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Moto scooter eléctrica Hello Kitty

Moto scooter eléctrica Hello Kitty

Hello my name is Sophie and this is my Christmas present that Santa Claus brought me It is a scooter Hello Kitty and can support 77 kg (170 lb) … And It can reach go 25 km/h (16 mi/h) And I’ll show you how I ride … and if you want to learn … … This is the video to learn how riding in scooter [ Princess dog: woof.. woof… woof ] I mean something besides I want to tell you something if you want to know where to keep things on your scooter It is… where the seat opens Ready! Bye


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Hey man.. I got the same scooter for my daughter! Her battery and another things went out on it. It not a manual on how to fix this bt I doing it.

I could use some help bro! Can you take pictures of the electric that give it power and the motor? I don't know which way the chain tension goes in..

Thanks alot,


hola soy la mama de la niña que aparese en el video se la trajo el viejito pascuero y esta en estados unidos

hola yo soy Valery me puedes decir a donde vende la moto y tu de donde eres yo soy de Ibagué yo nazi en BARRANQUILLA

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