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MI NUEVO SEGWAY ! Xiaomi Ninebot Plus Review | El Mejor Hoverboard

MI NUEVO SEGWAY ! Xiaomi Ninebot Plus Review | El Mejor Hoverboard

This is a Segway an electrical device with power enough to cross the city or tow a car In this video I’ll show everything it can do and all its characteristics. It’s terrific. I’ll start with the unboxing, because even though I don’t usually do it, there are a couple of important things the box is heavy, however when you open it the product box has two handles to carry it. Then in the product box, once you open it there are a couple of card boxes and under there is a box which contains things I say it so that nobody throws it away since it contains the chargers, a couple of screws, the remote… (yeah, it can be controlled remotely). The first thing is that the handle comes unmounted but can be mounted with the 2 screws and the Allen wrench included it has no difficulty Also It is not really a handle since you don’t use it with the hands but with the legs like a more secure skateboard On the top, it has a cover that has a connector in case we want to plug in a camera it’s an extra accessory that records ourselves as a drone would do, but on earth, following us. This piece has a speaker so we can hear the sounds the machine emits to “communicate” with us and a light so we can see where we’re going As you see, everything is surrounded by screws, it is a hard and solid piece and it stands almost any type of strokes It also has a little “trunk” to fit the remote or stuff originally thought to keep the camera but I even used it to keep the charger (it fits right and it is a bit difficult to place it correctly) Nevertheless, the remote fits perfectly The charger is small as the one from a laptop and it is exactly the same with the usual wire compatible with many electrical devices The charging port can be used in any position it hasn’t got any specific position. It takes about 5h to charge completely (0-100%) however, we won’t drain out the device and if we need a quick charge up to the 80% it charges really fast Once it is charged, the light of the charger goes green and all the stripes stay illuminated. You can do 35km with a full charge for real like going through Madrid from one side to the other a really good autonomy Another thing I’ve checked is that you don’t really need the official accessory the camera with its stabilizer if you have the DJI for example you can adapted in a “homemade” way really easily In fact, due to its shape, it is really easy to adapt different things such as this xiaomi Bluetooth speaker which fits perfectly and doesn’t move even if there are bumps on the road A good thing is that the 4-inches solid wheels (look how big they are) you don’t even feel those bumps Besides, it has a engine in each wheel of 400 nominal watt they can reach the peak of 2000 between the two. It’s amazing As you see, the wheels have hubcaps and mudguards because it can go overland without worrying about getting stained The wheels can stand a weight of 100kg each and are tubeless, as in cars or motorcycles. (not bike inner tube) On the bottom it has racks to refrigerate the chassis which also dissipates The component that will allow us to spin is solid and it is where the handle goes First we take out the plastics at least the ones for the feet to avoid slipping In this rubber pieces is where we’ll put our feet The texture is more or less the same as modern and light trainers This arrow pattern indicates which the front part of the device is so we can mount correctly Now, to assemble the handle we need the two screws screws and the Allen wrench included and we introduce the cable in the hole of the handle we put together both connectors in their specific position and we put them inside The screws go smooth we have to tight one and the other once the vehicle moves when you try to tighten it more, it is perfect After, we take the embellishing plastic fitting it well in both sides until it does not excel We already have it assembled and this part is what allows us to go right or left, as you see. We turn it on with the only button it has and we stand it up With this, it becomes automatically stabilized it’s almost magic because it seems to be floating It does not move or stagger by touching it just with one finger it moves smoothly I was impressed by its firmness it does not make correction movements and it’s more like it was on the air Once it is switched on, it has lights everywhere it has one on the back that goes red when you brake when you go in a normal position it goes blue and when we turn it goes yellow as the intermittent lights It also has blue lights in the wheels giving it a futuristic look especially at night when they also increase security as it helps others to see us The remote also has illuminated buttons and is useful for a couple of things it can be charged with a micro USB and only by pressing the down button we can control the device remotely It works as a PSP joystick we can move it in any direction even in diagonal. I see a drawback, which is that it does not give the same power as when we are on it When controlling it with the remote it goes slowly for security reasons I suppose But the remote has another function, much more useful than controlling it remotely which is the tracing function It has a button with a puppy’s face and if we press it the device will follow us wherever we go or where the remote goes.. if we throw the remote it will follow it is an option This is great, it works really good much better that the remote control It follows you quickly, even if you’re running It’s the closest I’ve been to having a dog. The only thing is that it hasn’t a sensor and as you see if I continue it collides as it doesn’t have sensors or obstacle detection so we have to look where we’re going If it is a difficult area, you can control it with the remote control in a second or even take it and carry it The remote connects with Bluetooth 4.0 which doesn’t almost consume battery and it works at long distances we can even put it in our pocket and it will continue to detect the device. The only thing is that this following function is a bit silly because in the city is difficult to go carefree with a device like this because it can be stolen because there are lots of obstacles it can crash with if crash it will tell you with sounds but it can easily crash with anything The best solution I found was tying a rope to it I tried with my belt and then you keep it switched on and it follows you anywhere you go without being too far or having the risk of having it stolen It is more or less as pulling the shopping bag or a case but without making any effort or having a really obedient dog However, I didn’t want it to go for a walk with it but to go on it It is really fun and easy I’ll show you how I started to use it from the beginning so you can see how fast you adapt to it and drive it perfectly. It doesn’t have a learning curve or anything in a minute you can already move with it and in about 5 minutes you’ll want to go faster For those who think I already knew how to use it not true I had never done surf, or skate or anything similar and I’ve tried it with many people of all ages, men, women.. everybody adapted perfectly in less than 5 minutes It doesn’t matter if you’re clumsy at the end you’ll move with it as it was an extension of your body It seems that you control it with the mind it gives you the sensation of moving whatever you like and this was something that worried me before buy it cause I wasn’t sure if i can handle it but it’s really easy, don’t worry about that When you want to stand on it you don’t have to do any balance just do it with confidence It won’t move you can put a feet and then the other you don’t need to do it quickly as it was about to fall The only important thing is to go up and down from the back of it otherwise we can hit ourselves with it Once we handle it perfectly after about 10 minutes of use we can reach its maximum speed of 18km/h It might seem slow but I assure you that it seems that you go really fast fast taking turns at that speed with a device like Why if it has such power it doesn’t run faster? It is limited, I guess for security and legal reasons however, I tell you that the acceleration is impressive compared with other electronical gadgets It doesn’t matter that you are in a slope or on land if you lean forward it goes off “like fuum” very quick The good thing is that you don’t need to go fast allways you can go slow as if you were walking and adjusting the velocity to millimeter when you are in interiors to go really slow if you want to or just stop at a traffic light without touching anything just with the movement of your body and feet As I told you, it has great energy and you can go up any slope easily even if you weight more than 100kg or if you are carrying a child it doesn’t matter It has power enough to even move a car or a van I’ve tried it because in the characteristics it says that it has 70nm of torque to illustrate a motorbike of 500cc like the TMAX has about 45nm (*vs 70 of this) the torque is basically the strength it has, and have a lot that’s why the acceleration is so impressive If you are thinking “don’t do that, you’re going to break it” what comes next are the resistance tests and it will have to endure much more than this To start, the impacts aren’t received by the device but by the wheels which act as a bumper If when it is off, it falls on the front part nothing happens because it doesn’t touch the floor if it falls on the back it does touch a bit but so low, almost nothing as if was dirty not scratched The mudguards, which appear to be fragile are really strong it doesn’t matter if you hit them as you’ll see later they have a metallic chassis inside inside and the fact they are soft is so they absorb the crashes better The only thing is that it doesn’t pass the dirt resistance test because being matt white it gets easily stained when you step on it with your shoes and it becomes grey However, it is really easy to clean it with a piece of paper and having this matt finish you don’t see scratches Moreover, the hubcaps can receive any impact and they won’t fall or suffer any harm Like nothing hit endurance is great Now, I’m going to test water resistance since we could use it in a rainy day go over some puddle or simply want to clean it with the hose I tested it by watering it everywhere a couple of minutes and there wasn’t any problem because everything is well isolated with rubber joints and watertight I haven’t cut the video so you can see that it still works after watering it You can step on it being wet and continue using it. Therefore, I think it could even be used on a rainy day After I watered it, what I did was revise it in depth looking for some spot where water was accumulated and could affect the device or even rust it All I could see was rubber joints everywhere everything was watertight metals that don’t rust The only spot where water accumulated was under the rubbers for the feet, but just a bit And we are not supposed to take these pieces out to clean them or anything because it is really difficult to put them again after or at least it was for me So I decided to take the device apart to show you how it is on the inside Be aware that if you open it, and tear this stickers you’ll lose the warranty, but I didn’t care. The first piece I pulled out had rubber joint which made interior watertight The most remarkable thing is the magnesium alloy one-piece chassis what makes it much more resistant and light than if it was of aluminum and dissipates heat better That’s why this material is used in racing car rims The wheels’ axels are stainless steel and wear 4 screws with the thickness of my finger This bars you see here is what serves as chassis for the mudguards that’s why they endure well hits and everything As you see, in all the holes there’s a blue powder which serves to set screws still so that they don’t loosen up with time By the way, if someday you pull out the rubber pieces of the feet and then you have problems to put them back by pulling out this piece which goes with 6 screws you can put them back easily It’s not necessary to dismantle the device but I was scratching my hands and thought “I’ll take it apart” and once I started, I wanted to show you everything I took everything apart until I reached the battery which is the last piece because it is very protected with two rubber joints but also sealed with silicone and 15 screws a lot of protection so don’t worry that water won’t enter even if we submerged it As you see, I had to use a cuter to remove the silicone seal and it was hard to open it afterwards but i want to show all You can see that it has cells as in electric cars the typical battery cells 18650 the standard (in electric things) and they are LG brand It has 42 cells and all those colored wires are to check the status of each of the cells temperature, condition, everything is well controlled Another aspect I liked is that these transistors which are pieces which are heated have these plates that you see which work as dissipaters with thermal paste and that’s because the chassis also works as dissipater Since the chassis is of magnesium which refrigerates well it is used to refrigerate the components and do it great as if in our computer besides using the dissipater we used the external case too as well Dismantling the device is easy I did it without any tutorial and I think anyone could do it Well, after watering, hitting and dismantling it now is the turn of going through land to see how it works if we go off road And the truth is that it surprised me how well it goes Even when going fast, It goes over stones as if they weren’t there and this is in great part for the big wheels it mounts which together with the stabilization system allows us to go as if was a road We’ll notice a bit the bumps but with confidence we’ll go through the difficult places without problems and even if these obstacles seem small they’re quite big when you look from this point What I did was try to avoid them since it could slow us down in fact is a difficult terrain for what you usually see Actually, I don’t think many people would use it to go through places like this one mainly to avoid it from getting dirty and then taking it home and having to clean it Nevertheless, if we have to cross some field there is no problem to do it and if it’s really bad terrain we could just slow down a bit In summary, even when the device has not special wheels and is not thought to be used on ground its height is more than enough to overcome obstacles of a tennis ball size or even more a brick or big things like that Thus, if we watch our path we can go quite fast on any surface even if it is fine sand, like from beach that one what make your feet drown Coming back from the ground to the city we can also encounter some problems because cities aren’t flawless you can encounter sewers moved tiles, badly planted trees… and when you’re going fast the last thing you want is falling and leaving your teeth on the ground that worried me even before i have it as i think everyone too So the first was seeing how it deal it with curbs going down, even when going slow is like taking a little hop going up, if they’re more than 4/5 fingers tall i think it cannot do it, or is really difficult. However, when going down, you can go quite fast I suppose it also depends on how brave you are But it goes great Regarding slopes, I haven’t seen any that it could not pass you can go slow or fast and even stop at the middle of it and continue after without needing impulse it has power enough About what I said earlier of the typical surprises you can find across the street you’ll see it beats all of them sewers.. with only a wheel or two difficult obstacles were a skate, or a scooter would stuck with this one don’t even high covers of 2/3 fingers height can be passed with a single wheel or both fast or slow However, I advise not to over trust the device don’t think it is a tank or a 4×4 because it isn’t you still have to pay attention to obstacles. Now I’ll show how its agility is, and it is surprising Using these metal bars to create an improvised circuit you can see that it has an excellent room for maneuver The distance between the metal bars is more of less two arms and you can pass fast You can pass slopes, curves, anything it only needs that the surface is just a centimeter larger than the device I’ve passed even touching with the hubcaps in many places in fact it is great that they are plastic hubcaps because they function as “shields” and we can change them if we want It weighs 16 kg, it is not very light but it is not like we are going to take it for climbing you can take it with a single hand, however if you are not very strong or you have to go up many stairs it has two handles and you can take it with both hands It isn’t very big too It doesn’t occupy longer than a bin or a bag so we can keep it under any table and then it isn’t in the middle of the room Now I’ll take about the disadvantages, which are some The first is than when you first use it.. it is limited and what you have to do is connect it via Bluetooth to your mobile phone download the app and follow a tutorial otherwise it’ll be limited to a very low speed so it’s almost obligatory If you don’t follow the tutorial what is “ride the scooter with the controller, etc..” is like when you push next when installing a program but I didn’t like this because my mobile phone doesn’t support apps and I had to ask for one which did Nevertheless, the app is great, it tells you all the information about the device the kilometers you’ve done and everything, like in a car but in your phone and all data will be saved Moreover, you can configure the device change or turn off the lights decide which speed the device will have when you use the remote that kind of stuff all the setings are on this app You can even control the device with the mobile phone as you’d do with the remote and even set an anti-theft alarm what makes the device stumble when it is on and someone take it making it almost unusable. Another flaw I see is that the previous model had a handle instead of the camera accessory It is ok to have the opportunity to connect a camera that follows you but I’m not going to use it and would have preferred to have a handle to carry it as a suitcase Another thing different from the previous model is that the central part has a kind of trunk which is useful to put stuff inside but it doesn’t allow to adjust its position and has a fixed height It is ok in fact because it gives the sensation of solidity by having a single piece instead of a metal tube with discs to adjust it what would give the sensation of being a cheap skate but being a single piece it is like a motorbike which you cannot adjust, but is going to fit you well The last drawback is dirt, it gets dirty really fast at least in this colour and even though it is easy to clean I would have preferred it in black it is also available in this colour (last model) Nevertheless, if you see a good offer, as in my case the colour is not a reason to discard it looks really good in white and you only need to keep it clean Finally, which is its price? Because this is what will make us decide if we want it or we pass It is around 500€ (or 500$) or at least that’s the price it had when I ordered and actually it is not expensive compared with the hoverboards which are toys it’s a little expensive than that (or a lot) but it is nothing like an hoverboard I could test both and one is a toy and the other is an electrical device you can use as a means of transport The little plastic wheel hoverboard have mean that you can only use it in interior or in plain ground and ninebot is totally diferent Another thing very important is that those hoverboard toys usually have polymer batteries that batteries are quite dangerous because they aren’t isolated thus if they suffer a crash or something breaks through (things that can happen) the batteries can even burn or explode and that is not something I’d like to have between my legs Compare this with the magnesium alloy one-piece chassis the technology, how well it goes… in short it is a totally different product. With the only thing I could compare it is with the same brand scooter which is cheaper now, about 300€ what I also have and i love it is one of the best things i buy, so that’s why i get the ninebot too Now, the question many will ask is which is better? the Segway or the scooter The ideal answer would be “buy both because they are great” but, if you want to go by the road, plain paths and at 25km/h all the time buy the scooter because it is unbeatable with the price it has a electric vehicle like that is a top deal But, if you’re going to take slopes, you weight quite a bit or you want to go through difficult places the Segway is the best option because it has a lot of strength There is still another option which is buying the old Segway model or mini which is around 100€ cheaper has almost the same characteristics but have 5 km less of autonomy and it doesn’t have the remote control function (follow mode and all that) but these are expendable if we’re going to use it for moving around I’ll leave the links of these three options in the description so you can take a look and decide which one you like better and the one you finally buy Now, I will leave you some extra scenes of how people reacting when they see something like this because many will think that people will laugh at them and will be embarrassed what makes that many people don’t buy this type of devices Nevertheless, I assure you that the reactions are “wow, it is cool” “I want one” “let me try” “how much” The only thing it provokes is a will to have one and drive it, because it’s really cool -How is it? -It is great, actually. Do you want to try? -No, no… it is a bit scary. Do you have to keep your balance? -No, it is like going a step up You put one feet and then the other, and that’s it. I’ve had it for a day -It’s cool 🙂 -You’re sure you don’t want to try? It is really easy -Another day 😉 -Wow, it is great! I has a great braking. -Take the hands out of your pockets, don’t be cocky this is a good trick (use the hand to step up) -Don’t run her over… Wait, you’ll see how he crashes into something. hmm no… – it’s amazing.. -Do you want to try? -Umm… nope “If you come at 3 AM he is going around with it” -Ah, the other day I saw you but I thought it was a camera or something. -F*ck.. look – It goes f*cking great man -look, look, look..! -Let’s see. You want me to hold it? -No, I don’t think so -Trust yourself -How you doing? -I’m more relaxed now -Yes, at the beginning you think you have to grab onto something -Yes, that’s the sensation – yes -But that… I wonder -It is for this -yeah, but you go up easily, is it that easy ride? -Yes. Do you want to try? Well better downstairs -What autonomy does it have? -Let’s see how this turns… What do you say, eh? Wow, it’s cool. – now my turn Look the route I’ve done, eh? -See, if you trust yourself it doesn’t stumble -It goes smoothly – How long has it taken? 30 seconds to drive it decently? -It is cool, isn’t it? -If you spend 5 minutes, you become “an expert” – Give me a card Bloopers so fun (dancing)


Info extra:
– Son 74 newtons metro de par.
– Solo se vende en blanco, en negro es el otro modelo.
– Frena y agarra muy bien en mojado.
– Si hay alguna oferta o mas informacion la pondre en este comentario.
– Xiaomi no me paga ni me regala sus productos.

eres un crack haciendo reviews , como muy bien dice uno por aquí que aunque dure 10 horas el video , no aburres , sigue asi campeonísimo ,por ver tu review en su dia, me anime a comprarme el patinete M365 y estoy encantado con el.

Hola buenos días. Muy interesante tu video. Veo que controlas muy bien el producto. Tengo una circunstancia un tanto particular en la familia y me gustaría pedirte consejo con respecto a comprar este u otro modelo… Podrías facilitarme un contacto para que te explique en detalle y me digas como lo ves? Gracias.

Me acabo de dar cuenta que este es uno de los pocos videos que no empieza "en este video os voy a enseñaros" jajaja la verdad esque es el mejor canal que hay, y el más entretenido eres un crack vicesat

Xiaomi 365 por 300 € o menos ……??? Donde por q lo más barato son 380€ y a saber si es original x q en otras web por 450€ e incluso mas por q estoy mirando em comprarme uno

Vicesat, respondeme por favor
Vale la pena comprarme el vehiculo para irme al colegia. Tengo un camino para ir al colegio de 3 km. Vale la pena comprarlo

Y entre el Xiaomi pinchagomas y el Ninebot-Segway ES2 (o ES4 que lo llaman con la batería externa) qué me recomiendas?
Ese no pincha y con la batería extendida esa tiene más autonomía y velocidad sin hackeos ni cosas de esas… Dime experto 🙂

Ponle más anuncios a tus videoooos! Que tu si te lo mereces, ponle al menos 4 o más, nosotros disfrutamos y siempre ayudas!! Gracias por todo

No hagáis mucha cola para comprar estos artilugios, ya que en España (por lo menos en Madrid), la legislación prohíbe cualquier cacharro de esos que superen los 250w de potencias. Salvo que quieras dar vueltas por el salón de tu casa !
Son buenos y prácticos es cierto, pero sinceramente es tirar el dinero.
Personalmente recomiendo la Xiaomi Qicycle, hay un vídeo donde vicesat le hace el review, es una bestia en todos los sentidos, ademas de ser legal.

10:15 Yo no estaba pensando: "no hagas eso, que los vas a romper" ; sino que pensé: "no ocupes el estacionamiento para discapacitados, que es ilegal" 😜

LLAMADO A LOS SEGUIDORES DE VICESAT hagamos una colecta para COMPRARLE ZAPATILLAS NUEVAAAAAAAASSS. Son una mugre y estan con agujeros

Yo tengo uno color militar azul electrónico con mando distancia y sensor de velocidad osea que te indica la velocidad y también luces
Pd:me lo regalaron los reyes magos :V

Hola vicesat
Tengo un ninebot mini, sabes si ahi alguna forma de modificarle el software para que no se frene y te eche para atras cuando llega a 18km/h

Debido a este fantástico video. Me compré este producto. Más un día algo hizo que la rueda. Se quedase sin aire. Ahora tengo ese problema. Antes me daba asta semanas en volver a echar más aire. Más ahora. No da para ello. Hoy me eh quedado tirado en medio camino. Fui a una cita y para volver. Tuve que volver en taxi… Mi pregunta cómo puedo obtener repuestos o a su ver que si se puede solucionar. Y sobre todo a donde acudir. Creo que es un vidrio o algo así. Ya que un diá, me caí al llevar unas litronas. En mano. Me parti mi mano, tenía vidrios por todo la mano. Eh brazo y el estómago. Claro no profundidamente pero si lo suficientemente para darme problemas..

Has probado el x2 de segway o tienes alguna comparativa de segway todo terreno?
Me gustaría hacerme con uno, pero el precio me frena

Amigo una pregunta! Tengo un mini pro qué pasa cuando la batería se acaba? Se cae la persona? se detiene solo?

Eres uno de mis youtubers favoritos y me encanta que compartas lo que compras con otras personas, eres mejor 😀

Oye como lo podría comprar 🛒 vivo en México 🇲🇽 pero si lo compro por mercado lo compro por mercado libre si me llegara lo que es

Vicesat a día de hoy que es mejor y que es lo que mejor va el ninebot segway o el patín de Xiaomi y digo que gane en todo en general no me vale decir depende para qué … Gracias y saludos

I am shocked it did NOT have 465 wh battery!!! Only a 350 wh battery, the mini pro had 310 wh!!! And the plus has 1.5 times the number of 18650 of the pro!!! This is the main reason why I did not buy it!!! Ninebot has been going the wrong direction with all their vehicles!!!🤮 Why pay twice the amount of the pro???

ya se que llegué 2 años después del video pero quiero saber algo, el precio del aparato, en que moneda está? porque no parece la de mi pais, está muy barato pd: Soy de Uruguay y en el precio dice $670

Un rato pensando cómo se puede medir el par motor en nanometros… hasta que he entendido que querias decir Newtons metro pero no sabias las unidades 🙂

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