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Miles Board – Electric Skateboard UNBOXING & REVIEW

Miles Board – Electric Skateboard UNBOXING & REVIEW

Alright, let’s open it up The Miles Board comes with a user manual that’s very well done The single motor comes with a simple controller with no LCD a USB Cord. some hardware a tool for your trucks an A.C. unit for charging your board it comes in secure packaging i chose the “hard work, forever pays” version alright so initial thoughts. overall the board is a great board for the price just a few things I wanted to point out when you start off, the initial start not as strong as i’d hoped i did buy the single unit so that might be different for the double unit i imagine with two motors it’s probably a lot faster for the takeoff the top speed is very fast im going to guess this is hitting at least 20 miles per hour on certain terrains it is very fast going downhill so you do need to be careful with that that brings up another good point when you’re looking to break quickly you do want to be mindful that the break is a gradual break. so I was a little concerned at first because I didn’t realize it was not going to break as fast as it should have so I’m not sure if that’s a built in safety feature but personally i’d prefer if it would break a little faster but being an experienced skater i know how to break on my own even so that’s just something you want to pay attention to the trucks come very tight when you buy it so it’s hard to turn, so you definitely want to loosen it up to whatever’s comfortable for you however if you’re used to skating very loose on a trick board you definitely don’t want to skate too loose with this because it will wobble baby wobble baby like crazy if you’re going at top speeds overall it’s a good board i didn’t have any range issues it was a cold night and I was just testing it out for the first time


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