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mini electric skateboards!! *NEW TOY*

mini electric skateboards!!  *NEW TOY*

(wheels screeching) (whoosh) (laughing) – I hate this. – Good morning vlog. It’s like, 8:30. Adley doesn’t sleep past 7:30. The one day I need her to wake up early, she doesn’t wake up. Me and Adley are gonna go do a birthday photo shoot for her. Her birthday’s not this
Saturday, but next Saturday. She’s gonna turn two. So crazy. My sister and her husband,
they are photographers and they do our pictures
anytime we want family pictures, or baby pictures. And they do such a good job. We’re gonna go meet them right now and get some Adley birthday pictures. Good morning. Good morning! Can you say hi to the vlog? Good morning. Look how cute Adley is. You’re so cute. Oh, is that your pretty bow? Yeah, should we go take some pictures? – Bubbles? – Yeah we’ll bring bubbles. Okay, let’s go.
– Bubbles. Where are you? Oh look. – Yeah there’s some over there. We’ve got the ice cream. Time to get messy. They are so good at
getting Adley to smile. – Without the ice cream.
– There’s a good angle. Cute. – [Sister] Lick it. Adley, lick it. (laughing) – [Brother In Law] There we go. (giggles) – I think this is her first
ice cream cone, actually. She wasn’t sure what to do at first. (baby chatters) You got to have ice cream. I want a lick. – Lick. – Mmm, thank you. – This is good news right here. I know exactly what those are. Let me show you. Actually, Alex, hold this camera. These. Look at this. These are new office cruisers
for the Spacestation. Holladay, I need you ASAP near the boxes. – Count me in. – Check it. Right, look at this. – [Alex] What? Are they like miniature sized? – Yeah, just to cruise
around on the office in. – My new phone call device. – Me and Holladay do not take calls without being on like a one wheel, or like the swag-tron, or something. – It was on like, the symbol. Like, the little drum symbol. Tiniest rock and I eat it, on a call. – I’ve done that before. Or I’ll be one-wheeling around on a call. They’re like, “We’re
getting some feedback. “Are you, like, in a windy car?” I’m like, “No, must be on your end.” – [Alex] Three, two, one. (angelic singing) – [Holladay] This is electric? – [Both] Yeah. – Where? – Dude, we don’t ride non-electric things. Are you joking? Only electric boards. So these guys were another
people that sent us emails like, “Hey, we love the Spacestation. “We love all, like, the crazy hover boards “and stuff you have. “Do you wanna try MaxFind boards?” We’re gonna give them a
shot and let you know. I’m digging. – It’s kind of like a Wii remote. – Dude, this looks legit. No way! Whoa, whoa! (garbled yelling) (laughing) Literally didn’t know how to stop. (yelling) (laughing) – [Alex] That’s not stopping. – Abraham, I need you to film this. Right there, right with me comin’ at you. – [Abraham] I’m kind of scared, actually. – Electronic manual. – [Holladay] LEDs. (yells) (laughing) – Did we figure it out? – I’m spooked to go again. It didn’t stop. – There’s a light. It’s a clapper. Watch, clap. ♫ Clap on. – Whoa.
– Clap on. ♫ Clap off. – There it is.
– Nice. – The clapper’s on a controller. ♫ The clapper Pooks, I bet you could manual this. Come here, Pooks. Come try this. Sandals and all. – Try and do it manual. – You just go? This is just space issue cruiser style. (laughing) – [Holladay] I thought
you were good at that. – Ooh.
– There you go. (wheels screeching) (laughing) – I hate this, stupid … This board is so hard. – [Shaun] That’s why we called you over. We just hadn’t had a good
Pookie fall in a while. – I thought you were good. At the skate park you could manual, like the whole skate park. – It’s weird when it’s
like, propelling itself. (yells) – I’m gonna do the whole office. (grunts) Controller. (cheers) There it is. Check it, we made some
Spacestation modifications you should know about them. Look, Abraham’s desk,
it’s like sideways now. Abraham, give us an
MTV cribs of your desk. Take us around this place. You have this nice wood. – [Abraham] Yeah, nice wood. Here’s my first monitor. – [Shaun] Double monitor? – Yeah for a laptop.
– Is that a Spacestation stuff video? Coming soon. Lots of modifications. We also have another desk over there. Hey Nick, raise your hand. That’s Nick. Pookie moved his desk over here. So now that’s Mr. Pookie right there. – Check it out. (descending hum) Lowrider. – [Shaun] Lowrider. Gangster. Other Spacestation modifications, oh, we cut the green screen, look. It used to go out to like, right there. Now it’s cut off, but we still have green screen lights. We could still film cool stuff over there, like the VR/AR project we’re working on. Flashback to me rolling
off the table and stuff. (jazzy electronic music) Yeah, that project. It’s coming really soon. It’s looking, actually,
it’s looking really good. Holladay, do you have an
example of the VR/AR stuff, I wanna show them. – Yeah, sent an update. It’s top secret. – Top secret. (dings) Don’t tell anybody. It’s actually really, really cool. It’s like, two weeks away? – [Holladay] Um, one week. – One week away. Look at this. That’s me in a thing of cereal. Then, scan it, wait for it. (hip hop music) Oh snap, I’m coming out
of the cereal, Holladay. That’s me popping out of the cereal, but we can’t show you more, because it’s top secret until next week. So that’s all the stuff that’s going down with Tilly’s right now. But top secret, no one knows about it yet. It’ll be out in like a week, and me and Parker, we’re going to Chicago. – [Both] Aye. Chicago. – Then, I think that’s all
the fun stuff happening. The next month, with the whole
Tilly’s Big Surprise thing. Someone gets to come to the Spacestation and have the best day ever. Lots of stuff. I’ll give you updates as those come. I think that’s really it for right now. Killin’ it at the Spacestation, guys. It’s almost the weekend. (bossa nova music) That was ridiculously intense. We just filmed the
Spacestation stuff video. Hover board capture the cup. Dangerous stuff. Brandon almost … Brandon, explain. – Trying to get back on my one wheel and suddenly
– Trying to get on his one wheel. Swag roller came and slammed into me. – It was awesome.
– Swag roller from sound town. Austin lost control. Nearly killed him. Cut to the clip of Austin
almost killing Brandon. (yelling) Yeah, dangerous stuff, but we just put our lives on the line for you guys. – It wasn’t my fault, promise.
– Spacestation’s staff videos. I’ll link it at the end. Friday! Everyone say it at home. You know what, everyone,
have the weekend off. You know what? Take your weekend. (cheering) Enjoy the weekend. We just decided no one’s leaving
the office until we do some salty Rocka League, three versus three. Chicken are you ready? Chicken? You might be Team Olive, you might be Team Koopa. Random. Brandon, Pookie, Shaun; versus
Chicken, Holladay, Rjet. Three, two, one, go! Pookie, I like it, I like it. Easiest goal of my life. First goal in the house by Pookie. These guys are like, “What’s
he even doing right there?” Chicken. (upbeat electronic music) – What? – [Austin] How you doing over here? – Not good.
– No? – No. Oh no. I’m not good at this game. (upbeat electronic music) Brazil, baby. I just scored seven to one. Bra-zil. – Tell Chicken I hate him. Go tell chicken I hate him. – Okay, on it. I have a message from Holladay. He says he hates you. – Oh, okay. – Ultimate Friday game. I’m on Chicken’s team. We’re gonna get Chicken a W here, boys. I need you now. Chicken kinda messed
me up, but that’s okay. Impossible to win with
Chicken on your team (cheering) – Pookie can’t be stopped. I can, I’m awful. – [Pookie] That’s why you
play to the final buzzer, man. – I don’t want Chicken on my team anymore. Are you dancing, eating pizza? Adley’s song’s on. You guys are crazy. Adley, eat your pizza. – Pizza bite. – [Shaun] Pizza break. (laughing) Look Adley, she’s eating. Are you eating pizza? – Yeah. Oh help. (upbeat electronic music) (Lowrider by War) ♫ Lowrider is a little higher


Joy Joy! Love Love!
Thank you, You funny bunch of Fun haver's!

I Was Thinkin I Could Do Some Rocket League With Shonduras But I Dunno If Anyone Wants To See It Like OR Reply

So… Chicken is a "pro gamer" as in, other people pay him to be on the opposing team? Is his team name the Black Sox?

Omg my b day is on the same day as Adleys ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ correct me if I am wrong August 5? Right

Plz when Jenny is being quite because Adley is nappin, just subtitle it in smaller bold white print. thanx KK

Alice, stop trying to kill the Garlik.

I mean I know his beard is magnificent but you too will be able to grow one of your own one day.

along time ago in a video called "eating your mail" i sent you a custom cereal box but i couldnt help but ntice yhat it never got moved when you went to spacestation 1.5 and i wondered if it got lost?

You should create a 3rd channel for gaming, and put all of your battlegrounds, rocket league, and other games that you play

I know you guys have worked really hard to get here but I'm really jealous even tho that's kinda a complement . I need a esk8t I've been trying to make one. And I've posted a video on my channel but it's not the real video yet.

where are you going to be in chicago because i live in downers grove which is like 20 minutes away from the city

How is adley only one? She looks and acts like my 4 year old sister!!!!! Also happy early birthday adley!!!!!

Shonduras your a huge inspiration to my channel and I'm so happy that I'm almost at 100 subscribers. It was also so amazing to meet you at vidcon. You help me continue doing what I love ๐Ÿ™‚

There should be a week that every best day ever there is Jenny and Adly's Day and then Sean's day in one best day ever! It'll be the bestest week ever!!!

So there's an Abraham, Alexa, Albert, Alex, Anya, Austin, and a couple more I haven't caught yet. Dude, you have a lots of names

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