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Jeeeeez!!!!! He should join the Mushroom Blading team…. he has a similar style to Leon Basin.
Awesome!!! I’m wondering for how long has he been skating ?? His whole life I bet!!

Omg, truly he's very good !
I was wondering what's his setup ? It looks awesome !

And also I love your work, i'm watching every video you post, my passion for inline skate keeps growing more and more !
(Since I don't have much time to skate when I wanted to, and the weather is not with me haha)
Keep it up !

It's really amazing watching Minh in big wheels. When you look him….. If seems so easy doing all that stuff.
Ricardo, do you know the hardness of his wheels?

The amazing thing about inline skating is that, every skater has his or her unique style or flow. Minh has a special one flow with his skates and the control and maneuvers is effortless and smooth.
Skate safe bruh!

Wow, this video is amazing! I am so curious to try the Kaze skates with the Intuition liners now. His skating style is amazing! Just like with the wizard skates. I am really excited to try his set up!!

I tried 125mm and 110mm and still prefer 4×80 for cruising thru the city. But when i see this i really should give triskates another try someday. I hated that you become so tall wearing them but Minh really uses this to his advantage with carving. This really looks like skiing. Beautifull! it really is

wow, that is so smooth. i must try the cruising on the edge. perfect video to learn from. thank you ricardo 🙂
can you tell me from what town in germany, minh is from?

I agree! Minh looks sooo cool on big wheels!!!
Really like the way he controls his edges and flows like floating on air…

Great video as usual Ricardo!
Keep it up… Thanks! 😀

STOP! HEMMERTIME. Great video man he's so fluid, quite a difficult job capturing it all too. He wears his main influence on his chest. Scared a few people too haha. My Matter image 125's are worn out need to decide on a new set..the T-rex UCs look cool

I started inline skating last summer when I bought a pair of Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser and then two months later I changed the original setup and put some Fothon wheels.That was amazing!!!I was super pumped but along the way I lost the motivation because my lower back felt tight and my progress was slow.You guys are motivating me again Lino.Minh style is beautiful as hell.I am glad to see how your channel has grown in the last months my friend.

Great filming. I skated a lot in the 90s but fell out of it. I'd like to get back into it but I noticed most brands don't carry my size now that I'm an adult. I'm around 15US and most brands go up to 13US. Does anybody have any advice on what I can try?

That slide in W bench like Werbeski, that gazzelle like Leon, that Eisler crazy thing at the Via Laietana monument, that balance and that backwards bench with Rui t-shirt! AWESOME 😉 POWERSLIDE SHOULD GIVE HIM A PAIR OF SKATES RIGHT NOW OR OTHER WILL FIRST
PD: I know how you felt, I tried to follow Minh a couple of times with his wizards and it was really hard, good job!

That’s the kind of skating I’d like to master some day. Inspirational. Thanks for posting the video. Hope to see more.

I don't know if he is reading, or not, but thanks for this video Lino! Minh was really inspiring for me, thanks to both of you for being!

I'm taking off my skates and throwing them into the river. How am I supposed to post a video after seeing that amazing foot work?! Don't answer that. Salute!

This guy is amazing. He rolls different, he slides different and he even kicks different. I need to start skating an improve as hell.

Watching your videos of Minh Le Hemmer riding is like the skate equivalent to a Bob Ross episode. I need more!

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