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Moxi and Riedell, a Red Wing Partnership

Moxi and Riedell, a Red Wing Partnership

Hi, I’m Shari Chorney. I’m the Business
Development Manager for the Red Wing Port Authority, the economic development
agency for the City of Red Wing. I really enjoy doing economic development for the
City of Red Wing. It’s a city of makers and a great example of that is Riedell
Skates and Shoes, and one of the brands that they manufacture for is the Moxi
roller skating brand, and the Moxi roller skating team was in town here in
Red Wing, and I’d like you to hear from their perspective of why they could have
had their skates manufactured anywhere in the world they chose Red
Wing. Red Wing is open for business, please contact the Red Wing Port
Authority for your next business expansion; thanks a lot. We are the Moxi
skate team! I’m Mindy, I’m Pigeon, I’m Millie, I’m Estro, I’m Legs, I’m Enzo. We’re all brought together because we’re
very passionate about rollerskating and each person that’s been picked on our team
their lives have been changed drastically because their passion for
roller skating. Yeah, so much so that we decided to bring the team to Red Wing,
Minnesota, to see the Riedell factory, to see where it all starts and where our
passions really are created right here at the factory.
Another great thing about the Moxi skate team is we represent a boot, a skate
that we actually believe in and that’s made in the USA.
Most roller skates are not made in the US and they’re not made out of quality
materials, so that’s something extremely unique to this brand. Just like the
craftsmanship that goes into making this product that we wear every day and like
actively seeing people make it and the art and the time that goes into it was
just astounding. This is not a faceless company, this is a
company that really relies on personal relationships, honesty,
communication, compassion, where it’s a face to face world when you’re working
with Riedell. That is the reason why there’s generations of people that work
there is because the relationships and the family relationships in the factory
are so important. The attention to detail just isn’t in the skates,
like the whole town has attention to detail. You can tell that
in downtown everything was like really nice, and you could tell there
was somebody’s hand that went into that, the people here are craftsmen, you
know, they really care.

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