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what is going on Sharer’s welcome to the
vlog welcome to another awesome day happiness we are not at home that’s
right we are in Utah I am Carl & Jinger’s house we came all the way out
here to get some awesome weapons to battle this epic pond monster hold on
hold on hold on before I get any further let me warm up by doing a backflip
because we can get this vlog started here we go and three two one back foot
whoa okay now let’s get the vlog started woo
so last vlog was pretty crazy we got stranded in the middle of nowhere in the
desert something’s wrong it’s not moving Carter remember I met I’m right here and
then I guess in the middle of nowhere so I don’t really know where my location is
my phone doesn’t have service on it but Carter I’ll be here just remember where
I am okay alright don’t leave me too long but we finally made it here to Carl
and Ginger’s house and now it’s time to get the weapons we need to defeat this
pawn monster both of you who new here i’m steve beshear I’m part of the
sheriff Sam but strongest family on YouTube we’re across four different
channels my channel my brother Carter’s channel Lizzie’s channel and even our
dogs baby otter and Millie have their own channel so if you haven’t already
smash that subscribe button and join the most epic family on YouTube that’s
sheriff and we got Carter Liz and ginger what’s going on we are testing out
Carter’s device so cars creating a scuba-diving device where he can breathe
underwater it’s basically this air pump to blow up like inflatable toys then
Carter’s got a hose like a garden hose connected to a scuba diving mouthpiece
right there and when you can put it in your mouth and you can breathe
underwater for as long as you want as long as you have someone pumping so liz
has been pumping all day long but Sharers the good news about this device is car’s
going to be able to use it take it back home and we have a scuba dive in the
pond so we can stay underwater a long time and really see what the monster
does all throughout the day Carter can just sit in the bottom of the pond and
spy on the monster and the other epic weapon that we came here to get is check
this thing out this is probably the coolest weapon I’ve ever seen check this
thing out this is what we came for this thing is a blast
blaster how cool is this that’s right shares this may look like some nerf gun
type of blaster but um this thing is powered by this premium torch fuel
that’s right I mean this thing is loaded up with a torch fuel it blasts off and
creates this epic super-powerful light as you know the monster is scared of
light so that’s why this weapon is going to be perfect so let’s get the karlon
ginger family let’s get outside let’s load up these plasma blaster nerf gun
things and let’s fire them off we’ve got this huge backyard a lot of space to
practice let’s see how powerful these plasma blasters are Oh Liz you ready to
launch these plasma blasters let’s do it let’s do it let’s do it the prank get spraying the prankster get
spray the pranker get spray all right well hurry up get out of the pool dry
off we gotta launch these plasma blasters oh cool we got Carl and ginger
setting up targets over there so this thing what we’re gonna hit the plasma
blaster against here then it’s gonna bounce back or something yeah I’m gonna
stand back here and hold it because we have to test that it’s non-lethal right
we just want to scare or capture the monster we don’t want to like burn it
right exactly the plasma blaster is so cool it blasts like the super bright
light – the light will scare the monster away then it’s like a super soft soda
bottle that’ll just like hit it a little bit to scare it right like you could
fire it at me and it would be totally fine but it would definitely scare me if
I had no idea what was going on see then Carl Carl’s got the net just
for extra safety we’re gonna fire it out the net Carl is gonna duck it’s gonna
bounce back okay so sharers to get this plasma
blaster all set Carl how do we even put this thing together basically what it is
is it’s just a propane canister and the whole nozzle on the top and then the gas
goes up through these clear tubes and it collects up into the barrel and into the
bottle launch and then when you pull the trigger and
actually ignite it the flame ignites and the plasma blasts out the barrel and the
bottle launches sweet and then we got this 2-liter soda bottle that we convert
it into a soda Nerf dart and that goes what on the top here yeah it goes right
on here and we’ve actually shaved the barrel down so some of the gas can
escape right here and that makes it launch even farther and more accurate
sweet so let’s turn this thing on and let’s fire this thing up there we go
sharers this is a plasma blaster let’s see if it works all right we’re gonna
try it you ready I’m ready it’s gonna countdown ready all right three two one
what’s awesome light go through whoa whoa Cher’s coming if you saw the light
go through the pipe you can totally see the flame go through there I almost got
it right you got to do it just perfect right against the Cher’s just like with
all of our experiments it takes just the right amount of gas to make this work
all right let’s try it again you ready yeah here we go three two one go come on a little bit longer it would have gone
twice as far okay so Cher’s that’s a little test it does work now we just got
to get the gas mixture just right so blasts all the way to the end of the
yard and over that fence Carter was playing with the plasma blaster a little
bit last night and this is what happens this is actual plasma that’s shooting
through the coils oh they got check that that’s Oh when it comes out the top two
you can kind of see it at the top ready oh I saw it
oh that’s so cool you just need to get a little in there whoa what was that yeah
for this gun today we’d put double coils on it supposed to have twice the power
all right let’s try it again test number two there we go all right
sure this is getting good I gotta try this thing
plasma blasting oh whoa this soda ball gets hot this is actually pretty warm
here we go stand back Oh totally worth it sexy let me give
this thing a try because I think I can make it shoot even better load me up
alright ready yeah whoa see I think this one’s evident look how much power that’s
crazy that’s the plasma blasting through oh
well Carl’s got another one watch this one you can see the flame fill up in the
entire bottle check this alright we gotta get that monster that was crazy
sure let’s play that again in slow-mo whoa sure is that was so cool you could
see the plasma going through and blasting off the soda bottle that was
insane Jesse I think this might be the perfect weapon because all that like
blasting plasma light is definitely gonna scare the monster away and he’s
gonna leave this pawn forever Kyle you think it’s gonna work so the good thing
is is even if you’ve already launched your bottle the flame can still scare it
because there’s a flame that shoots out the end of the barrel check this out
well so you have to look at the slow-mo you can see the plasma it starts here
when it ignites in the igniter and it loops through gaining momentum going
faster and faster and then a ball of like plasma light shoots out the barrel
it’s super sweet little fireball ok shares you know what I gotta test this
plasma gun um let’s blow this thing up I’m gonna try to shoot that monster out
there alright it’s your turn Stephen so we got our test monster out there let’s
load this plasma blaster up and then we’ll knock it out with the soft soda
bottle locked and loaded ready to go here we go
three two one three-two-one okay shares I’m having a little
technical difficulties I’m gonna let Carter jump in and try this thing
okay Steve said you can’t do it I’ll show you how to get this thing done here
we go at 3:00 hmm there you go I could do it well that was so cool and shares
its getting dark routes to a bid to see the plasma even better so let’s do
another awesome slow-mo test car you’re gonna be able to see the plows Mike Ryan
let’s do it ready I’m pumping the gas in slow-mo test plasma ball here we go
three two one monster oh yeah look the monster ran away oh he’s hiding behind
the bush chicken oh oh oh yeah I can still see it shares calmly you can see
the monster and now I see its tail sticking out the monster thinks its
hiding but it’s actually not I can see the tail but cards the good news is that
worked yeah I think that’s exactly how it’s gonna work if we bring this to the
pond we can shoot the plasma when we see it at night and I think that monster is
gonna get so scared of that fireball that black the plasma ball of light
that’s gonna run away right Liz no what you think whoa whoa what whoa what we
could use it to shoot the nest hmm oh the monster that goes up in the nest
yeah we could like launch bottles out there and scare down oh that’s perfect
is that such a good idea yeah that’s such a good idea what that
is such a good idea yeah that’s a great idea
what what this is a great idea you could shoot it at the monster in the pond –
yeah that’s such a good idea oh my gosh that’s a great idea pr8 shares is such a great idea we now
have an underwater weapon so we can scuba dive in the pond and we have the
plasma blasting nerf guns to fire at the monster we’re set I think yeah this
monsters got nothing on us oh yeah we’re gonna take this monster
out as soon as we get home but before we go home shares we have a super top
secret meeting with some special youtubers
yeah so don’t tell anybody shh shh all right share as well major shots of Carl
and ginger and the family for helping us build these awesome monster weapons yeah
and whoa Wow yeah we are said shares all right well until next time you know what
to do oh yeah major shout-out to gage one out for being the epic monster whoa
okay don’t fall oh don’t fall don’t fall don’t fall don’t fall whoa goodbye
monster the Kyle’s running after it



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