same in percentage enough to have an idea of what it can go up. Well, what I’m going to test know is go it works on the ground full of stones, grass… all you can imagine of this kind of terrain (also dog’s poop) sand, bumpy roads.. I also go up mild hills which are wet and this kind of terrain is like a pottato field that’s why the scooter vibrates that much but standing on it you don’t notice it that much it is not as with the bicycle that you feel everything there (you know where) it is more comfortable At least for me, in town, it has replace the bicycle because besides being agile and handy when you enter a shop you don’t draw as much attention as if it is a bicycle because you fold the scooter in 3 sec and you can carry it with one hand and obviously you don’t have to pedal it’s not that I’m lazy but for example the slopes with the bike are a pain in the ass. it can reach 25 km/h and you can think “bah, that’s nothing” but it’s fast to go around the town, seriously, the electrical engine has enough power For those who have never try this is like a drill you push a bit and it picks up speed immediately It’s limited to 25 km/h because in that way it’s legal (at least in theory it’s legal) It has an engine of 250w and you have to move it manually for it to start move so in theory with that limits it’s legal otherwise it doesn’t draw excessive attention other thing is that it goes down curbs without problems however, you have to help it a bit to go curbs up but with a little hop you can do it, as with a bike Other thing I’ve tested is how it would be to go to work with it, go to the office, get into the elevator.. and there isn’t any trouble Even in a small elevator it fits well and if not you can carry it with your hand because it doesn’t weight much You can carry it as if was a suitcase in any type of surface, and it doesn’t make any sound as suitcases do (that brrrr) what it’s so annoying it goes smooth and nice Once you’ve arrived to whatever place (work, home, etc.) as you can see you don’t need much space to leave it Even under a table it fits and I can move my legs and pay attention, 2 seconds in leaving it or taking it. In the end, what is important is not only that you arrive fast to different places but also that once you’ve arrived or you’ve to go you only spend few seconds in taking it, that’s comfort Not having to wear a helmet no need disassemble anything or fold a bike for minutes that kind of stuff for me it’s awful With this scooter you arrive you practically throw it and you can sit at your workstation few seconds and is this what is going to determine if you use it or not having it ready in a sec or having to follow a process to use it for example, I have a Simulation steering wheel, with its support, its pedals and all that stuff and I practically don’t use it because I have to spend between 5-10 min till is ready to play and in the end that makes you think “I pass” and you sell it unless you have it always ready but you can understand the example With this scooter you have that comfort of using it instantly besides you don’t have to worry about any type of maintenance being a brushless electrical engine, with lithium batteries it has the same complexity as a mobile phone you charge it connected to a plug and you use it pressing a button In my case, to avoid putting it in the trunk, I directly leave it in the co-pilot’s seat One thing I haven’t been able to try is the APP it comes with a code that hasn’t work in any of my phones they are very old and one even has windows as system and the alternative app didn’t work as well However, it doesn’t matter because any APP with GPS it’s going to tell you the speed, time, distance… nevertheless, the scooter has Bluetooth so if the application works on your mobile it will work as the speedometer of a car A defect I’ve noticed is that when you pass through sharp bumps the mudguard trembles a bit in the end but I think it’s normal because my bike does the same thing and if you hit it in the part where it’s joined to the rest of the scooter it endures the hits other thing I didn’t like was the connector so see there which seems to be too exposed It belongs to the back light of the breaks but I thought that if I got it wet it could create a dead short or some kind of failure so I watered it heavily I didn’t plunge it because it isn’t’ submersible but I really watered especially it in that connector anyway it’s never going to rain like that, and if it rains like that you won’t use the scooter But this shows that if you pass a puddle or the buttons get wet, or anywhere, nothing happens anyway i use it allways, with rain or not so how things need to be well done, i take some time with the water hose at full pressure shooting water at the buttons, in the battery cover joint, in the rear light connector then I thought “poor scooter, I’m going to break it” Now without cutting, so you see is real I directly use it after watering it and you can see it i fold the kickstand and wait for it the rear light turns on, and the front too and works perfectly So it withstands water, mud… and still works not even a sound of squeaks and not even the breaks stop working correctly. By the way, the rubber where you stand can be cleaned easily with a bit of water because i fully stain of “mud” but in seconds with the water hose it´s clean again now, we’re going to see the battery because they tell you it has a lithium LG battery as the ones from Tesla cars (18650 cells) that is, a good battery It has a lot of screws you can remove them easily with a T10 tip, not Allen ones However, this is not something you need to do for me is was just curiosity and… ‘Olé’ the manufacturing it has this Everything is insulated and every detail has been taken care off some little bump guard so that it closes perfectly all circuits and condensers are plasticized so they can’t have dirt or humidity and even inside of the tube where you never going to look there is an insulation foam so that the wires don’t move and vibrations are not transmitted to the handlebar Moreover, the batteries are indeed LG, as the ones TESLA have and have a total capacity of 7800 mAh at 36 volts which is not the same as the 3.6 of a mobile battery in case anyone thinks “my mobile has more” it’s not true, in fact it is ten times more powerful In sort, it would be like having 78,000 mah in your phone Moreover, look at how thick the chassis walls are which have nothing to do with a regular aluminum scooter which would be thinner like about 2 mm this is like x3 or even more In sort, this is made to endure, to jump or whatever you want and now, you’re going to see it because a 120 kg (264,555 lb.) persons is going to try it to see if it bends or if it works because many people will want to use it carrying their kid as well (some people ask it to me) And look, the only thing that is affected are the tires and they have engraved that they support 75 kg (165,347 lb.) each of them so in theory it could support 150 kg (330,693 lb.) I tried using it with another person, 140 kg (308,647 lb.) in total, and it worked but it was slower Maybe that’s why the brand recommends to use it weighting up to 100 kg (220,462 lb.) because once you pass that recommendation, it goes slower and the battery lasts less. now you are going to see how long it takes, for real without any rush, in taking it out of the trunk unfolding it and starting using it Exactly 9 seconds even less if you do it a bit faster Besides my trunk is really small because it is a two-seat convertible but even so, it fits perfectly So in a regular car, even one small or a sedan even in a Citroen Saxo because i had one and know their size you could even keep it in the car without folding it However, as you see, doing it really calmly and with a small trunk you can put it inside in about 20 seconds what is good time for me now, I’m going to compare the scooter with other similar items such as a normal scooter a foldable bike and even with a motorbike because I’ve noticed that the handlebar stays at the same height as the motorbike what shows that this scooter has nothing to do with a regular one which seems more a toy than other thing With this scooter you can go comfortable as in a bike and more or less at the same height as a motorbike Besides, despite giving that sensation of being big once it is folded, or next to a regular scooter there is not such a difference in size There’s only a bit of difference, just the necessary to drive something more comfortable and stable In fact, for me it can be better compared to a foldable bike than to a regular scooter mainly comparing it to how they work similarly over different surfaces (bumps, grass, ground…) To give you an idea, it’s like a bike but flat and you only need 3 seconds to unfold it (i put on fast forward because take some time) i do this usually so this is a good mark in fold the bike whereas you need 40 seconds more to unfold a bike Moreover, once it’s folded the scooter is like an “extension of your body” as when you carry a suitcase whereas the bike is less comfortable because the pedals get stuck (when you go back the pedals move and you got some problems with that) Then when you take it, the scooter is like a bag, you can take it naturally However, taking the foldable bike with one hand is weird you walk lame or you need to use both hands not comfortable when it comes to securing it chaining it in the street (I advise not leaving the bike or scooter in the street to avoid thefts) in the main tube, you can put a “U” shaped chain easily now we’re going to see the weight The scooter weights 12.2 kg (26, 89 lb.) light foldable bike (without engine or battery) weights 2 kg more (4,4lb) and it bulges a lot more too A regular fire extinguisher weights 10 kg (22, 04 lb.) and are thought to be carried some time So the scooter, which is manageable as a dumbbell is easy to carry around even if you aren’t to strong another pro, is that it can stand up so you can keep it inside a closet when you put your jackets or that stuff (guardrobe) Now, we’re going to see its price I order it in preorder I was interested before it was on sale and I ordered it as soon as it was available to buy so at that time it cost 468 € Now, some months after, you can still get it at that price (look in description the link and coupon discount) and it isn’t expensive if you take into account the alternatives available in the market I’ve tried many models and they have nothing to do with the xiaomi model I’ve even tried regular scooter and a basic one without engine has a price of 150€ with the max support of 100kg (adult scooter) In sort, the other electrical scooters I’ve seen are awful because they got solid tires and they are really bad, offering an uncomfortable ride have terrible lead batteries with dont last so much, and bad autonomy breaks which work by stepping on the wheel, etc. the motor works with a flimsy and exposed chain who goes dirty and need maintenance or it will work bad I really tried many similar stuff, a lot of it even the weirder things as you can see (had no idea of how to move it). dont buy that because its the worst thing i see.. lol the thing is After many tests, I choose the Xiaomi without doubts in that range of price is the best you can find I could even say that it’s one of the things I have I like the most after the computer and my cars but I love to use it because it is discreet, quiet, I can use it anywhere i enter in shops, metro, train, mail office, and every kind of places and people don’t tell me nothing or look bad and can be used without turning it on, as a regular scooter. don’t have any kind of retention when its turned off and with this tires even if you don’t use the motor, just your feet, you go fast and far than a normal scooter works like when you are on a bike and pedal one time and you go far for meters I hope you’ve liked the video I’ve tried to test everything I could think of and tell it as quickly as possible I know it’s a bit long, but I preferred to explain everything in detail in case you’re really interested on it If that’s the case, you have the purchase link in the description and you don’t have to worry about the customs house because the store where I bought it takes care of the customs house If you’ve liked the video leave me a like and i appreciate and if not a dislike also i appreciate some constructive critics in the comments section, to improve in next videos Regards, till the next video


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