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MICRO skates MJ – the smallest inline Skates on the market?

MICRO skates MJ – the smallest inline Skates on the market?

ola youtube my name is Ricardo lino
and I’m a wheell addict what if I tell you that my daughter Jaylin has a pro skate
it’s called the mini jaylin now of course my daughter doesn’t have a
prostate she doesn’t even skate she’s 15 months but if you have such a young son
if you have such a young daughter what skates would you get them there has
been a struggle for someone like me something that you should know is that
obviously I do not want to force my daughter to skate but as someone that
escapes my wife also skates we want our daughter to have some skates in case she
wants to skate with us so basically for Christmas she was still six months and I
built her a pair of roller skates something like this but it was a little
bit different because it’s one of those adjustable ones and roller skates end up
being a little bit too heavy for for babies like for wheels like for them to
be able to roll they’re like urethane wheels in the urethane wheels are
heavier and this was just a little bit too heavy for her so she’s made a really
enjoyable let’s not forget we’re talking about a baby so while I was in China I
ended up finding these skates I bought these skates it comes in the
back with protections like it comes with a helmet wrist elbows and knee pads and
these ones are done by the company Micro Micro is known for doing scooters and I
guess they’re into skating if you remember well last year is poor I made
an interview with mr. pang and mr. pang told me that they have some slalom skate
they also have some free skates I didn’t solos but while I was in China
I saw these and I just had to buy them why did I bought these skates well
there’s a few things that I that make me think that this skate is amazing first
this is the first skate that I saw for such size this one goes from size 23
size 26 let me show you it has an adjustable liner with a Velcro on top
and this can be smaller or if you put the velcro more in the end it’s a little
bit longer so like I said it goes from a European 20
three to an Indian 26 I know that most of the brands like powerslide and
rollerblade they have skates starting at size 27 they’re smaller sizes more
usually starts on size 29 and I do know that Rosie’s as the art boot skate that
starts at size 25 if we’re talking about really young kids like babies like I was
just saying when they’re about two years old they should be around size 23 so I
am not telling you that this is the right age for someone to start skating
but I did start skating when I was two and a half years old and I did start
with rollerskates times I have changed nowadays you can have skates like these
which are really light basically this is a whole plastic skate it is what it is
it’s superlight its size adjustable like I just said
this one goes from a 23 to 26 the liner is actually quite comfortable and it’s a
hard boot and this is really important in my opinion for a first skate if
you’re gonna have a soft boot skate we’re talking about a baby that still
it’s hard for them just to walk if you’re gonna give them escape that will
allow them to put their feet like that that’s what they’re gonna do you want
the baby to have a skate that keeps their foot to the ankle with really nice
support so this one have a really really tall cuff on my daughter this comes
almost didn’t name and this comes all the way up to her calf close to the knee
so it’s a really tall skate the cuff bolt that you see here it’s not really a
cuff boat usually on a bigger size in landscape this bolt here will allow you
that cuff which is this top part to bend forward and backwards on these kids
there’s no bending this is just a fixed thing and there’s these lines I don’t
know if you can see these curves here that seems like it’s going to make it a
lot more stiff usually on a kid’s skate you will be able to bend the skate a lot
on this one you can really do it huh which is cool then the buckle on top
it’s a memory buckle here the receptor you can’t take it all out there’s when
it comes to the end it doesn’t like to take it out there’s like a little
stopper on the inside can take it all out but you can choose
the size that you want and then here you just need to clip it oh so it’s a memory
buckle kind of like what Rosie’s does we’d like bigger skates this is like to
be a good thing in my opinion so at least whenever they put the skate it’s
always going to be as tight as you want it to be you do it once and then from
there on keeps going and that’s like a little velcro on top and this front area
this plastic area can actually be extended or you can make it shorter too
it is a three wheel skate which in my opinion it’s really cool for kids I like
trivial skates but in my opinion three wheel skates for kids are a really good
option why it’s fliter also these ones are three wheels but they’re like super
low then you let me just see I don’t even know how big this is it’s a this is
a 54 millimeter wheel and like the profile of these will remind me of my
pro wheels from undercover it’s a flat profile this looks like an aggressive
skating wheel but it lights up it’s really made for kids I love that now
being a flat profile wheel makes the kids have their feet a little bit more
stable if it’s a really pointy wheel it’s gonna be easier to do these so we
want this K to be as stable as possible as light as possible three wheels now of
course it has also some things that I would like to see different usually on
an inline skate I’m used to have like an allen key right just just pop the allen
key this one is a little bit different it’s like a screwdriver thing or like a
Philips whatever you call that like a star I would like it to be different but
it is what it is also to adjust it it’s just a screw from the top but again it’s
just a regular Phillips – it’s not allen key that I am used to
use on my inline skates now something that I found super super interesting
about these skates is of course a kid at this age they don’t know with what foot
they gonna stop but most of the kids skates they do have a break now imagine
that you have brakes on both feet why is that cool we all know that
the most common fall is backwards right but imagine if you’re about to fall
backwards if you ever stop and every time they did about to fall the stopper
would touch I believe that this is going to prevent most of the falls backwards
but these needs to be tested again like I said I can’t really force my daughter
Jailene to use this case but this gate is called MJ so that’s why I said it
could be a pro model the MINI CHALLENGE it’s not but it could be other than that
design-wise I know that this comes in different colors I actually like the
yellow one because it’s just it’s not a boy or a girl thing it can be used if I
ever have a boy after having this girl you can also use the same skate it’s
yellow the liner it’s actually super cute it has some cars and apples and
watches it’s really really kids friendly and I guess that’s what micro is known
for nowadays micro is really known for their scooters and it’s actually really
cool to see micro getting into inline skates and bringing a skate like that so
what I can tell you is this skate it’s a really tiny size I didn’t really saw any
other brands making skates these sizes and again I bought it in Asia I know
that Asian kids are smaller and that’s probably the reason why I found such a
small skate in my opinion for babies it’s going to work amazing but of course
I can’t really tell you until my daughter really skates them so what I
can tell you is in theory this is probably one of the best baby skates on
the market one of the best first skates right now and you know what maybe you
can subscribe to the channel if you wanna see how these really work with my
daughter if she really wants to skate I read in that I hope you enjoyed this
video if you did enjoy this video do not forget to give me some thumbs up if you
didn’t like it give me some thumbs down but let me know what it didn’t like
about this video in case you didn’t realize this video is being recorded in
4k and I’m gonna try to make a lot more 4k content especially when I’m back here
at the studio other than that just like I always say do not forget why we all
started skating and that is because it’s fun cheers guys and see you soon


Hey Lino, just got back into skating after 10 year and loving it. My son is is nearly 5 and never been on skates. What would you recommend for him? I have just purchase k2 front street for myself, really like them

Amazing! Thanks for the review Ricardo!
I think the Micro MJ looks better than those skates on which you can move a wheel so it has 2 paralel wheels in the back and just one in the front. Those skates look more as toys to me… but the Micro one does really look as a triskate for very young starters.
My kids both have Micro scooters but never seen the MJ skates available anywhere in Spain.

Perfect timing! my son is pestering me for his first skates and Ive seen some Seba juniors but there still a bit big for him yet so I told him he has to wait until next year but now I'll have a google at these, thanks man! Love your vids btw, you've recently inspired me to get back up on skates after many, many years. I'd forgotten how much fun it is!

Que chulos !! Espero encontrarlos dentro de 2 años (ya sabes lo que quiero decir 😉😉😉se amplía la familia )

sorry im not married yet but why are we talking about this for? keychain models? … nonsense, its time for kids to skate when they can walk. i believe they will learn faster young compared when they get older. protective gears , no exceptions. younglings are super learners, dont send them to alien planets, they'll get super smart learning everything

They look great for little ones, I noticed that a lot of skate shops say that inline is better for kids to learn on than rollerskates, I think it's to do with the longer frame of the inline skates being more stable

This is amazing! i have been looking for skates for my 2 & 3 year olds, so far nothing is available except roller skates.

Lino, I missed you when you came in HK.
Thanks for the video, I have been struggling myself to get skates for my daughter. She outgrew her first pair of micro skates we bought 5 years ago (micro was already doing skates then). Now, she is moving up to a flying eagle pair.
I hope you clarify the micro brand/Seba matters, I have my own input on this as I already explain in the IQON video comments. It somewhat pains me to see a lot of people crying copy-cats every time, it's tiring.

It's difficult to look for kids skates, as we can't really test them ourselves. I ended up taking a pair of Flying Eagle S6 for my daugther, she is 9. I also took a pair of 3x100mm frames for her in case she wants to chase me down the path.

Cheers and happy blading!

Nice video ric my son started 3 years he got k2 boa adjustable he loves it but these are still nice. Is nice to skate with youre children

at least that skate has a nice thick boot to hug the leg my sons skate has a really thin boot and it allows a lot of slack from side to side

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