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MOST UNDERRATED iOS 11 FEATURES (For iPhone x, iPhone 8)

MOST UNDERRATED iOS 11 FEATURES (For iPhone x, iPhone 8)

– [Man] Na na na ah – Hey Juan, yeah you yeah
Juan the Juan that is, the ONE that is watching this video. This is your hoverboard it’s the one you won like two weeks ago. I haven’t really sent it out
yet, so today’s your lucky day. Well you won that was your lucky day, but this is also your lucky day. (energetic pop music) – [Stephen] Ah dude we got good service. He noticed I have a huge
box if you could see this. Thank you. Alright Juan it is
officially on its way to you in Ohio of all places,
that’s where I grew up so that’s pretty cool. I thought about getting in the box myself, I need to visit my family eventually. I’m dropping my nephew Zach off somewhere but before he goes I asked him
to give some words of wisdom some advice to you guys. What you got for us bud? – [Stephen] (laughs) So last week there was a
major release called iOS 11 and if you don’t know what that is, that’s what’s running on your iPhone, your iPad, your iPod
touch, whatever you have and if you have Android, well
this doesn’t apply to you. But iOS 11 is a major release and … – Obviously. – There’s tons of places
you can find out about the big features that are involved in it. I’ve been using iOS 11
for the past week or so and I found some features
that I didn’t really find in all the articles, or videos on iOS 11. So I was like these
are kind of underrated. They’re really useful to me and hopefully they’re useful to you as well. So first thing’s first,
this is a small update but it’s very important to me. Obviously we use iMessage if we’re using iPhones and stuff like that. And I believe it was last year Apple introduced iMessage apps, where there’s apps that work
just in iMessage itself. Well if you go into iMessage now you will see at the
bottom there is a new bar that shows the apps you’ve installed which is a big deal because now I actually use iMessage apps. I rarely used any iMessage apps last year, over the past year when they’ve been out and now I use them all the time. I use the stickers more,
I use the games more, send music I love that one, you can send a song a lot easier say if you found a good song. So it’s a pretty small change but I think it’s going
to be pretty useful, I think they are going to make more and more apps for this hopefully. Right now I would say
my most used apps are, the music app like I
mentioned and then Google Maps to send your location
because I use Google Maps and not Apple Maps, and then
a lot of the sticker packs, and then GamePigeon, I love GamePigeon. Alright the next change is Control Center, so that’s what you get if you swipe up from the bottom of your phone, or I think on the iPhone
X when it comes out you have to swipe from the top
right or something, I forget. But Control Center used to be like two different screens and you can’t you couldn’t customize it. Uh the funny thing is
a lot of these features that I’m telling you about
a lot of them are coming, they already existed on
Android for years but whatever. But Control Center now you can customize, there are certain things you can add that you couldn’t add
before, which is a big deal and now it’s also one screen. So to get to the Control Center, if you don’t already know, you swipe up from the
bottom and boom badda bang there’s a lot of apps there that were not there before iOS 11. Some of the ones that I added,
I changed it to Alarm Clock. You used to only be able to get to, I think it was the Stopwatch or the Timer from Control Center, but I was like I use the Alarm Clock a lot more so now it takes you straight
to the Alarm Clock. That’s just what’s good about it. You can customize. To change them you have to
go into your Settings app and go to Control Center,
it’s right under Notifications and then Customize Controls and then there you go,
there’s all your options. Pretty cool. And while we are in Control Center let’s move onto item number three, which is recording your screen. This has been probably a
really highly requested feature for a long time and
Apple had to wait until recording your screen was good enough. I don’t know that’s what they
say about a lot of things. But yeah if you go,
you can add this option to Control Center and you
can record your screen, that’s actually what I am using to make these little
videos that are right here. It’s super nice, you used to have to plug in your phone to your Mac and then you could record your screen, but now you don’t need to. Super cool. Oh and this wasn’t one that I planned but also a new thing is screenshots, when you take a screenshot
now, well let’s rewind. They used to save directly to your photos and then your photos are littered with screenshots that
you don’t really want. You just took it for a second
so you could send it someone and then you don’t really need it again. Well now when you do screenshot, a little screenshot thing
shows up in the bottom left, you tap it, you can customize
it, you can draw on it, you can put text on it, it’s really cool and when you hit done it gives
you the option to delete it or save it which is so nice. (ESPN App chimes) Just got good news, Dwyane Wade signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Alright this last one is a real doozy. It is probably the biggest thing, and this one is talked about
in all the major publications and everything, it’s called
AR aka Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality is the
coolest thing in the world. For a long time I felt like it was VR, Virtual Reality versus Augmented Reality and I personally think
Augmented Reality is way cooler cause VR you have to
like wear those headsets and it looks weird and
I don’t know, I never, I don’t see the use case for that really. (panicky laughter) Augmented Reality literally
just uses a device like this and puts digital objects
in the real world. Coolest use case I’ve seen so far was in Apple Keynote they showed
somebody at a baseball game hold up their phone and it puts live stats and information over the players. So you see the real game in
front of you on your screen with extra information about the game and it’s just super cool. Other cool things, I have
this app that was free and you can put a full-sized
basketball court in your house and play a little game of basketball. Like how cool is that? AR, I think they are going to
think of the coolest things. AR is just useful in
so many different cases like there’s an IKEA app too that I like you can literally put furniture from IKEA in your house, see how it looks what the size is compared to
other things in your house if it will fit and it’s
pretty true to form like it’s supposed to
be like it’s real life. I also have this mini golf game where it literally puts a mini golf course in your house, and you use
your phone as the club, like it’s so insane what AR can do. Alright that is all I have
for you for this short video. I hope you enjoyed it,
I hope it was useful, I hope you learned something new. Today’s notification
shout-out goes to Rory thank you Rory for watching my videos turning on notifications, u da best. Speaking of u da best, it’s
made me think of Budapest which makes me think of Europe, which makes me think that in two days I am leaving for Paris, France and I’m taking you guys with me. There will be videos on videos. So I hope you guys will join me for that, if you want to be notified,
obviously turn on notifications and if you do that you
can be the shout-out dude. That is all I got for you, so as always stay tuned aka
subscribe until next time. I’ll see ya. ♪ Stephen, Stephen ♪


that was actually really helpful! somehow I didn't even know there was a new update… lol anyway cool! excited for your trip! Stay safe!

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