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Mind-Controlled Handsfree Electric Skateboard (Turn on subtitles)

Mind-Controlled Handsfree Electric Skateboard (Turn on subtitles)

3… 2… 1 You guys remember that video I did some time ago about that handsfree elecric skateboard? Well my friend just made a much better video about it and I just wanna share it with you guys. Take a look. Hello everyone, I am Yohann Xin. Earlier I told everyone I received a skateboard. Of course it’s not this one. It’s that mind-controlled board. So what I will introduce today is the mind-controlled board. Let’s go. Let’s first take a look at a regular electric skateboard. A regular eboard uses a remote to control acceleration and deceleration just like using a large RC car except moving left and right is controlled by your body weight. One day, Daniel is happily riding his electric skateboard and eating the yoghurt he just bought. The weather is great. Eating yoghurt and skating — indescribably fantastic. Suddenly a handsome guy appears. Daniel can’t brake in time using the handheld remote and spills the yoghurt on his face ruining his mood for the rest of the day. This is a famous historic site. Daniel wants to take a photo here. Need to move back a little. This angle is perfect. The remote is so inconvenient. He puts it aside first. “Ka-chhh…” Ok. Let’s go. Daniel is a scientist. He’s late to his experiment with his colleagues. Uh oh… Skated too far. Go back go back go back. Whew. After a day of experiments, he takes a sip of water. Uhh… Touch the remote and the board flies away. Now let’s look at the mind-controlled board. With the mind-controlled board, a remote is not needed. This frees up both hands. You can skate and do lots of things at the same time. As an exquisite boy diva [hard to translate!] I need to constantly maintain my appearance so I always carry a mirror and comb on me. Ah… Beautiful. Fingernails need to be regularly maintained also. As a gym rat, I always carry a pair of dumbbells in my bag. This way I can exercise anytime. Even when on the road because of using the mind-controlled board I can skate and lift at the same time resulting in doubled efficiency. I’m also a studious young man. To save time, I skate and read at the same time. The weather is really great. I open the bag of chips I just bought. Eating chips and skating — indescribably fantastic. This story sounds familiar. In front there’s someone looking at his phone while walking. Let’s scare him. This place seems famous. Let’s take a photo. “Ka-chhh…” Oooh… Wrong way. Backing up. Be careful. Backing up. Be careful. This mind-controlled board is actually a motion sensing eboard. It uses weight sensors under the board to detect the change in center of gravity thereby controlling forward movement or reverse. If you want to move forward move your weight forward. If you want to decelerate or go in reverse move your weight backward. Once you’re familiar with this skateboard’s operations you’ll enjoy this board a bit more than a regular eboard. This board is of course not perfect either. For example, both feet must be on the board for it to work so once your feet are on the board they essentially can’t change. You’ll get tired after a while. Another thing is this board is quite heavy. Among the eboards I’ve tried, this is the heaviest. But of course if you’re a gym rat like me this little bit of weight is nothing. Isn’t this mind-controlled board fun? Thanks for watching Xiao Xin Wanshenme. See you next time. Peace! Remember to subscribe, like, share, comment! I see a few skaters over there. I’ll ask them if they want to try this mind-controlled board. Hello hello. Want to try this mind-controlled skateboard? Mind-controlled skateboard?! That’s awesome! Come hold me. No need to be held. Just stand on it and concentrate on moving forward and it’ll move forward. Place your feet farther apart. A little more. Yes yes yes. And then think hard about how to move forward. Think hard. Fine I’ll tell you. You need to lean forward a bit. Lean forward a bit more. Bye bye. That’s too much fun! Get off! Get off! Get off! I want to try! Get off! Let go! I want to try! Get off! Get off! Get off! Get off! All right. I hope you guys enjoyed that. Let me just tell you a little bit about the videos that are coming up in this channel. There’s gonna be videos about the WowGo 2S about a board from TeamGee more videos about the Flowdeck X more videos about the Ownboard W1A gonna have some videos about the Meepo Kicktail. And very recently I visited the China office of SoFlow and also took a look around in their factory. So be sure to subscribe guys!


Not really controlled with the mind when it just detects change in weight on the board. Other than that funny commerical/skit 😂

Hey! I’m thinking of buying a cheap esk8board. I’m new to skateboarding at all. There are 4 brands which I want to choose from: wowgo 2(s), Meepo 1.5, verreal v1 and ownwheel. Must not exceed 409$ incl shipping. What do you think belonging to Volt sag , range and speed?

I have the Wowgo 2, and I cant wait to hear your review of the 2s. I'm debating on whether to buy the new ESC, so your video is probably going to end up helping me decide!

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