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– So I’m just gonna go
through these settings and just double-check really quick. See what we’ve got going on here. Okay. So here, okay. (phone ringing) You guys, the phone’s ringing. The phone’s ringing. Okay, do I pick it up? Do I pick it up? (phone ringing) Okay, I’m gonna pick it up. No I’m not. Hello? (light music) Whoa, whoa! Where am I? Where am I? Hello? How did I get here? Carl? Carl? Where’s Carl? Oh my gosh. I hope nothing bad happened to him. Wait a second. I have my phone! Wait, it’s dead. My phone’s dead. It was fully charged the last
time I checked, you guys. Look! How am I gonna get ahold of Carl? Oh my gosh, you guys. I don’t know what to do. Okay. This does look really familiar. Look! (suspenseful music) Kauai bus stop. You guys, I’m on the island of Kauai. Okay, I know my way around this island. That’s good news, that
is really good news. And Carl knows exactly
my favorite beach here. I don’t know how he would
know I was in Hawaii but if he comes looking for me here he’ll know exactly where
to find me, I feel like. But you know what, you guys? If you guys go over to Carl’s channel and tell him I’m on the island of Kauai at our favorite beach,
go comment that right now on his video, quick. I’ll leave an iCard right here so you guys can go tell him so that he can come and find me. Oh my goodness. I’m gonna go head down
to the beach right now. I’m gonna have to tromp through
some jungle to get there but I think he’s gonna meet me there. If he’s on this island
or if he’s headed here, he’ll know exactly where
to go, I feel like. I just have to figure out where to go. Okay, so if I’m near my favorite beach maybe I’ll head down there
and maybe Carl will be able to find me there. I’ll just stay and hang
out at the beach there until he gets here. Be sure and tell him,
you guys, where I’m at. Oh you guys. (heavy breathing) This is really creepy. Being in the jungle all by
yourself is not very fun. It’s super hot and humid too. I feel like I’m getting really
close to the beach though. I can hear the ocean for sure. The road’s quite a ways behind me. I think I’m in a good spot here. Okay. Man, I hope Carl’s on his way. I’m just thinking, you guys. You know, Project Zorgo’s
been giving us a rough time. Even the gamemaster but
there’s something about this that feels different. There’s something about
this that feels planned out, way in advance, even before Project Zorgo or the gamemaster came to be. And I think that something
fishy is definitely going on. Oh man. You guys, I can tell that I’m
getting close to this beach. I’ve gone a long ways through the jungle and I feel like this is
the river on this side so I just have to get
passed the jungle portion and then I’m to the ocean. I don’t think I have that far to go now. That’s where I just came from and now look, it opens up to this opening and if I remember right, there’s an abandoned house right up here. Me and Carl came here once. When we discovered a piano inside, like a grand piano that was
like a million years old. Least a hundred and there was
somebody under the floorboards or something that freaked us out. – [Carl] (gasps) Piano, piano, piano. There’s a piano. There’s literally a piano right in there. – Oh my gosh.
– Look, look. – I’m hesitant to go up to it but I do wanna check it out. (suspenseful music) Okay, shh. (suspenseful music) Okay. This is all different.
(rooster crowing) All this is. Look it! It’s totally locked up. Hello? I’m too freaked out. I’m not gonna go in there by myself. It’s locked, I don’t even
know what’s in there. Just gives me the creeps. Oh man. Okay. This jungle is thick, you guys. Look at these pretty flowers though. This is so cool. I can tell I’m getting
really close to the ocean. I just have to make my way through here and I think the ocean is
just on the other side. Oh you guys, I really think that we got there. Oh man, you gotta watch
out for spiders in Hawaii. There are so many spiders. Check this out. That freaks me out. Those are spiders in spider webs. Just gotta lay low here
and get through it. Whoa! (gasps) Whoa, check out that bad boy. Okay, you guys, we’re just
gonna go ahead and stay low, not interrupt them doing their thing. Ew, that’s disgusting. (gasps) You guys, we made it! You guys, we totally made it! Made it! Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. We made it. Oh I’m so happy to be here. I totally made it to our favorite beach. I definitely feel like
if Carl’s on the island he knows to look for me here. Oh, I’m so happy to have found this place. Okay you guys, let’s find Carl. (playful music) You guys, Carl’s definitely
not on the beach. I do not know where he is. I feel like he probably isn’t even on the island. I don’t know. I feel like I should probably
go back to the payphone and see if I can call him. My cell phone still isn’t working and I haven’t found
anybody with a charger. I can’t call him. I just feel like I should
go back to the payphone and see if I can figure out a
way to call him or something. Maybe there’s like a
secret code I could use. I mean, that phone has
to work and do something, I ended up there. So now I need to track back
through the freaking jungle to the payphone. All right, let’s go. There’s no other way around it. Okay you guys. I’m back at the phone booth. I do think it’s a good idea
to try to use the phone booth to call Carl, but I am
tired and I am thirsty and if this doesn’t work I’m
definitely gonna hitchhike or find somebody to carry me into town but I need something to drink and I don’t know here he is. How do you know what to dial? I remember code 10 working for Rebecca, should I try that? What other things? Can you guys think of any other numbers? Okay, I think I’ll just try
Carl’s cellphone number first. (suspenseful music) Nothing. Okay, that did not work. Okay, I’m gonna try Rebecca’s number which is code 10, spelled out, I hope that doesn’t teleport
me again or something. This is so nerve-wrecking, you guys. (suspenseful music) Nothing. Nothing. This is so bizarre. Code 10 did not work. I’m just trying to think back
on the last clues that we got before all this went down. There was one part of the
clue that said pull the rope and then on the other side it said troll. I just have this feeling
it could be the troll. I don’t know, let’s try it. (suspenseful music) – [Carl On Phone] Hello? – He answered, you guys. Carl? – [Carl] Where are you? – I’m in Hawaii. – [Carl] Hello? – No, on Kauai. Meet me at our favorite beach. – [Carl] You’re at the beach. – Hurry! Am I clear, can you hear me? – [Carl] Hello? – I don’t feel like he can hear me. Can you hear me? Carl, meet me at our favorite
beach at the payphone. I dropped the call. I don’t know if he heard me, you guys. Oh my gosh. Okay, I think I’m just gonna hang out here for a little while and see if he comes. I have no idea if this even worked. What a day. It’s so crazy that we’re
even here right now. Okay, you guys. I’m gonna end this here. I hope Carl comes and picks me up. Who even knows what’s
gonna happen right now but be sure to subscribe,
turn on notifications and smash that like
button, give me good luck. I really hope Carl can find me. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye. (light music) (upbeat music)

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