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Mobii ion netbook : déballage

Mobii ion netbook : déballage

Hello, and welcome to blogeee! Today, we’re going to talk about a quite strange netbook: the Point of View Ion Mobii. Why is it strange? Because it integrates an Atom 230, which is more expected for nettops than for netbooks. And it also integrates a Ion chipset from Nvidia. It’s the only netbook on the market to offer a Ion chipset with a 10-inch screen. Thus, it has the ability to display HD videos and 3D on its 10-inch screen. Let’s unpack the box now. We’ve got the netbook itself and some accessories. A multilingual manual, a drivers CD. There’s also a three-pin plug, a charger. Not the smallest one… It’s very standard. And we’ve got a 6-cell 4400 mAh battery. The ports are not the most well thinked on the Point of View Mobii. The quality is much lower than others. Honnestly, this is not a good job. First, we’ve got a very standard button which responds even if the netbook is closed, so only a small LED will switch on for nothing. Think about it when it’ll be in your bag for instance… This choice is quite surprising. Then you’ve got small LEDs which are well placed. We can see them from the side as well as from the top. We’ve got a simple fan hole and a lock port. That means that on the left side, there’s no USB port, no HDMI or VGA port… Nothing except the fan hole and the power button. On the front side, you’ve got the usual ports: one headset port and a mic port. Quite practical. And there is a very very basic SDHC reader. You insert the card in the slot, and that’s it… No kind of spring mechanism. Rubbish. On the right side, you’ve got two USB ports, The only USB ports. which are very very low and fixed upside down. You thus have to be careful when your insert your USB stick. And again, it’s really low, it can be a problem. There’s a RJ45 port and a standard HDMI port. That’s a good point with the integrated Ion chipset: you’ll be able to release images on a big screen. And there’s a power supply port. Inside, we can see a 10-inch screen. And here’s some good news: it’s a mat screen! There’s a little webcam, but I can’t see any mic… The keyboard is quite narrow. The keys are quite small, it’s quite hard to say good of it regarding today’s market, even it’s finally not that bad. It’s quite narrow, but I exaggerate a bit, as the most used keys are nonetheless bigger than on a 8.9-inch device. Its touchpad could also have been better. It’s quite big, this is a good point. But we can’t make a big difference when we touch the chassis or when we touch the touchpad. One good point: the chassis is mat, which means you’ll have few dirt. You also have two separate buttons under the touchpad. Again, you’ve got well distinguishable LEDs. This is well done. Let’s switch on the device, now. There are some bad details, pff… I don’t know what to say. It’s not really a big deal, but it’s not a very good thing to do to give a good image of the device. In fact, I was expecting something worse. The 10-inch netbook whithout its battery weighs 1.063 kg, which is a lot. With the battery, it comes to 1.394 kg, which is really a lot. With the charger, it comes to 1.6 kg. And with the three-pin plug, it comes to 1.755 kg, which is too much for this kind of computer. Some 11.6-inch devices are less heavy. It’s sad!

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