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Olá youtube my name is Ricardo Lino
and I’m a wheel addict skating with my family
what’s up mommy how you doing what mom is going mad anyway stay with us I’m
gonna stay around with these little one if you want to see your skate stay there
she might skate or not we don’t know she wants to but I feel lucky for having
this watch check this you forgot the baby
checking the babies so you leave your wife alone for a
little bit and there she is making stuff for social media thinking
that she’s a rockstar check that I’m sure that she’s gonna put her hands up
just to be cool on the picture you wanna bet now she’s teaching she’s the teacher you should see the other girl dancing
Mira see she’s going quite Janice yeah yeah doing pictures for for Instagram
and now showing the RAM skills and then spinning yeah and I got my picture I’m
ready to go you can go follow Janice or Instagram or Janice Smith let me see if
the picture is good now it’s really really good that’s a very good picture
and check this one out Jay he will escape EDD baby just woke up
mommy’s coming such a bad mom she’s the worst mom she’s such a bad mom we know
we filmed it I want to be just as famous as my husband in YouTube now what did
you learn today show me okay I think I thought it would be good
what that was really good to the father so now the statistic there’s a little
natural hip and wait there’s only one way for you to see this ah come on now
come come come now this is a bit scared and it’s getting trying to give me
excuses but I don’t accept them so we’re gonna ignore the excuses
and if you fall it’s all part of the deal right because that’s how you learn
the deal called learning come now I’m going to stop here and I’m gonna feel me
doing that open-air whoa check what I just found you what’s
his name what’s his name what good work
are you doing if you be you man is the coolest one take this boo boo are you
doing man boo boo is the fancy weed got a helmet
that’s so cool cheers dude have a nice day coolest dog FUBU gangster dog FUBU
I just lost the mum I got mad at me so unless she did it but she left and now I
need to pick her up she has a baby where is she man his mom I found you oh dude with these dog I filmed it you
know the name of the dog I know is it snow with an afternoon
there was an afternoon with the Lino’s in a day of summer in Cape Town I hope
you enjoyed this video I don’t have a lot of battery there was a not a lot of
skinny because there was other duties like Carrie please but if you didn’t see
don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and give me some thumbs up if you liked
it give me thumbs up if you did it and just don’t forget why we all sellers
kidding because it’s Chiefs ice


Not gonna lie. That shot in the first few seconds of the video looks like a skate version of the default windows background. Ya know, that background with a grassy hills and the clear sky?

I really like the skates in this video. All different especially in color. This is my favorite type of environment

I get the fee;omg Janice is a bit jealous of your stardom Lino. Let her know that (if you ask me) she is just as famous. After all, as the saying goes, behind every good man there’s a great woman.

such a warm video!! jus wish i could skate there, where u see other skaters, families etc. u know in hong kong, where i live, very very few people skate, and all public areas like the one in the video prohibit skating and skateboarding etc, probably becuz of the population, anyway, thx for sharing!

My son got me back into skating after nearly 20 years away from ice and inlines, and we love it. Weather is not so great in Scotland but we get out to the park when we can or visit the indoor skate park and any roller discos. Great family activity. I'm on a pair of rollerblade twister 80, but really interested in getting a pair of triskates, they look fun. If you get chance, here is a video of Khai skating on New Years Day, he's been skating just about 6 months.

Looks like you all had a great day! Do you still skate on 4 wheels outside?

If not would you consider skating on a classic 4 wheel frame for a day just to compare it back to the "old" days, how much more energy it actually costs or more difficult obstacles and bumps are. I'm curious how people who have been skating tri skates for a while now actually would feel and experience the difference. Like how much more energy does the same routes you do on tri skates take and are there struggles because of the wheel size and so forth. (the differences on paper and in practice we know of course, but switching them out for an entire day and feeling it again is something different all to gether I would think). Just a suggestion!

Keep skating and keep making skating more popular!

cool couple,skating galfriend hates me wen we go skating together coz i love speed n i always go leaving her behind,though i always comebak fr her.

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