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Monster Truck HOVERBOARD!! 🚨

Monster Truck HOVERBOARD!! 🚨

(buzzing through water) (crashing) – Uh oh. Dang, this camera’s having
a rough best day ever. (video game music) Just got a new hoverboard
and it looks really, really, really cool. Let’s open it up. Can’t see it yet. It’s inside this box. Can’t see it yet, it’s
inside this styrofoam. Can’t see it yet, it’s inside this stuff. Dang! High rider. Speakers on the bottom. (machine beeps) It just works. – [Machine] Waiting for
bluetooth connecting. – I think the tires are flat. Got the pump. – Oh, it did come red. Is this your new red machine?
– Guess what? Yeah dog, look at that
thing, it’s a monster. – [Holiday] It’s got way more heighth. – I know you could like
grind rails on this thing. Look at that heighth. – [Holiday] I’m excited. – [Shonduras] Let’s get some heighth. – [Holiday] Ooh. – [Shonduras] Yeah? You like that? That’s good. – [Holiday] You smell that rubber? – [Shonduras] Mmm, I smell
burnt rubber in about 30 minutes. I think it’s ready. Think about the falls you
could have on this thing. – Too good. – [Shonduras] Too good falls. – [Holiday] Look at the clearance though. Literally. I could almost fit under that. – [Shonduras] Hold on,
let’s see if I can drive over you. I’ll ride over your leg. – [Holiday] Okay I’m ready. – Ready? (laughing) Dude, it literally died. Why did it die right as I did that? – That was a nice fall. It went blue, I watched it. – The one time it dies, why
was I even trying to ride over your leg in the first place? All right, charge this thing. I have a surprise for you guys. I have a surprise for you guys. All right, awesome surprise,
we’re throwing a party at the Space Station tonight. Video game party,
Destiny II just came out. There’s these really
hard things called raids, they’re like special missions or levels, they take like four or five hours to do. Super hard, gotta figure it
out, all your friends together. Six people do it at the same time. Everyone’s gonna have Xboxes,
tvs, in the Space Station. Brandon’s gonna be there,
some of my other buddies like Hayden, people you
might have recognized from vlogs. They’re all coming together,
but one of my buddies lives in the very bottom part of Utah. Like if there’s Utah right
here, ’cause I’m sure we’ll pop up Utah, he lives
in the very bottom part, St. George. It’s like a five hour drive. Everyone thinks he’s gonna
be playing from home. I talked to him, I was
like, dude, we should just fly you up really quick,
it’s a quick flight or drive, or something like
that, let’s surprise people you just randomly show up. He’s like, I’m down. Let’s do it. So Preston’s coming, he’s
gonna surprise everyone. This is how we’re gonna do it. Almost every time we
have game nights, we go and get horchata, like
you guys have seen me ride the drift carts or the hoverboards or one wheels or something,
and we go get horchata. I love horchata. If you haven’t had horchata yet, try it. It’s like rice milk, We’re gonna go down
there, Preston’s gonna be behind the counter with
the hat on and the apron just like ready to take our order. Everyone’s gonna walk in
and just see him there and be like, wait, what? ‘Cause they all think he’s five hours away ready to play video games. He’ll be like surprise I’m here! Then we’ll all get
horchata and we’ll all play video games, it’ll be super fun. You guys get to come
along for the whole thing, so that’s what’s happening tonight. Wa ba lubba dub dub. It’s gonna be the best day ever. Let’s get started. – Do you wanna see this? – I wanna see it. Holiday’s been bragging
about this electric scooter wheelie for a while now. We gotta get it on camera
and see if it’s real. All right, come at me, I’ll film it. Whoa. Holiday, trust your instincts. – I’m ready. – Whoooaaa! Nice, now I see what you’re talking about, that’s where it’s at! All right, let’s go get this hoverboard. Let’s try the hoverboard. Round two. That looks charged, I’ll take it. All right. – [Machine] Waiting for
bluetooth connection. – Let’s see if it can go over the camera. (laughing) Camera’s a little bit too big. All right, outside? Let’s go. – You take it, you take it, yeah. – Look at that, it just
rolls over these bumps. I feel like I’m in a monster truck. Monster truck hoverboard,
that’s what I’m calling this thing. See this puddle? That one right there. That’ll be dope, get the puddle. – [Holiday] I was hoping
you fell in the puddle. – Bigger puddle. – [Holiday] Oh, man. – Let’s switch it to slow mo. Slow mo, bigger puddle,
monster truck hover board comin’ at ya’. (upbeat music) (crashing) Uh oh. Camera. Dang, this camera’s having
a rough best day ever. All right, Albert, let’s
see what you’ve got. Okay, okay, ooh I like it. Whoa, the spin, okay. All right, wow. I’ve got an idea. Monster truck hoverboard versus curb. (singing Jaws theme) Redo, one more try. There’s so many possibilities,
it’s a monster truck hoverboard. I should run over other
hoverboards, like (crunching). Oh! Too dirty. (making motor sounds) Ready? This is where it gets tricky. Woah! Later losers! Whoa! – I have the victim! – Are we squashing this thing? (laughing) The official monster truck
hoverboard challenge. Doesn’t fit. Put it off the curb and
I’ll ride off the curb and over it. – [Holiday] Have you
tried going off the curb? – That was actually really cool. Oh! Back to the surprise. So this right here, that’s our buddy. She’s here like every single time we come, she’s like you guys are
crazy, you always come here after midnight and get horchatas, like your guys’ blood is horchata, that’s what she always says to us. I’m gonna see if she will let my buddy Preston who just drove all
the way from St. George put on a hat and an
apron, do the whole thing and then my buddy Tall
Chicken here is gonna film it for you guys so we’ll get the surprise. Hey. (speaking together in Spanish) They don’t know he’s
coming, it’s a surprise. – [Woman] Ah ha. – So, we’re gonna come get
horchata, and we want him to be here as a surprise. – [Woman] Yes. – Could he put on like
the hat and the headset, and when we walk in, he
could be like, Buenos Dias! You want horchata! You think we could, like
the hat and everything? – Yes, yes. – That hat, that shirt on Preston! Horchata surprise, I’m ready. (speaking Spanish) – He speak English. – Hey what’s up. Hanging out with your mom at Rancheritos getting some horchatas. Thanks man, keep watching the videos, your mom is in tomorrow’s video. You’ll be in tomorrow’s video, me talking to you on the phone, deal? (speaking Spanish) All right, Preston’s gonna
get changed, you guys hang here, watch Preston
transform into the ultimate horchata salesman. I’ll be back with our
friends in like 10 minutes. – [Chicken] Bye. Oh man. – Buenos noches. – [Chicken] We’ve got the
pack, with the headset, now it’s just a matter of waiting. You know, we just gotta wait it out. Can you handle the pressure? – Now that I have this
hat on, I think I’m good. – [Chicken] They should be coming soon. – And this is how the night
starts, we almost have everyone here. Once Chad gets here, I
think we’re gonna start off with some horchata. Brandon, horchata? – Please. – [Shonduras] Hayden, horchata? – Horchata! – We’re gonna start
with horchata then we’ll finish playing video games all night and you guys are invited,
horchata coming soon. (bell dings) The fifth party member
is here, Chad bro, ladies and gentlemen! Group hug. This is how we start every game night, big group hug. Bring it in. Okay, I need some horchata. – [Chicken] All right, you ready? – It’s showtime. – [Chicken] It’s showtime, man. Ooh, there they are. Horchata. He’s nervous, but you know what? He’s got this covered. – Look at this gang! This is the horchata gang right now. Look at that sunset. That really is beautiful, that’s how you start a video game night, is that sunset. Bunch up, ride, I want to get
a shot of the sun flaring, and then we’ll all go in at the same time. Go for it. Brandon, we’ll just time
lapse this so the audio doesn’t matter. – [Brandon] Okay. – [Shonduras] Can you
feel a time lapse coming? Get ready, let’s go. – [Preston] Buenos noches, amigos! – [All] What? (laughing) – Do you guys need some horchatas? – [Shonduras] Do you have six of them? – We got six ready. – [Shonduras] All right, thank you, sir. – Wow! Long walk! – What’s up, man? – Brandon didn’t even know. I kept it from Brandon.
– You kept it from me. – I almost let you in on it. – When did you get here? – [Preston] We’ve been
planning this all week. – I was like, I want a picture of you guys just riding into that
horchata in the sunset. (laughing) Just made it work. This is the setup we went
with, it’s an entire circle of monitors. One, two, three, four, five, six. Entire circle of success in video games. It’s happening. We’re going in. I don’t even know what we’re doing. – [Man] I know Brandon
will be there exploring, he loves looking around,
checking out everything. – [Shonduras] That’s my ship right there, that ones’ me. Okay, so Hayden and
Brandon, you’re up top, and when we deliver, you guys
– Watch out, watch out. – [Shonduras] He’s got
his back to us, Preston, let’s go. (excited stuttering) – [Shonduras] Get out, dogs! Go go go! (upbeat music) We did it. It happened. I think Chicken filmed it on his phone, so put that in right now. (yelling and cheering) – Oh my gosh! That’s like four hours of my life! Whew. That just happened. We’re all gonna need some tres leches. Chicken is gonna keep
all of the controllers from falling asleep so
that we can continue to play after our break. Coach Chicken, thank you. – No problem. – [Shonduras] Tres leches,
oh man, I’m so excited. (upbeat music) Brandon, mini Brandon. – I couldn’t be more proud. – [Shonduras] That’s a cute
family photo right there.


bro you gotta make your intro stop at the climax of the bad situation (camera falling) not at the falling action(pun intended)

shonduras, your new photo for your face in the cereal does not look real, it looks photo shopped….. Please change it back to your old one!

They changed the channel pic a few days ago, noticed the lack of bright colours. I think it would look better with a bright filter but still cool.

Water is boiled with sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon sticks. When done the water is poured over the ground sesame seeds and left over night. The water is then squeezed through a cheesecloth. Some recipes call for added ground rice, ground almonds, evaporated milk, coconut milk, allspice and rum.

I'm a little late…but that intro was sick! ✋
my fav hoverboard was this one —>

I've video of my country using Hoverboard .. best use of hoverboard .. Hope you will enjoy.

I have had one hover board and the brand was “monorover” and i got it in 2016 and it turned off it I went forward lol

You told holiday to trust his instincts and I’m sitting here like well if I trust my instincts when things Might not in pretty

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