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Mini Gogo Smart Easy H21 E-Roller Scooter SXT Test SUB DE/EN/ES/RU/PL

Mini Gogo Smart Easy H21 E-Roller Scooter SXT Test SUB DE/EN/ES/RU/PL

Dear friends of Electro-Sport, today
we gonna show you two exciting Rollers Mini Gogo, the “Smart Easy” made of carbon, super light
and the H21, both from the same manufacturer with different concepts. Let’s start with the smart Easy, that is
a scooter made of carbon with 5.5-inch solid rubber tires, maximum 100kg payload, weighs only 7.2 kg
drives maximum 23km / h and has a range up to 20km. How fast it really goes to show
we naturally you later and Roller even light installed and is definitely
Case super easy to fold up. The Mini Gogo H21 is 8 inches Frosted
Roller with front installed an air hose is and a fork, it weighs 17kg,
but also creates enormous 70km reach with maximum 35km / h and has a range of features:
Light, rear wheel drive, brake light, front light, Taillight, stand and a horn. The brake
mechanically. How together the scooter and apart
works now let’s look at this. So you see, both scooters are easily foldable,
Smart Easy somewhat simpler still, with you still can unscrew the handles,
then it takes about the same time, because you the handles at H21 yes simply can retractable. And here we are already at the speed test:
The Smart Easy is supposed to 23km / h create, we have here a maximum of 20km / h measured with a
65kg heavy drivers, but that’s pretty fast. The H21 is supposed to drive 35km / h and here in
Test we did 30km / h, however, We have not tried the maximum,
So there’s more. But 30km / h are also pretty damn fast and rich on us
definitely out. What we have done this time, the idle speed
to eat. For this purpose the tire circumference is measured, then a reflector is mounted on the tire
and we measure the revolutions per minute by means of a laser measuring device. We measure here 960 rpm,
with 41cm circumference and it can then be the speed calculated: 0,41m x 960u / min
x 60=23,9km / h All we have then compared with the Tach
and also shows us 23km / h. The same we made in H21: 0.63 m
x 999 u / min x 60=37,7km / h And the speedometer of the H21 shows idle 37km / h
idle. Let’s see both of us Roller again in detail
at. The Mini Gogo Smart Easy has two
5.5 inch hard rubber tires and a front-wheel drive. The batteries are built into the handlebars,
so it accounts for cable runs backwards. Left is the electronic brake and right the
electronic accelerator. There are 3 different Driving modes, which are characterized by the + and – buttons
can be changed and each speed limit represent. The front light is integrated and can be
with the button on and off again. The Light is relatively diffuse, but it works well
being able to see anything. The rear brake is mechanically by
stepping on the fender with the hoes. The handlebars can be left and right
Unscrew so that the scooter even narrower becomes. The charging socket is located above the end
the handlebar. The Mini-Gogo H21 has two 8 inch
Tire, whereby the front tire an air hose Has. The handlebar can be adjusted in height.
In addition, the H21 has a return and brake light. Also, the H21 has 3 different
Driving modes, and there is a horn and a Light switch. The light is very well focused and has
an enormous luminosity. are located on the side of the covered
Charging jack, and a built-in kickstand. I had you said yes, that the smart Easy
has rubber tires and looks in slow motion one with bumps that start this tire
to jump. The Smart Easy is thus rather something for smooth routes when driving comfort
would like. However, one can also see how slim and
narrow is the Carbon-Roller and that the Police would never realize that this
Scooter electric drives. And compared to the Mini Gogo H21 with a
Pneumatic tires and suspension, and can be seen good, that
the scooter never lose traction. Therefore the scooter travels well as comfortable,
on poorer stretches. The suspension show as you well again
in slow motion, so you can see that these is really active. The unevenness of the ground so well
decoupled, so that the driver an optimal Ride experience. What is it now really matter if you
go with the two scooters in the terrain want? A look at times our shots,
we have all tested something. So you see, we had a lot of fun
with the scooters, by the way: the H21 has under the speedometer a USB charging socket where her example
Load your smartphone can. Both scooter ride never from the state
Go, you, you must always push and then can switch their electric drive and
then he also leaves from alone. The speedometer shows not only the number of kilometers,
the time and trip distance to, but you can also modify the configuration,
For example, if the speedometer not the value indicating that he should show. To do that, in the so-called programming mode. When Smart Easy is how it works: the key
Up and Down buttons simultaneously, and you can already see that here the value “P0”
is shown. “P0” is related to, for example, the circumference together. can change to this
Value by high key or down suppressed.
The values ​​should all be so, as we they show you here, otherwise it may be,
that the speedometer display is incorrect, or it is there “km / h” instead of “mph”. Therefore, behold
her here a table as the values ​​at Smart Easy to look.
When H21 is a bit more complicated: you have to the power button and Mode button simultaneously
press, and if you change the P value want, you press again “Power” when
But but her jump before a P-value further want, you have the “mode” key.
But once you are in the P-value in it, then you could turn to “Power” and
“Mode” to change the value to save him pushes her again “Power” and “Mode” at the same time,
then you are well back from the menu out that is, when the next commit their P-value
want to change and need that for each P value start over: “Power” and “Mode” button
press at the same time, the desired “Mode” Select P-value, with “Power” in the P-value
in, then change to “Power” or “Mode” and with two buttons at the same time save. Here again, the Table, the values ​​should
so look at you, then also agrees with the Tacho. Both scooters are available in my shop,
on The little scooter is definitely also
something for children, the large is perhaps something is too fast and the Carbon-Roller
super-easy, you can do it anywhere with you, not only for children, because it can be loaded
up to 100kg, but very quietly in the road, we did not see that it electrically
is, one can thus also manually scooters. The H21 is for fast and strong, but
which is also a visual and electric scooters that you will also most likely of
see the outside and with 17kg heavier than Smart Easy. But the high coverage justifies
the weight.


tolles Test-Video – der Gogo H21 hat es verdient! Unser erster Test heute mit dem H21 bei ca 85 kg Fahrergewicht ergab nach 46 gefahrenen km noch 3 von 5 Balken der Akkuladeanzeige voll. Neben der Reichweite zaubert einem die Kraft des Motors bei Steigungen ein Lächeln ins Gesicht. Außerdem ist der Kundenservice bei absolut spitze!

Können Sie mir Hilfe Einstellung P0-P7 sagen …
Ich möchte genau wissen, was irgendeinen Wert bedeutet ..

hallo eine frage muss ich ein führerschein haben wenn der e scotter nicht schneller als 16 kmh fährt wegen der STVO

Weder die Front, noch das Heck werden angetrieben, sondern die Räder. Austesten soll wohl Probefahrten bedeuten, denn es wird ja etwas verglichen, gemessen und geprüft. Die Modi sind im Deutschen die Betriebsarten. Es fehlt jeglicher Hinweis auf die erforderlichen Fahrerlaubnisse !!!

Ich würde auch gerne wissen was kostet der h21 der '''kleine''Roller und wo kann man den kaufen auf der Internet Seite wie i. Der Beschreibung finde ich den Roller nicht

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