“Mom Gets Mad at the Filipino Buffet” | Jo Koy

C’mon you guys, this is my mom So mom, this is… This is fried rice, of course Egg fried rice Pancit And this is pancit With longanisa Longonisa Yeah well, that’s head of the fish Head of the fish Oh, Lance would love that Deep fried chickens… That’s the black peoples food And the Filipino peoples food Now this one you don’t like… We call this chocolate… Food This is made out of the pig’s blood With intestine and pork In-tes-tine And… Caray Caray And this is Caray Caray Now again this is intestines part And.. And, uh… Sitaw and uh… Green beans And uh… Yeah… You might not like that… My mom works here Use your fork like this Fork… Shoves it onto the spoon Bam! Josep… And then eat like that Dude, do you know what my mom said? She goes Josep, they know… No they don’t mom… Can I do it on your thing? So this is how you do it… You go like that OK Get it? And this… This right here… Is delicious But that’s mine Are you excited about Jo playing Treasure Island? Front row? Second row? I don’t know… My… My daughter reserved the seats for us 27th row We’re in the balcony Really?! Because Joe sold out… All… All the seats on the floor Really? And I’m your mother… I’m sitting at the 27th Unreal You might want to be nicer… What?! What? Tell me that again You sun a ma gun Oh, you sun a ma gun! You sun a ma gun… You sun a ma gun What about the Lions club? Well, I’m so proud to say… Are you taping me? Hold on, let her clear her throat Am I pretty? Well, I am so proud to say That I am the incoming district governer Of district 46 Lions Club International here in Nevada Yeeeaah! Thanks for watching! Remember, new videos every Tuesday and Thursday Make sure you subscribe right now

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